Best Racing Games for VR

If you've invested in a VR setup and haven't yet tried a racing game, you owe it to yourself to at least experience it once. The speed, combined with the feeling of actually sitting in the driver's seat, delivers an unmatched experience. Here are the best racing games you can grab right now.


If you're looking for a VR game that will make you feel like you're in the Fast and Furious, then this is the game you're looking for. Driveclub takes you to the streets as you race against others to be the best. With over 80 cars and 100 tracks, you will never get bored when racing in this VR game.

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Gran Turismo Sport

If you're looking for more of the classic sport of racing, then Gran Turismo is the game that you're looking for. With classic sportscars and different suits for your character, you'll be driving alongside other great racers. The VR experience hosts most cars and all the tracks available for this game, so enjoy racing!

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Dirt Rally

Take the racing off road with Dirt Rally, a racing game that really mixes mud and metal. Enjoy the elements in this game as you race on official and unofficial tracks throughout the game. Whether it's winter. spring, or summer, you'll be making mud no matter where you're racing.

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Trackmania Turbo

More stunts means more fun, especially in Trackmania Turbo which has 4 death-defying tracks to choose from. You can choose from the pre-made tracks or you can create your own track. Take on other drivers and prove that you're the best driver out there.

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Wipeout Omega

This game brings racing to the future with ships, which are essentially hovering race cars, and futuristic tracks. Originally just a stand-alone PlayStation 4 game, you can now take the tracks in VR with Wipeout. Take on other futuristic drivers and beat them all in the best ship out there.

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What's your favorite racing game for PlayStation VR?

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