Best PS5 controller phone mounts 2024

The PS5 has been out for quite some time now, and while finding one can be difficult, those who own one can take advantage of something its predecessor also had: remote play. 

Whether you're too tired to sit up or want to lounge around in a different room while playing, the PS5 allows players to connect to the console and play from their phone remotely. Better yet, you can even connect your DualSense controller to your phone, making it much easier to play. But, of course, propping your phone up to play can be a bit of a hassle, so we've collected some of the best PS5 controller phone mounts available right now.

The best controller phone mounts for PS5

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What will you be picking up?

Because the PS5 is so new and tracking down one can still be difficult, the options for controller phone mounts out there aren't exactly the most diverse. Combine this with the fact that you need to play with the DualSense controller to play through PS5 games, it limits the choices even more. With that said, one of the best options on the market does seem to be Orzly's mount. They've been making gaming accessories for years now and have always been known for having some of the most high-quality options, even if it is a little bare-bones in its design.

The Joso Controller Mobile Gaming Clip might be for you for those looking to get a bit more bang for their buck. It features an extra USB cable for those on-the-go moments, but it also comes with two pairs of thumb grips for the DualSense. Of course, you can also go with Oivo's PS5 Controller Phone Clip Mount, as it also comes with an extra USB-C cable and sports a dual adjustable rotary switch, giving you even more freedom in how you angle your phone while playing.

Regardless of what controller phone mount certain you choose, you'll likely be in good hands. If you'd rather wait it out and see if any bigger third-party companies begin to produce phone mounts, that's also an option. With more and more PS5 accessories launching every day, you're bound to find the perfect controller phone mount for you at some point.

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