Whether you're a fan of indie platformers or big-budget AAA spectacles, you'll find some incredible games on the PlayStation 4 that have released throughout the last couple of years that are still going strong today.

★ Featured favorite

Kingdom Hearts 3

The wait is over! Kingdom Hearts is back and better than ever in Kingdom Hearts 3, which is being hailed as a fitting conclusion to the beloved story that fans have followed for over a decade and in main games and countless spin-off titles. Sora makes one last effort to restore the light and defeat Master Xehanort. It's all been building up to this. No pressure.

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Norse mythology

God of War

Journey to the Norse realm of Midgard with Kratos and his son as they encounter menacing gods hell-bent on stopping them. God of War was acclaimed upon release for just about every aspect, from its cinematic story to its superb gameplay.

$40 at GameStop

Wild West outlaws

Red Dead Redemption 2

Games like Red Dead Redemption 2 only come around once in a generation. Rockstar managed to deftly handle an emotional story full of compelling characters in a society that's quickly leaving them behind. Any number of things would have gone wrong during development (aside from its labor practices) but Red Dead Redemption 2 ended up being a masterpiece.

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Survival horror

Resident Evil 2

Leon Kennedy's first day as a rookie police officer in Raccoon City doesn't exactly go according to plan as a zombie outbreak plagues its inhabitants. What was a masterful survival horror back when it first released over two decades ago has somehow been improved upon in this near-perfect remake.

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Web-slinging action


Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is back to save New York City thanks to Insomniac Games. This is by far one of the best superhero video games to date, and certainly the best Spider-Man game. What's more, not only does it tell a great Spider-Man story, but it has a great story for Peter Parker, too.

$43 at Amazon

Dragons and dinosaurs

Monster Hunter: World

It doesn't get much more open world than this. You can create a character with meticulous detail, join friends in teams for big fights with ease, and roam a massive new continent in search of all the biggest and baddest creatures you can find. Monster Hunter: World is as visually stunning as it is complex, and the perfect game for those who want to lose themselves in a good game for hours at a time.

$29 at Amazon

Religious fanaticism

Far Cry 5

While the Far Cry franchise has historically taken you to exotic locations to fight evil warlords of some description, this new game places you in a rural part of America to take on a doomsday cult pretending to be a semi-religious town. This is a great, straightforward shooter where the bad guys resemble something you've seen on TV.

$33 at Amazon

Diabolical platforming


Do you like pixel art? Do you like platforming? What about insanely difficult challenges? Then Celeste is for you. This indie platformer features tight controls along with a gorgeous art style.

$20 at PlayStation

Mayan apocalypse

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Lara Croft's rebooted trilogy has come to an end in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. After battling Trinity forces in Yamatai and Kitezh in the previous games, she now journeys to Peru in order to stop a Mayan apocalypse; one that she inadvertently started.

$48 at Amazon

Premiere fantasy RPG

Divinity: Original Sin II Definitive Edition

Role-playing games don't get much better than this. Divinity: Original Sin II has been enhanced for PS4, complete with tweaked controls just for consoles. Hop into the world of Rivellon and fulfill your destiny.

$37 at Amazon

Each of the above games provides a unique experience and each shows great strengths in their given genre. Those who've been waiting years for Kingdom Hearts to return will be happy to see that their patience has paid off with Kingdom Hearts 3.

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