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Whether you're a fan of indie platformers or big-budget AAA spectacles, you'll find some incredible games on the PlayStation 4. These games will let you live the legacy of the characters while you step into new worlds. Discover if this is the end, or if the story will continue, but only if you have a PlayStation 4.

Norse mythology: God of War

Journey to the Norse realm of Midgard with Kratos and his son as they encounter menacing gods hell-bent on stopping them. God of War was acclaimed upon release for just about every aspect, from its cinematic story to its superb gameplay.

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Wild west outlaws: Red Dead Redemption 2

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Games like Red Dead Redemption 2 only come around once in a generation. Rockstar managed to deftly handle an emotional story full of compelling characters in a society that's quickly leaving them behind. Any number of things could have gone wrong during development (aside from its labor practices), but Red Dead Redemption 2 ended up being a masterpiece.

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Survival horror: Resident Evil 2

Leon Kennedy's first day as a rookie police officer in Raccoon City doesn't exactly go according to plan thanks to a zombie outbreak that plagues its inhabitants. What was a masterful survival horror title back when it first released over two decades ago has somehow been improved upon in this near-perfect remake.

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Web-slinging action: Spider-Man

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is back to save New York City thanks to Insomniac Games. This is by far one of the best superhero video games to date, and certainly the best Spider-Man game. What's more, not only does it tell a great Spider-Man story, but it has an excellent story for Peter Parker, too.

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Dragons and dinosaurs: Monster Hunter: World

It doesn't get much more open world than this. You can create a character with meticulous detail, join friends in teams for big fights with ease, and roam a massive new continent in search of all the biggest and baddest creatures you can find. Monster Hunter: World is as visually stunning as it is complex, and the perfect game for those who want to lose themselves in a good game for hours at a time.

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Religious fanaticism: Far Cry 5

While the Far Cry franchise has historically taken you to exotic locations to fight evil warlords of some description, this new game places you in a rural part of America to take on a doomsday cult pretending to be a semi-religious town. This is a great, straightforward shooter where the bad guys resemble something you've seen on TV.

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Premier fantasy RPG: Divinity: Original Sin II Definitive Edition

Role-playing games don't get much better than this. Divinity: Original Sin II has been enhanced for PS4, complete with tweaked controls just for consoles. Hop into the world of Rivellon and fulfill your destiny.

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Nuclear winter: Metro Exodus

Escape the Metro and journey across the devastated landscape of Russia in Metro Exodus. Radiation isn't your only worry as mutated creatures and bandits call the surface their home. With resources scarce, you'll need to use every tool and skill at your disposal to come out alive.

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Puzzle perfection: Tetris Effect

Tetris is one of the oldest, most enduring franchises around, but that doesn't mean you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Tetris Effect takes the classic puzzle experience and adds blasts of color of music to the mix, reacting to your input as you move through all of its stages.

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Mechanical mayhem: Horizon Zero Dawn

Gargantuan, monstrous machines roam the lands, but something causes them to turn feral and wreak havoc upon the civilizations that have popped up after a mysterious calamity wiped out the world hundreds of years previously. Discover the truth behind the past and present in Horizon Zero Dawn.

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Imagination station: Minecraft

The sky's the limit in Minecraft. Let your imagination run wild and build nearly anything you can think of or decide to explore the world and battle monsters. The choice is yours, and you have all the freedom in the world to do it. Just watch out for Creepers.

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Connect the world: Death Stranding

It's hard to describe what Death Stranding is, but at its core it's a game about making connections. It just so happens that in order to do so you'll need to carry a baby in a pod strapped to your chest through monster-infested areas and other dangerous terrain.

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Zombies everywhere: Days Gone

You can never go wrong with a game about the good old zombie apocalypse. Unlike Resident Evil 2, Days Gone leans more towards action/adventure than survival horror. It's just you and your motorcycle (and an arsenal of heavy weapons) versus the countless hordes in this open world game.

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Capitalism: The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds is a sci-fi RPG from the developer behind Fallout: New Vegas. It swaps the post-apocalyptic wasteland for a dystopian future where companies and corporations are the ruling class and capitalism is essentially a religion. So not far off from real life.

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Otherworldly: Control

Control feels almost as if David Lynch made a video game. Remedy Entertainment brings us into The Oldest House, where the natural rules of nature just don't apply and otherworldly entities are wreaking havoc. If you love weird horror and supernatural stuff, give this a go.

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Use the Force: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

This is the single-player Star Wars game we've all been waiting for. Follow Cal Kestis, a young padawan on the run after Order 66 has wiped out much of the Jedi. With the Inquisitorious hot on his tail, he'll need all the help he can get to preserve the Order after its fall.

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The story doesn't end here

Each of the above games provides a unique experience, and each shows outstanding quality in their given genre. Take a break from reality, visit faraway lands, discover new creatures in each of these games. Some of these games will let you continue the crazy stories of your favorite characters. Other games will give you many familiar aspects of older games but with newer more amazing things to discover. For example, you can't go wrong with a masterpiece like God of War. Regardless if you've played the original games or not, you can begin here.

There are other games here that are a part of established series. Spider-Man has a storyline completely separate from the comics or movies, making it a great time to join in.

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