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Best pet trackers and smart collars 2021

Whistle Go Explore Smart Collar Lifestyle Hero
Whistle Go Explore Smart Collar Lifestyle Hero (Image credit: Jennifer Locke / Android Central)

As a fierce animal lover, keeping my beloved fur babies safe and sound is extremely important. So if you're like me, grabbing a couple of the best pet trackers and smart collars from this list will help you do just that. You can use these pet gadgets for many things: locating your precious pets in those worst-case scenarios, keeping track of their health, or training them humanely with these trusted picks. Here are some of the most reliable pet trackers and smart collars available right now.

Raise your pups and kitties with love

Whistle Go Explore Smart Collar Lifestyle

Source: Jennifer Locke / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Jennifer Locke / Android Central)

Taking care of an animal is an honor and a blessing. So be sure to raise your pups and kitties with the respect and adoration they deserve. The Whistle GO Explore is the best pet tracker and smart collar that I recommend. It helps monitor every vital aspect of your fur baby, tracking health and location data. The collar and subscription plan need to be purchased separately, but you won't find such a comprehensive package anywhere else.

If you've got yourself a shameless singer on your hands, we recommend a harmless anti-barking smart collar for dogs of all shapes and sizes. The Dr.Trainer B1 Pro trains your pups exceptionally well, and the companion app is a convenient tool. I implore you never even to consider the evil that is a shock collar.

Technology is as exciting as it can get, with many surprisingly helpful smart products for pet parents. After you've donned your pets in the best trackers and smart collars, take a look at our top robot vacuum recommendations for pet hair. It may be a bit intimidating for your furry companion, but there are ways to keep your robot vacuum and pets living harmoniously.

Namerah Saud Fatmi
Namerah Saud Fatmi

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