Chipolo joins Google's Find My Device network with new 'One Point' and 'Card' trackers

The announcement for the new Chipolo One Point and Card Bluetooth trackers.
(Image credit: Chipolo)

What you need to know

  • Chipolo announces the upcoming launch of two new Point trackers: the One Point and the Card Point Bluetooth trackers.
  • The One Point is said to offer a one-year battery that can be replaced while the Card Point tracker boasts an estimated two-year battery life and a renewal program.
  • Chipolo states its trackers are designed exclusively for Google's new Find My Device network, delivering unwanted location tracking alert support, as well.
  • The One Point and Card Point trackers will be available on starting on May 27.

Bluetooth tracker maker Chipolo is rolling out two new Point trackers today (Apr. 8) designed exclusively for Google's Find My Device network.

According to a press release, the company is bringing the new One Point and One Card trackers to consumers on May 27, 2024. The former was made with consumers' bags, luggage, and keys in mind, while the latter should help you rediscover your wallet or passport if you've misplaced it.

Both of the upcoming trackers are packed with a few key features, such as "ring to find." Chipolo states users can make their tracker play a sound to locate a lost item. The One Point boasts a 120dB ring, while the Card tracker delivers a 105dB sound.

More importantly, the location of items you've tagged can be found within the Find My Device app. Users will also see their distance from their lost devices or items.

Google's Fast Pair is available for Chipolo's One Point and Card Point trackers. The company states users must press the button on their tracker, which will produce a prompt on their Android device to guide them through the setup process.

Sharing places more eyes on your important items as users can let others track their things, as well.

The One Point is said to last for a full year and if the battery falters users can replace it. The Card tracker is outfitted with a "two-year battery life" alongside a renewal program.

Chipolo adds its trackers are water resistant as they sport an IPX5 rating to shake off the rain.

As a security measure, Chipolo states that its next wave of trackers is fully compatible with the new unwanted Bluetooth tracker alerts on Android and iOS. Google introduced the alerts in July 2023, enabling Android devices to see a notification warning them that an AirTag was following their movements. Users can see information about the tracker if they move their phone closer to it, as well as a few tips on dealing with the matter.

Google stated it would work to extend support to others, and we're seeing that with Chipolo.

As previously stated, Chipolo's new One Point and Card trackers will be available on May 27, 2024, through its main website. Starting in July, consumers can grab their trackers from Amazon and "select retail stores." The company adds both trackers will be available in Off White.

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