Tile Pro vs. Galaxy SmartTag: Which tracker is better for you?

The Galaxy SmartTag and Tile Pro are very similar across the board, but if we're looking at the fine details, the Tile Pro is ever-so-slightly better than the SmartTag in a few different areas. That — combined with the Tile Pro's much broader compatibility — make it the best choice for most shoppers.

However, things change if you own a Samsung phone. Since Samsung users can take advantage of the Galaxy SmartTag's integration with Samsung SmartThings, it's certainly worth a look.

Tile Pro vs. Galaxy SmartTag: Price and availability

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Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

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You can buy the Tile Pro (2022) and Galaxy SmartTag right now, either through their respective websites or via third-party retailers. As for pricing, you have a few different options for both. Here's how the retail prices work out:

  • Single pack — $35 for Tile Pro | $24 to $30 for Galaxy SmartTag
  • 2-pack — $60 for Tile Pro | $50 to $62 for Galaxy SmartTag
  • 4-pack — $100 for Tile Pro | $85 to $115 for Galaxy SmartTag

Samsung certainly has an edge on the cost front, but as you'll see below, the Tile Pro makes up for its slightly higher price with better specs/features overall. Not to mention, it's pretty easy to find the Tile Pro selling for less than its MSRP with regular sales and discounts. The Galaxy SmartTag, on the other hand, is hard to come by, especially the multipacks which have regular stock shortages.

Tile Pro vs. Galaxy SmartTag: Tile is still the smart tracker champ

Tile Pro 2022 attached to keyring with keys kept on a table

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Tile has been the reigning champ of smart Bluetooth trackers for years at this point, and you know what? There's a good reason for that. The Tile Pro (2022) is one of the most powerful smart trackers currently available. Stacked against the Galaxy SmartTag, it retains its supremacy.

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag and Tile Pro have very similar specs, but the Tile Pro edges it out every time when compared side-by-side. Whether it be a slightly better Bluetooth range, more forgiving water-resistance rating, or longer battery life, you just get more from the Tile Pro (2022). These differences aren't massive on their own, but when all added together, the Tile Pro just ends up being the more capable tracker.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Tile Pro (2022)Samsung Galaxy SmartTag
Range400ft or 122m120m
IP ratingIP67 water and dust proofIP53 water and dust resistant
BatteryUp to 365 days, CR2032 coin cell (replaceable)Up to 300 days, CR2032 coin cell (replaceable)
Dimensions59 x 34 x 7.7mm39.12 x 39.12 x 9.1mm
CompatibilityAndroid 8.0 and newer devices, iOS 12 and newer devicesSamsung phones
AppTileGalaxy Find Network

Another nice perk of the Tile Pro is the optional Tile Premium subscription that you can get with it. For $3/month or $30/year, Tile Premium gives you expanded features not found on the Galaxy SmartTag. Some of the highlights include:

  • Free battery replacement every year
  • Unlimited Tile location sharing
  • 30-day location history
  • Extended 3-year warranty

If you want to go a step further, you can sign up for Tile Premium Protect for $100/year. This gives you all of the same perks of Tile Premium, in addition to reimbursement of up to $1000 per year if your Tiled item is lost and can't be found.

Tile Pro vs. Galaxy SmartTag: What Samsung does well

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

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Considering that the Galaxy SmartTag was Samsung's first-ever attempt at creating a smart tracker, it's actually pretty solid. Yes, it has a few spec limitations compared to the Tile Pro (2022), but the overall experience is similar. It attaches to anything you want, allows you to easily find said item if you happen to lose it, and can also locate your phone by pressing the button on the SmartTag.

The biggest advantage that the Galaxy SmartTag has going for it over the Tile Pro is its integration with Samsung SmartThings. Just like the SmartTag+, you can configure the button on the SmartTag to perform various tasks with either a press and press/hold, allowing it to turn on your smart lights, start up the air conditioner, and much more. It's a great perk to have for anyone with a lot of SmartThings devices, and for some shoppers, it could be a big enough edge to buy the Galaxy SmartTag instead.

We also have to give Samsung credit for having the cheaper of the two products. The Tile Pro and Galaxy SmartTag are pretty close in price, but when it comes down to it, the Galaxy SmartTag will put a smaller hole in your wallet.

Tile Pro vs. Galaxy SmartTag: A matter of compatibility

Tile Pro 2022 hanging from a backpack

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Outside of spec differences and SmartThings support, there's one big factor that'll ultimately determine which of these trackers you buy — phone compatibility.

The Tile Pro works with virtually all Android phones and iPhones, and by comparison, the Galaxy SmartTag can only be used with Samsung Galaxy devices. So, if you don't have one of the best Samsung phones, your only choice is to buy the Tile Pro (2022).

Even if you have a Galaxy, it may still be worth getting the Tile Pro over the Galaxy SmartTag. Unless you can take advantage of the SmartThings feature, the Tile Pro's overall experience is more complete.

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