Google Assistant now works with Tile, keeps track of your keys

Tile Slim 2019
Tile Slim 2019 (Image credit: Daniel Bader/Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google is adding Tile integration to the Google Assistant.
  • The firm will let you locate or ring your Tile from any Google Assistant-enabled device.
  • The update is rolling out from today.

Google is angling the Assistant to be the center of its smart home strategy, and it's improving compatibility for new types of devices. Got one of those Tile trackers, for instance? Google Assistant will now be able to help you locate your items easily with a series of new commands.

As per Google:

You can use the Assistant on any Nest device, like the Nest Mini or Nest Hub, to ring your Tile, or check your Tile's last seen location. Ring your Tile by saying: "Hey Google, ring my laptop" or "Hey Google, make my backpack ring". Or, you can ask the location of your Tile by saying: "Hey Google, where is my purse: or "Hey Google, find my passport."

The Tile tracker, just as a quick explainer, is a Bluetooth tracker that can be placed on things like backpacks, keys, laptops, etc and enables users to keep track of things that can easily go missing, It ranges in price from the really high-end Tile Pro to the Tile Mate and so on.

With the new Assistant integration, using it will be a bit easier for those deep in the Google/Nest home ecosystem.

Google is rolling out this feature from today, and all you'll need is the Google Home app to take advantage of it.

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