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Streaming services are a great way to enjoy music on your Samsung Galaxy S6. You don't have to deal with managing your local storage, or figure out which songs you're going to download; everything is available wherever you go. On the downside, you'll have to take a hit to battery life while listening, and deal with either subscription costs or ads to keep going

If you're curating your own personal collection, you may be interested in checking out our favorite apps for playing back local music.

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Milk Music

Samsung's own Milk Music service is already loaded up on your Galaxy S6 and ready to go. It's powered by Slacker, a well-established player with a solid selection of tunes. You can play from a variety of genre-based stations, or pull up individual tracks on demand. A cool disc-shaped interface helps you jump between destinations. You can listen for free, or for $3.99/month, you can get unlimited skips and offline caching.

Download Milk Music from the Play Store

Google Play Music

Google Play Music

Google Play Music also comes preloaded on the Galaxy S6, and can access any of your own cloud-stored music. There's a nice marriage between local music and premium service via Google's All Access $9.99 subscription option. Chromecast support is great for getting tunes onto the TV speaker system. There's an equalizer tucked away with all the knobs and dials you need to make your music sound great. Instant Mixes are playlists generated based on designated songs or artists. Google Play Music is a safe bet for enjoying your music with a bare minimum of hassle.

Download Google Play Music in the Play Store


Songza screenshots

Songza is a fantastic free streaming music service that offers incredibly specific stations. A Concierge asks a few simple questions based on time of day and year, and helps you drill down into new playlists. Friday night? See what's available under Activities and Drinking. Is it a hot saturday afternoon? Control playback through either the notification tray or home screen widget. Maybe something from the Barbecuing playlists. Whatever you listen to, shortcuts for buying tracks directly from the Play Music store are readilky available. A premium $3.99 subscription lets you get around the ads and get unlimited track skipping.

Download Songza in the Play Store


Spotify screenshots

Spotify is a popular streaming service which has a particularly good selection. You can't pull up songs on-demand without paying the $9.99 monthly subscription, but once you do you won't have to deal with ads and can cache music to listen offline. A home screen widget and notification tray control panel lets you pause, play, and skip tracks.

Download Spotify in the Play Store


Rdio screenshots

Rdio earns high marks for a super-classy interface on both mobile and web. Curated stations and, with a $9.99 premium subscription, on-demand tracks are available. New music is suggested to you based on previous ratings and what's popular within your social network. Social tie-ins make it easy to share the music you're listening to as you listen.

Download Rdio in the Play Store

Your favorite streaming services for the Samsung Galaxy S6?

There are plenty of streaming music services out there. Which are you using regularly?