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Best battery cases for Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus 2022

The Galaxy S22+ is the most balanced smartphone from Samsung this year. It might offer a traditional design, but it looks gorgeous alongside providing key functional upgrades like a new processor and better cameras than the S21+. If you are considering buying the middle child of the S22 series, you are going to get an exceptional experience. But as a rule of thumb, you’ll always need a case with your new smartphone. It’s even better if the case provides more juice to your smartphone. Here are the best battery cases for the Galaxy S22+ that will help your smartphone last longer.

Battery cases that will make your Galaxy S22+ last longer

Why you need the best Galaxy S22+ battery case

The Galaxy S22+ is one of the best Android phones of 2022. It is the underrated middle child in the series, which gets the job done in style. It can last you a whole day, but when you are on a trip or a hike, you might want to pack extra juice. Power banks are a great option to carry with you but you also have to carry a wire with most of them, and keeping the phone connected to the power bank on a trip can be a chore.

That’s where the 10,000mAh battery cases for the Galaxy S22+ come in. They provide three times more battery life than the usual battery capacity of the device. A good battery case essentially makes your phone a power bank with a screen and camera like our top pick: Newdery's 10,000mAh battery case. It uses advanced Qi wireless charging and has a LED indicator that will notify you to grab the cable.

Not everyone needs a 10,000mAh cell to carry around on the back of their smartphone but if you are one of such people, you’ll be delighted to know that you can get the best of both worlds. Galaxy S22+ battery cases such as Newdery’s 4,800mAh one can fit right into your pocket. It comes in a slim form factor but doesn’t compromise on functionality. 

While you are at it, providing extra battery life to your Galaxy S22+, you might also want to protect the display a bit. To keep your display protected against drops and scratches, be sure to get one of the best screen protectors for the Galaxy S22+

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