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Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus screen protectors 2022

The Galaxy S22 Plus is one of the best Galaxy phones yet when it comes to the balance of features with a huge beautiful display front and center. There is a lot to like here: You get a large battery, flat display, versatile camera system, and software support. If this is the phone for you, getting the best Galaxy S22 Plus screen protector is extremely important now that Samsung doesn't include a pre-installed one anymore.

Avoid ruining the screen on your Galaxy S22 Plus

One of the biggest appeals of the Galaxy S22 Plus is the fact that it features a flat display, making for easier (and better) screen protector installations. This decision is going to make a lot of people happy as you won't have to deal with accidental touches, and screen protectors will work better with the best Galaxy S22 Plus cases.

The Whitestone Dome Glass might be a bit of a handful to deal with from an installation standpoint, but you won't have to worry about the fingerprint scanner not working properly. With Liquid Dispersion technology, this not only ensures that your entire screen will be protected but also prevents any bubbles from forming during the installation process. Plus, there's an extra screen protector in the kit, in the event that the first one gets messed up. 

While tempered glass screen protectors are definitely recommended when getting a new phone, they aren't for everyone. That's where the Supershieldz Clear Shield comes in with more traditional PET film screen protectors. The company includes a total of six in the packaging, giving you more than enough backups in the event that you need to swap them out.

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