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Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus cases 2022

A phone made mostly of glass wrapped in polished metals looks beautiful when it comes out of the box for the first time, but without protection, it can quickly get dinged and dented, or worse, cracked. Grip and impact absorption are the only cures, and to get both, you need a top-notch case. Thankfully, we have the best Galaxy S22 Plus cases for you right here for you to pick from.

These Galaxy S22 Plus cases offer protection and functionality

The best Galaxy S22 Plus cases balance size and security

Your Samsung Galaxy S22+ could last years if you treat it right, and getting a well-designed case is the first step to good phone protection. That doesn't mean you need to go fully heavy-duty with the Poetic Neon Series or CaseBorne's V Ultimate Protection, though both are wonderfully sturdy cases with wide, steady kickstands. More compact cases like the Ringke Onyx, Tech21 Evo Check, and Spigen Liquid Air can add grip and air cushion impact protection.

The Galaxy S22 Plus's four colorways can create some interesting styles when mixed with cases like the Poetic Guardian and Neon that can mesh perfectly or go bold with sharp contrasting shades. Why go basic black when you can spice things up with some color? 

If you're extra-particular about your hues, kwmobile has dozens of shades to choose from whether you want one or more. Diverbox also offers a mix of bright, mute, and dark colorways for the S22 Plus if you're on the hunt for something a little more durable than TPU silicone.

If you missed the + in the title here and were looking for cases for the S22+'s big and little sisters, we've also rounded up the best Galaxy S22 cases for the only compact flagship left in the main Android market and the best Galaxy S22 Ultra cases for the 2022 Note in everything but name. 

We've also gathered up all of Samsung's first-party Galaxy S22 cases for those of you seeking an official case to blow your promotional credit on — though seriously, the Silicone Case with Strap is the best bet if you care about actual style.