LG Nexus 5

Best Buy's online store has started listing a "Sprint" Nexus 5, mirroring the same on- and off-contract pricing as the carrier's own store. We're looking at a $149.99 price for signing a new agreement, and $449.99 for the phone with no strings attached. All indications are that this is the exact same "D820" model as listed in the Play Store, which we would expect.

Many of us probably could have guessed that Best Buy was going to jack up the price a bit more, so it's good to see only a $100 premium placed on the phone outside of Google Play. Taking into account that you'll pay about $15 for shipping from the Play Store, it's not too terrible of a deal to pay $85 extra to have it right away — and with Google's own stock dwindling, you may have a better shot at picking one up from Best Buy.

The device is currently listed in both black and white in 16GB capacity on the site, and still has a "Pre-Order" button at this point. We can likely expect it to actually go on sale on November 8th, the same date Sprint is set to sell them.

Source: Best Buy