The Pixel 2 delivers a great user experience, but the lack of a headphone jack has also incited panic in plenty of aux cord-using drivers and those of us who've grown attached to a specific pair of headphones. While the Pixel 2 comes with a 3.5mm adapter, this still causes issues for those who like to charge their phone and listen to music at the same time.

Thankfully, you can snag a 2-in-1 adapter that will let you charge up and plug in your headphones at the same time. We took a look at a few different adapters to get you the details you need!

A dearth of solid options

If you go hunting on Amazon or the like for a 2-in-1 adapter, then you're probably not going to have a good time. That's because unlike many other accessories you can easily find, snagging a 2-in-1 adapter is not an easy task. There aren't many options, and of them, only a handful are available through Amazon Prime.

The other issue is that of the few adapters available, many have fewer than 20 reviews, and of those reviews, there are a number of complaints about shoddy craftsmanship or adapters that just out and out don't work. We tried ordering two different adapters, one of which had a constant static-y noise, and the other refused to charge.

So trusting what you find on Amazon is a bit of a mixed bag, and you're as lucky to have good luck as you are to have bad. For the time being, the Google Store doesn't do much better. They have a Moshi USB-C adapter listed on the website, but it's not yet available for purchase. It is coming soon, though, so keeping an eye out for when it becomes available isn't a bad call.

Coming Soon: Moshi USB Type-C adapter

The Moshi USB Type-C adapter is the only 2-in-1 adapter that is available on the Google Store. It's also a bit pricey for an adapter, running at $44.95. That being said, it's got a solid titanium body, which means it'll take bumps if you use it while driving, without breaking or falling apart.

While it isn't available yet, you can check out the specs on the Google Store and see if it's something you'll want to grab once it becomes available.

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While it's unfortunate that there's only not a solid option for being able to charge and listen to music through wired headphones, hopefully the Moshi adapter will be available for purchase soon. Is there an adapter that you've come to love? Will you be picking up a Moshi adapter when you can? Let us know about it in the comments below.

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