Best 2-in-1 USB Cables Android Central 2020

Our devices have become so versatile that they are practically an extension of us. However, the charging cables included don't really meet all of the needs, especially if you own a myriad of other devices that may not have the same charging ports. If you want a USB cable that does it all, we have found the best 2-in-1 USB cables that money can buy.

One to rule them all: Nomad Universal Cable USB-C

Staff Pick

Nomad is well-known for its myriad of quality and high-end products, and the same can be said for the Nomad Universal cable. At one end, you can switch between USB-C and USB-A, while at the other end, you have both a USB-C and microUSB attachment. The cable is rated for a 60W max output and is 10K Mil-Spec flex tested, so that it will last for quite awhile.

$30 at Nomad

Regular or coiled: CHOETECH 2-in-1 Type-C/Micro-USB cable

Being able to stay versatile with your devices is extremely important, so it makes sense to for your cables to be just as versatile. This 2-pack of cables from CHOETECH comes with both a straight and coiled cable with the standard USB-A end and then a dual-microUSB and USB-C charging port.

$13 at Amazon

18-feet of charging: Puridea USB-C 2-in-1 Cable

Sometimes the short cables just won't do the job and Puridea solves this with its 3-pack of 6-foot long 2-in-1 cables. These cables support transfer speeds up to 480MB/s and can withstand a maximum charging rate of 2.4A for your quick-charge needs.

$13 at Amazon

Keep it simple: ZMI Combo Cables (2-Pack)

ZMI's combo charging cable will work with just about any device you can throw at it, and even supports Quick Charge capabilities. The company states this will work with even Apple's MacBook lineup, while offering an 18-month warranty in case something goes awry.

$7 at Amazon

Longest warranty: iXCC 6-feet 2-in-1 Cable

Many of these 2-in-1 cables are limited in the charging speed, being capped at 2.4A, but the iXCC cable is capable of charging speeds up to 3A. This, combined with the 480Mb/s data syncing and you can charge any device that you own. It's also a nice addition that iXCC throws in a two-year limited warranty for any cables that you pick up.

$5 at Amazon

Braided charging: TROND 2-in-1 USB 2.0 Charger Cable

A big sticking point with most chargers nowadays is that they are just made from plastic and end up breaking down quicker than normal. TROND solves that with its 2-in-1 cable as it is made with a braided nylon jacket, aiming to become a mainstay in your bag for a long time.

$8 at Amazon

All of the length: SMALLElectric 10-foot Fast Charger

Nobody likes being tied to a wall wart with a tiny cable, and the SMALLElectric cable helps combat that with its 10-foot 2-in-1 charging cable. Along with the 3A charging speeds, the company also includes an 18-month warranty in the event that something goes wrong.

$10 at Amazon

Magnetic Magic: JianHan Magnetic 2-in-1 Charger

Some folks may like that the cable ends are attached to most 2-in-1 charging cables, but there's a new wave of cables coming out. These cables, like the JianHan cable feature magnetic tips that can be easily swapped to suit whichever device you are using.

$10 at Amazon

What's our favorite cable?

When it comes to finding the "best" 2-in-1 cable, the choices can be a built overwhelming. Luckily, Nomad makes this easier with its Universal Cable as it not only sports an end with USB-C and microUSB, but the other end includes an attachment for the standard USB-A port. Plus, this has been 10K Mil-Spec tested for durability, and sports a max output of 60W for quick charging capabilities.

The most interesting pick of the lot has to be the JianHan Magnetic Charger. In addition to getting a braided cable, you have magnetic tips that can be swapped out based on whichever device you are using. Or, you could leave them in the devices that you need, providing some dust protection and just move the cable between devices.

One of the most versatile cables is actually a 2-pack from CHOETECH, as the company provides a regular straight cable and a coiled cable. The coiled cable makes it possible for you to keep your device close, without needing to worry about getting tangled up accidentally. Meanwhile, the straight cable does just what you would expect, and versatility is the name of the game so it works perfectly.

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