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Archos took to its official Facebook and Twitter accounts today to give us our first glimpse of its upcoming Gen 10 tablet, ahead of the official announcement later this month. The manufacturer said it'd be officially unveiling the Gen 10 slate "in three weeks," which lines up with a possible event in the run up to IFA.

For now, the device itself remains a mystery, though we can discern a few things from the off-angle render posted on Archos' Facebook page. It looks like the Gen 10 is set to come to market as a premium offering from the French manufacturer, as the slim, white chassis is a significant departure from other Archos designs. And judging by the on-screen UI, it's running Android 4.x -- either ICS or Jelly Bean.

Any wild theories about what we might see from a possible next-gen Archos tablet? Let your imagination run wild in the comments.

Source: Archos on Facebook