LG Nexus 5 leaked photo

Details on the expected upcoming Nexus phone are sparse, but we now have another look at a picture of the back of a purported "LG Nexus 5." The above image, which came from a poster on MacRumors forums (of all places), is apparently of an upcoming device that looks very similar to previous leaked information from the FCC and a brief hands-on video.

This is another solid and somewhat clear view of the back plate, albeit partially obstructed by another device at the bottom (likely to cover up any identifying information), that shows off the vertical "Nexus" logo and large camera pod in the top left corner. The back seems to be of a similar (or same) material as what we've seen before, but giving the lighting we can't be sure.

Beyond that, there's not a whole lot to look into here. We're not sure what point in the development process this device is at, and this could very easily be an early prototype that slipped out to the wrong person — and judging the gap between the sides and back plate we hope so. As these devices start seeing more time in front of the camera we can start to piece together a picture, but nothing's final until it's final.

Source: MacRumors; Via: Droid-Life