Nexus 5 camera

Update to bring faster camera with improved autofocus and contrast

Update: The official Nexus Google+ page has put out a post confirming that Android 4.4.1 will be rolling out to the Nexus 5 starting today, bringing the aforementioned camera improvements.

Original Story: The Nexus 5's camera has been one of the major points of contention for the device. As we pointed out in our review, it wasn't necessarily bad, just weird. The camera of Google's new Android flagship tended to be slow to focus, slow to launch end even slower to take photos — even if it was capable of producing great-looking images in HDR+ mode.

And it appears Google's been busy in the month since the device's release, as new details emerging today reveal that significant work has been done to speed up the device's image capture speed while also enhancing photo quality. The Verge reports that Google has overhauled a number of aspects of the Nexus 5's camera software in the upcoming Android 4.4.1, improving camera app launch times and shortening shutter times to give faster capture speeds. Increasing the camera's frame rate also allows autofocus to work faster, eliminating some of the frustrations many have experienced on the current firmware.

In addition, HDR+ mode has grown a progress indicator to give users a better idea of how long things are going to take. And photos taken with the new camera software are less washed out than before, with more vibrant colors and more contrast, as well as more accurate white balance.

So it certainly appears that Android 4.4.1 — said to be rolling out in a matter of days — could be a significant update for the Nexus 5, addressing one of its biggest pain points.  As always, though, the real test will come when thousands of regular users get their hands on Google's improved camera app.

Source: The Verge