Amzer Pudding TPU Case Nexus 6

As much as we all love the way our phone feels "naked," sometimes we just need to protect our investment with a case. While the metal edges on the Nexus 6 make it easier to hold onto, it is obvious that the plastic on the back of the phone paired with the large physical footprint makes the handset incredibly easy to drop.

This means that you will want something to protect your device from accidental bumps and bruises. Thankfully there is the Amzer Pudding TPU Case for the Nexus 6 that provides an element of protection to your phone without increasing the size of the handset.

As you can see from the pictures above, the Amzer Pudding TPU Case is one of the most minimalistic cases you can put on your Nexus 6. The only form of branding is located on the back side near the bottom of the phone which can be hard to see if you are not looking for it. The case itself feels good in the hand as it is made out of a single piece of TPU plastic which features a rubberized finish on the sides to help you grip the device. There are cutouts for easy access to all of your ports but unfortunately the power button and volume rocker are covered by the case. There are little indicators over where the buttons are located under the case but they can be hard to distinguish between without looking at the edge of the phone.

Overall the Amzer TPU Pudding Case for the Nexus 6 is a great case if you are looking for something to give your device a little more protection. While the case is not anything to show off to your friends, you can be happy knowing that your Nexus 6 will survive minor accidents. You can pick up the Amzer Pudding TPU Case for the Nexus 6 for the very inexpensive price of only $6.95.

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