Fire HD 8 Reader's Edition

People who love to read ebooks, but also want to get a full-featured tablet instead of an ereader, might want to check out Amazon's newest member of the Fire tablet family. The Fire HD 8 Reader's Edition, priced at $249.99, is designed to make it easier to read ebooks, especially at night, with its Blue Shade feature.

Inside, the tablet has the same hardware as the regular Fire HD 8 tablet, with the exception of the Blue Shade feature. Here's how it works, according to Amazon:

"Blue Shade uses specialized filters to limit exposure to blue light. It also offers warm color filters and the ability to lower the display brightness to an ultra-low level for comfortable nighttime reading—even in a dark room. The feature can be easily turned on or off with a single tap on the Blue Shade quick setting. Customers can also fine-tune the color settings to their personal preference, with the device intelligently adjusting the color filtering so that at any color or brightness, the blue wavelength light is always sufficiently suppressed."

In addition, the Amazon Fire HD 8 Reader's Edition comes with a year's free subscription to Kindle Unlimited, allowing users to access over one million ebooks, along with thousands of audiobooks. Kindle Unlimited normally costs $9.99 a month. Finally, the tablet also comes with its own special case:

Reader's Edition comes with a limited edition, rustic brown leather case that gives the look and feel of a real book cover and protects the tablet from accidental scratches. The protective case opens like a book and folds flat for comfortable one-handed reading or can stand Fire HD in landscape or portrait orientation so that you can enjoy your content hands-free.

Pre-orders for the tablet are now live and shipments are scheduled to begin on December 9. All of the most recent Fire tablets will add the new Blue Shade feature via an OS update.

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Source: Amazon

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