Save up to $1000 on my favorite portable power stations so you can be prepared for any situation

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Aside from saving some money on gifts for others and maybe a few bucks on things you regularly use for yourself, holiday shopping is an excellent time to pick up those more expensive items that you've been wanting but didn't really didn't want to pay full price. Portable power stations are one of those items that can be an excellent gift for someone else or for your own home. Cyber Monday is coming in hot with some massive discounts on some of the best portable power stations. Here are the best power station deals we've seen yet.

BLUETTI Portable Power Station EB3A:

BLUETTI Portable Power Station EB3A: $349.99 $209 w/coupon

Small in size but big in potential. This is an excellent power station thanks to its 600W output, portability, and fast recharging.

EcoFlow Delta Pro:

EcoFlow Delta Pro: $3699 $3199 w/coupon

This portable power station can power nearly anything you could want from its 3600W output and impressive port offerings that includes a 30 amp outlet.

Anker 757 Portable Power Station:

Anker 757 Portable Power Station: $1399.99 $979.99

Anker knows power, and this unit produces up to 1500W, recharges very fast, and can even be an automatic power backup.

AlphaESS AP 1000 power station:

AlphaESS AP 1000 power station: $999 $799

This power station is capable of 1000W from a surprisingly compact footprint that includes wireless charging pads and lots of extra ports for your devices.

Jackery 2000 Pro w/two 200W solar panels:

Jackery 2000 Pro w/two 200W solar panels: $3599 $2519

Portable 2000W seems unexpected, and it is, but this power station does just that. Offering power from ten different output options to run nearly any device you want. Plus, you'll get 400W of solar power to recharge the unit using free electricity.

Mango Power E:

Mango Power E: $3699 $3199 w/coupon

Mango Power E provides impressive electrical options both in and out. This large power station is ready to power nearly anything you need and have power to spare.

Why should I get a portable power station?

There are a few reasons for owning a portable power station. One is to have backup power should the electricity go out. These units have multiple ports to power your devices. From AC outlets to USB ports, you'll have options to run electronics as needed. Another reason to have a power station is so you can have portable power for when you go places without easily accessible electricity. Places like camping, road trips, the backyard, or other remote areas.

What size power station should I get?

Size does matter when it comes to power stations. Depending on what you would like to power will ultimately determine the size needed. If you are just wanting to charge up your laptop and run a fan or lamp, then you'd be fine with a 300 - 600W unit. But to power something like a space heater or air conditioner, you'll want to look for a larger unit that offers at least 2000W. 

Then you need to consider capacity. The rule of thumb for a few years was the output wattage usually matched the capacity. For example, a 300W unit would have around 300Wh of battery capacity. Now, with new tech and battery chemistry, you can get a power station that offers 600W of output from a 300Wh battery. Capacity and output still correlate because if you have 1000W of output from a 1000Wh battery, you can use the power station for one hour before it is drained if you are pulling 1000W. So, you'll need to get an idea of the devices you want to run from a power station and how long you'll need them to operate.

How do I recharge the power station?

There are multiple ways that these power stations can be recharged. All will come with an option to plug the unit directly into a wall outlet. Some will have just a cable and others will include a cable with an external power inverter. Both options will get the job done, but those with that inverter block are just bulkier charging options. 

Some power stations can recharge through one of its USB-C ports and most also have the ability to use a solar panel to charge back up. There are even some units that can utilize the speedy power supplied by electric vehicle charging stations. Many will also allow for multiple power inputs at once to charge even faster. 

Take advantage of these Cyber Monday deals on power stations so you'll be prepared for anything

There are plenty of great reasons to own a portable power station, but one of the most popular reasons for not getting one is the price. These devices don't come cheap, but when you need them, they are priceless. But don't think about power stations as something that is only useful during times of need, like a power outage or some other emergency. These are great for allowing you to have usable power in places it isn't available. Not to mention one of the crowning features of these units that give them the alternate name of solar generators, you can charge them with solar panels!

If you don't see the need for a big unit capable of thousands of watts of power, then I recommend the Bluetti EB3A. I came away very impressed with this compact power station during my review of it. I expected high quality, as I had previously reviewed the larger Bluetti AC200Max, but the EB3A's 600W of continuous power and 1200W  surge rating allow you to power lights, fans, computers, and more. Plus, it can recharge from 0 - 80% in about 30 minutes! Oh, and you can even use it as a UPS backup for your computer or other essential devices. 

OK, so you think you want a bit more power to be available? Then look at the AlphaESS AP1000. I've been testing this unit for a few months, and the 1000W of continuous power output and 2000W surge power has been quite impressive. The large built-in LED area light is great for illuminating dark rooms during an outage. There are two wireless charging pads on top of the compact unit, along with AC outlets, USB ports, and more for powering your devices.

EcoFlow Delta Pro Camping

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If you want to power some serious electrical equipment, you'll want to check out the EcoFlow Delta Pro. I reviewed this unit running things like my entire camper, power tools, refrigerator during a power outage, and more. Rated for 3600W of continuous power and 7200W surge from the impressive number of ports, including a 30A RV outlet, there's nearly nothing it can run. Recharging is surprisingly fast from solar to wall outlets and even an EV charging station. EcoFlow has a wide range of devices that all work together seamlessly.

Anker is well-known in the power accessory realm, and while the 757 PowerHouse isn't the first power station from the company, it is one of the largest and most feature-rich. Aside from the capable 1500W output and 2400W surge, it charges very fast, has an eco-mode to reduce standby drain, and can be an emergency automatic power backup for essential devices. I thoroughly enjoyed testing the Anker 757 PowerHouse during my review time, thanks to the reliability and range of output options.

Anker 757 PowerHouse power station

(Image credit: Chris Wedel/Android Central)

Jackery is a well-known brand in the portable power station world due to its range of products and reliability. I reviewed the smaller Jackery Explorer 300 and found it to be rock solid. It's also on sale and is a great option for a smaller unit. I'm highlighting the larger Jackery Solar Generator 2000 PRO is great for larger power needs but not for powering your entire home. Excellent output range and port options, and this deal include 400W of solar power so you can recharge the power station no matter the electrical situation.

Now, if you want a unit capable of powering larger appliances in your home or camper, then the Mango Power E can do the job. I've been testing this power station for a couple of months, and it's pretty impressive. It is a large unit, but the retractable handle and wheels make it easy to maneuver. The 30A outlet provides plenty of power for large applications. The device can connect to a second Power E for 240V power output to run appliances like a clothes dryer or welder.

There's no better time than right now to save money on a portable power station than during the holiday shopping season on some of the best portable power stations on the market.

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