Nexus One rumors

There's a rumor running 'round (started at Android-France) that the Nexus One could be in line for an over-the-air update in the coming days that would bring a few bug fixes. Here's how Google Translate, erm, translates them:

  • Better memory management with a new version of the Linux kernel to operate in short, all the device memory which is not the case today.
  • Fixed problem of MultiTouch when fingers are too close.
  • Activating the FM radio feature of the camera!

A new kernel's not that big a deal. OK, it's a big deal if you're the one tweaking the thing, but it ain't FroYo (yet). As for the multitouch thing (and someone sing out if we still have this wrong), it's our understanding (and we've talked to developers and HTC about this after our initial confusion) that the screen itself is the limiting factor in this equation, and that it simply can't register a pair of points if they're closer than 15mm. (If there's some weird software trick for this, cool.) And as for the FM radio? In the camera? Um, OK. (Update: Ah ha! Translation error. It's just talking about turning on the FM capability in the chipset. We'll see. Thanks, MoFo)

Anyhoo, there are plenty of improvements we'd like to see in Android, and some specifically for the Nexus One. There's an official list going here, if you want to check it out, that runs the gamut from the FM radio to WiFi to just about any Android issue you can think of.

So is an update on the way? Dunno. But we're willing to bet Google's not just resting on its laurels.