Remember that two-piece bamboo Eco Friendly case for the Nexus 7 from 10Terra I loved? We talked to the folks at 10Terra and rather than send it back to them they gave us the go-ahead to pass it on to one of you guys!

Make no mistake -- this is one of the nicest cases you'll find for your Nexus 7. It's sleek, beautiful, and protects your tablet from whatever crap life can throw at it. I'm in the middle of checking out all sorts of cases for the Nexus 7, but so far I'm thinking that this is the one I'll order when it's all said and done.

Entering to win one is easy, just hit the Android contest forums and holler. We'll pick a winner at random and send it out so your Nexus 7 can look great and stay safe. We've got one to give away, but the folks at 10Terra can hook you up with one of your own if you don't win, just see their Kickstarter page for details.

Don't miss out on this one!

Enter to win an Eco Friendly bamboo case from 10Terra

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bayskipper says:

Bamboo me! Beer me? Ok, just the case for my N7 then...

icebike says:

You have to post in the Forums, NOT here.

If I left this sitting in the kitchen my wife would dice onions on the back of it.

return_0 says:

Android 7.0 Onion
Eww… smelly tablet…

joevarm says:

This is so purdy!

Wow, that's beautiful! I'd love to win so I can take it to the Apple store and show them what a REAL tablet in a real case looks like.

Mtn_Scott says:

I cannot win this, My panda might eat my nexus.

Akuma says:

Sign me up!

chram893 says:

I want to be the "one" O.O If I win, I will most certainly make sure to buy myself the glorious Nexus 7 to put this case on! :D

hhurtado1 says:

Pick me!

Whenever I see these contests I feel like I am trying to order a drink at an over populated bar. I could never get the bartender's attention and if I try something unique I look like a douche.

Sturm Rider says:

I would appreciate one if I am lucky enough, but that never happens.

tuffy54 says:

Remember all those contests I didn't win? Probably will happen again.

Please don't send me one. (reverse psychology ftw?)

acstewart82 says:

I've already pledged my money on kickstarter for one. Fingers crossed they get what they need. I really really want one. Looks amazing and would most certainly set my nexus 7 apart from the crowd.

dunneldeen says:

Would be really nice to win something.

Will it fit an iPad mini? Just kidding...I had to say it. But it will fit my n7 just fine!

LadyDi says:

Interesting looking cover there. Hmmm...

Hand_O_Death says:

That is way too nice for a case for me, think i would rather break the tablet than a case that nice. I will stick with my iBlason case, which I recommend to everyone.

wraith404 says:

Pick me.

randall2580 says:

Me likey! Pick me please!

Unibrow says:

I'm amazed they are going to make these by hand, not sure how they are going to do that. Seems amazing. Would love to buy one of these for my Infinity or even my SGS III

ba4g says:

Looks sweet! And renewable!

mrmatt#CB says:

My wife was just looking for a Nexus 7 case, this would be perfect.

whipstitch says:

Sweet looking case!

raicha83 says:

This one is nice. I want one.

raicha83 says:

This one is nice. I want one.

rapboymix says:

Awesome case! would be nice for my N7.

Droid7 says:

Great looking and unique case... would love to win!

innova521 says:

great case

hedstrom says:

I want a case for my nexus 7

edluv75 says:

Awesome case. Please bamboo me.

veevans01 says:

I'll take it. Thank you.

Meriarijim says:

I assume this contest is still open? I like Bamboo.