Wii remote controlling the emulator action on the Motorola Droid X.

As if the Droid X wasn't awesome enough, Android Central reader Derek, dwd3885 on the forumsshows us what gaming on the go is really about. He shows off his amazing Super Mario Brothers 3 skills on his X using his Wii remote to control the action. This goes right along with the PlayStation emulator to make Android one of the most versatile work/entertainment/communication platforms ever seen, and the Droid X is just the right hardware to really bring out the best. Check out the video after the break. Thanks, Derek! 

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likwidsoul says:

The only thing missing is the bike handlebars holder and its the same setup as the nexus earlier.

Somebody needs to write an open source bluetooth HID protocol driver for android, then somebody else needs to rig up a bluetooth keyboard attachment like the one for the PS3 controllers

mamoulian says:

Eh? Done!
CM6 does it.
I bluetooth-paired up my PS3 chatboard thing to my N1 last week and it just worked.

OK so part 2 of your suggestion just needs the application of some gaffer tape... :-)

alphanu22 says:


didn't want to do the kickstand route. this actually works great!

leonffs says:

Evo is much better suited for this with its kickstand.

Kedar says:

Exactly what I said.
Why not show my picture of the Evo with its kickstand and me using the wiimote.


crxssi says:

Except that, unfortunately, stock HTC phones running sense UI and the newer Samsung phones will not pair with the bluetooth Wii remotes. :(

slayerpsp says:

the evo has the kickstand even better.you can also use a classic controller with the wiimote makes it even better

Definitely better with the kickstand :)

dwd3885 says:

The X needs a Kickstand! You're right.

Although I suppose you could get the multimedia dock to prop it up. Or get a case with a stand.

tberman333 says:

Seems to me like the Evo hooked up to a TV with the HDMI would really be the best way to do this!

kd0axs says:

Yes, but unless you happen to carry a TV and a generator around with you, that really isn't mobile.

darreno1 says:


afazel says:

I love my Evo, so I think it's about time for me to do this. Derek showed us the action with his Droid X, though, so that's what we put up there. Btw, HDMI-out won't work with this. It's only good for what HTC said it's good for so far, but Cyanogen (Steve Kondik) is working on full HDMI-out support as well as full Bluetooth HID. Imagine your Evo running Ubuntu, controlling it with your Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, and using your full monitor as the display. Who needs a laptop at that point?

dannydos says:

The EVO with the kickstand is way better!

Peeler says:

I'm loving these game emulators on my Evo. I've been thinking of getting a Wii controller since I don't like the controls on the screen though. Do they make a wireless version of the Wii classic controller that will work with these emulators? And can I play all these great games from my childhood on my tv if I have a micro HDMI cable? If the answer is yes to both of these questions.......I'll be a very happy man!

bladerunn3r says:

Alright fellow androidians, evo is good like the droidx. And yes droidx-ers are jealous of the kickstand. But x is the best ha ha! X for life! :)

darreno1 says:

The kickstand is convenient true, but the Droid can rest against anything and get the same functionality so I don't see this as some big advantage. Hell I can pull out my wallet and use it as support.

Stang68 says:

Come on guys, we all know the Evo couldn't keep up the frame rate.

PikkonX says:

The FPS cap on the Evo was broken long ago.

ap14#AC says:

this is freakin awesome!! I got it working but the question is how do we get it to be displayed thru hdmi is there any app? If we can take screen shots there has to be away to broadcast your screen thru hdmi

stevemobs says:

Does not work on HTC with stock 2.1 build. HTC did something weird with the bluetooth library on their build causing it not to work. Would be nice to get it working on there, the kickstand would make for a very nice setup.

Impulses says:

I wonder if it would work on Sense ROMs that have a different Bluetooth implementation in their kernels... I noticed the latest high-FPS kernel from netarchy for the EVO has a note about Bluetooth code being copied from Cyanogenmod's code, guess I'll try it at some point. Worst case scenario I switch to CM if I wanna impress people w/a Wii-mote and my emulator games... :p I don't see myself carrying the Wii-mote for gaming even when traveling, heh.

crxssi says:

I have seen reports that the Cyanogen Evo does work fine with the Wii remote, even though stock phones won't

Basecall#AC says:

You might need a few extra lives if you keep playing like that

dragozoid says:

To everyone saying the Droid X needs a kickstand, there are cases for it that offer a kickstand on them (which I believe is better than having it on the device itself). Verizon's been selling a kickstand snap on case since its release.

alphanu22 says:


jerkface#AC says:

That dude sucks at Mario 3!