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Samsung's Wifi-only smart camera is only slightly cheaper than the cellular version

Samsung has announced that it'll launch the Wifi-only version of its Android-powered Galaxy Camera in the United States this month. The Wifi-only Galaxy Camera will sell for $449.99 at "authorized Samsung retailers." That's cheaper than the $499.99 cost of the AT&T version, but not by a whole lot. The saving compared to the Verizon 4G LTE model is a bit more substantial -- that device still sells for $549.99.

The Wifi-only Galaxy Camera sports the same internals as its cellular cousin -- a 1.4GHz quad-core Exynos CPU, 720p LCD, 1GB of RAM and Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean backing up the 12-megapixel shooter with 21X optical zoom.

We reviewed the 3G/HSPA version of the Galaxy Camera late last year and were impressed with its Android-based UI and sharing capabilities, though we found the overall image quality a little lacking for a camera in this price range. The addition of the Wifi-only model at a lower price point could be a smart move to get the Galaxy Camera into more consumers' hands, but we can't help thinking the starting price should be lower.

For more on the Galaxy Camera, be sure to check out our full review.

Samsung GALAXY Camera (Wi-Fi) Now Available, Offers Advanced Photographic Prowess and Access to Android Apps

New GALAXY Camera offers value to users seeking photo performance and connectivity

RIDGEFIELD PARK, N.J. – April 4, 2013 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and convergence technologies, today announced the availability of the Samsung GALAXY Camera (Wi-Fi), introducing photo enthusiasts another option to further their creativity and sharing potential. Centered on the Android™ Jellybean 4.1 platform, the GALAXY Camera is a powerful point-and-shoot camera with a familiar, intuitive user interface and access to Android applications from the Google Play™ market.

"The GALAXY Camera Wi-Fi successfully blends cutting-edge digital imaging technology with Samsung's latest line of class-leading Android devices," said Ron Gazzola, Vice President, Marketing for Digital Imaging, Samsung Electronics America. "Focusing on features that simplify the user experience, the GALAXY Camera Wi-Fi offers an intuitive approach to feature-rich photography, without the need to be constantly connected."

Boasting a 21x optical zoom, 16MP backside illuminated CMOS sensor and class-leading 4.8-inch HD Super Clear Touch LCD, the GALAXY Camera makes it easier than ever before to capture breathtaking images, edit them with users' favorite apps and then share over Wi-Fi to family and friends.

The GALAXY Camera's photo interface blends the capabilities of advanced camera with an easy-to-use touch interface, so users can learn and grow with their photography with each use. An innovative Smart Mode places camera settings at users' fingertips, letting them fine-tune and adjust settings like shutter speed, aperture and exposure by simply manipulating sliders on the screen. The GALAXY Camera also offers a selection of different scene modes to help users define the appropriate settings for a particular scenario, whether they want to capture flowing waterfalls, an action-packed sports event, and more.

Editing with Ease:

The GALAXY Camera integrates a new Photo Wizard tool, featuring a comprehensive set of 35 editing features, designed to take advantage of the camera's high-resolution touchscreen and make powerful enhancements on-the-go. Additionally, the Smart Content Manager offers innovative organizational tools for photos, with options to quickly and easily create folders and tags or suggest which photos can be deleted if they don't come out the way the user intended. Lastly, Samsung's Paper Artist app allows users to creative stylize and edit their photos with options for users to create new images that appear to be sketch-drawings or watercolor paintings.

Pricing and availability

The Samsung GALAXY Camera (Wi-Fi) will be available later this month for $449.99 at and authorized Samsung retailers. For more information on the Wi-Fi version of the Samsung GALAXY Camera and the full line of Samsung digital cameras, lenses and accessories, please visit


Reader comments

Wifi-only Samsung Galaxy Camera headed to the U.S. 'this month' for $450


I had been waiting for this to be released but $450 is too high. At $349 or even $379 I would have jumped on it without even thinking. But $450 for a mediocre camera that has the benefit of running Android is too much.

Hrm. Seems the future is not quite here yet.

I recently shot a bunch of standard vacation snaps (for the first time in years), alternating between a Galaxy Nexus and an ancient iPhone 3GS.

The iPhone's an iPhone -- nothing too sexy but you know what you're getting. I still like the flexibility of the Android camera -- I got some good panoramas, for sure. But the GN, as everybody knows, has hideous battery life (especially when you need high screen brightness to shoot in bright sunlight); the shutter still lags occasionally, especially in burst mode; and it stutters and stalls switching between or opening apps, which can cause you to miss that fleeting shot. And the GN's camera, while high resolution, isn't all that hot in terms of quality, has a tendency to turn out grainy, and suffers badly in low light.

So I've been thinking of looking at getting a simple point-and-shoot. Something with good resolution, better image quality, optical zoom, and something where I don't need to worry about shutter or app lag and, very importantly, constantly worry about battery life.

Being an Android camera convert, I was hoping that the Galaxy Camera would be the best of both worlds ... but it seems there's maybe a little too much Android in the mix and not enough camera. It sounds like the image quality is not really up to snuff, it still suffers in low light, and it still lags, and it still doesn't have the greatest battery performance.

If -- as you say -- it were a good sight cheaper, I'd be more inclined to give the wifi version a shot, no pun intended. (Who needs cellular on a camera anyway? That's what tethering is for.) But at only $50 cheaper, I can't justify the price of being an early adopter for what's essentially a full-cost "WiFi S3", with all the same flaws and just a zoom lens bolted on the front.

I definitely like where this is heading. Android's camera app and sharing capabilities offer some fantastic utility and functionality for a digital point-and-shoot. But the actual camera quality and price point need to be on par with non-Android offerings first, and those aren't there yet.

Wow! No thank you. I was really excited when i heard that the galaxy camera was going to come out in a wi-fi only model, and that it would be 'cheaper' than the LTE version. But that is hardly a cheaper price at all. Love the idea and execution of it, but they priced it way to high.

I wouldnt pay more than $250 or an ideal $199 for it myself personally. Its low, but I could wait til a price drop...I was interested in it when they announced it, but took too long to get a wifi one out so I picked up a Canon instead. An ideal future phone would be a camera like this, with this style camera in a slimmer profile with a phone...since it already runs android. I am guessing were pretty close that that day with the speed tech is advancing.

This would be worth the $450 if the camera had the same or better quality as a $300 point and shoot digital camera. Then, it would be a very nice digital camera that runs full Android, which in my opinion, would be worth it. HOWEVER, the camera, while better than most phones and tablets, does not stand toe to toe with even a $200 point and shooter! Not that the camera is horrible, its just a really nice smartphone camera. The price either needs to come down by about $200, or they need to go back to the drawing board and come back with something that makes me want to never whip out the point and shooter again, for that price.

They are definitely trippin at that price.. I was super interested before but nahhh... reviews as far as picture quality are simply not good enough.. I need something that shoots really good video..

I love my Galaxy Camera, even with all it's faults and high price. Everyone I show it too instantly wants one (and a few have even picked up unlocked international models off eBay and are happy as well). The really funny thing is one of those friends is a die-hard iPhone users and after she had her Galaxy Camera for a few weeks and was going on and on about the interface, I broke it to her that she was basically using a Samsung Galaxy III phone, just not as a phone. Now she's planning to pre-order a Galaxy IV :)

Anyway, I agree with everyone that $450 for the wifi-only model is still too high, but it does make me feel a little better about the deal I got from Daily Steals for my unlocked 3G international Galaxy camera ($450 delivered).

"The Wifi-only Galaxy Camera will sell for $449.99 at "authorized Samsung retailers." That's cheaper than the $499.99 cost of the AT&T version, but not by a whole lot."

Alex, i'm almost certain something is wrong with the numbers here