mentioned on Twitter yesterday that uber-cookers extraordinaire Cyanogen and Kmobs had gotten the 802.11n version of WiFi (think the fastest you can get right now) up and running on the Google Nexus One -- notable because 802.11n initially was listed as a spec on the N1 but was later redacted. Above you see Kmobs' blurry video proof, and we've done some testing on our own and can confirm. Let's hope we see this in a new CyanogenMod build soonest (and hope that our battery life doesn't take a huge hit because of it).


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WiFi 802.11n kinda sorta working on the Nexus One


There was a similar story on another site and many people in the comments, including myself, have had N working on the N1 from day one.

I have a stock N1 and I was working on a friend's home network over the weekend. His router reported that I was connected 802.11n. I was skeptical so we set the router to g only and it then reported the N1 as connected g. When we returned the router to mixed, the N1 went back to n.

Wow, somebody is really late to the party. I have a stock N1 with North American 3G (850/1900MHz) and from day one it has connected to my N-Only Access point.

At first I was somewhat surprised that my N1 was able to connect (it is not supposed too at present according to the specs)but, I viewed the N1's Wireless-N prowess as an early Easter Egg that would become officially supported through a future update.