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Reports of a possible white LG Nexus 4 were circulating in the run up to the device's launch, with UK retailer Carphone Warehouse putting up in-store displays showing a white color option. Now further proof of the white Nexus 4's existence has emerged, as details for a "Nexus 4 white" and Nexus 7 deal have appeared on the website of UK telco TalkTalk.

The page offers pre-orders on a range of price plans, and says that the first round of stock is expected on Dec. 13. That just happens to be the day O2's UK-wide exclusivity expires, allowing other carriers to sell the Nexus 4.

It's unknown as to whether the the white Nexus 4 will be available elsewhere. The white versions of the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus never saw particularly wide releases -- and the standard black version is rare enough as it is. There's still no photographic evidence of the white N4's existence, although based on the appearance of the white Optimus G, and earlier white Nexii, we'd imagine the front face will remain black.

With the black Nexus 4 already back-ordered in many countries, it might be tempting to hold back until the white model arrives. Anyone planning on waiting it out? Let us know in the comments.

Source: TalkTalk; via: MoDaCo


Reader comments

White Nexus 4 tipped for Dec. 13 UK launch


Does anyone remember that Nexus Q commercial a few months ago that showed a GNex and N7 that were white on both the front and the back?

I'm curious as to how the back of the Nexus 4 would look if it's white.

Google should take the Windows Phone 8 approach and give consumers options as to what colors they can choose for their phone. I'd be one happy camper if I could buy a red Nexus 4. If the white was a real option over here in the states, though, I'd take it just so my phone would be unique in the sea of black phones.

Could you please go further back in time and smack some sense into the guy at google who decided that it was a good idea to release way too less phones with only one server for the process? That would be great!

O2's exclusivity seems like a waste of their money from my experience. I visited my local branch and couldn't find it at first. They had buried it in the middle of some older midrange phones, bolted in place (can't see back) while the staff still pushed S3s and iPhones. Last year I had to almost spell out the galaxy Nexus over the phone to them. Staff had know clue what I was ordering.

Hopefully 13th is the proper launch of the N4 with O2 out of the way, stock may reappear.