Nexus 5

Orders are shipping — is one of them yours? Let us all know in this week's poll

Finally, all the crazy rumors and speculation is over. The Nexus 5 — and Kit Kat — are "officially real." You can probably tell if you've been on the Internet in the past 30 or so hours.

Everyone is talking about it, including Alex who was lucky enough to get one in his hands early this morning. For most of us though, we have to experience it all from what the lucky few are telling us. Which, so far, is looking awful damn good for the most part. Alex tells me it's pretty much the best Android phone ever. Alex knows his stuff, and has plenty of experience with some great phones. He has me excited.

I goofed. I was sure I would be able to go out Friday morning and spend a little extra to buy one retail. I was wrong, and now I have to wait. Hopefully, not too many of you did the same, but we're about to find out. We've got a poll — you'll find it in the sidebar to the right or after the break. Take a second and answer it, then get in the comments and discuss.

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This week's sidebar poll: Did you order a Nexus 5?


Verizon doesn't suck. It's the only carrier that can push a signal into all the places I Los Angeles for Pete's sake. T-Mobile's not even close.

What good is the coolest new mobile phone if you have to use it on a crappy

Weird. I live and work in LA and get great signal with T-Mobile. And Verizon does suck. Doesn't mean they don't have great signal. But their business policies are horrible. They could have provably the best network on the planet and I would still be unwilling to do business with them.

I'll stick with a company that people claim has a bad network (it hasn't in my experience) but has fantastic policies and respect for their users.

Vzw covers most of the states the best - both LTE and phone calls. I drive cross country for living and I'm still hoping and testing other networks so I can finally drop them. Nothing on horizon yet. T-Mobile is good only in the city areas. And when people say LA they probably consider all surrounding areas where Verizon dominates again.
1 vzw
2. Att
4. T-Mobile

Posted via Android Central App

Very true. I used to have Verizon and now I have Sprint and recently just got a line with T-Mobile. Sprint is decent in Orlando and T-Mobile is good too. My wife's hspa+ T-Mobile phone gets 6-9mbps on a slow day. My brother in laws Verizon lte phone used to get 15 tplo 22mbps and now it barely goes over 6mbps.

Posted via Android Central App

Verizon definitely sucks they are the carrier that couldn't push out basic stock updates from the jump street when they got the Galaxy Nexus December 15th 2011.

They made the Verizon Galaxy Nexus the WORST Nexus experience ever and they are getting exacly what they deserve.

Problem with Verizon is they are to big for their britches. They have poor updates on all handsets and a sutured slow LTE network at best.

Verizon is sadly overrated and pathetic with crappy bloatware.
Google is definitely tired of Verizon and it's bull..

I gladly KICKED Verizon to the curb for Tmobile since June 2012 and haven't looked back.

Verizon isn't what people trick themselves into believing. They are much worse.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

This is the first thing you have said I agree with. Sadly, I'm stuck with Verizon

Posted via Android Central App

Ill take a nexus over the note 3 any day, touchwiz just sucks, they need a refresh, it has become as bloated as sense 3

I guess you never read Richard's post or you would know what he is talking about.

Posted via Android Central App

Not when you have the Note 3 on AT&T. Worst phone ever. Ordered my Nexus 5, going to take it for a spin and see if I like it better than the Note 3. I'm sure battery life won't be the same, but I'm not a HEAVY user so it shouldn't be a big deal. We shall find out.

1. "poor updates on all handsets"? By and large, Verizon does just as well as any other carrier. And that's saying something considering they have a larger device selection. Go take your pitiful, unfactual fanboy BS somewhere else.
2. I had no idea carriers could have a "sutured slow LTE network". Protip: try proofreading your posts *before* you post them, and you might actually look like less of a idiot.
3. "Verizon isn't what people trick themselves into believing." Sooo... It doesn't have the largest nationwide data or voice network? It doesn't have generally the fastest network? It doesn't have the highest rated customer service of the big four carriers? By all means, try and elaborate as to what all these people are being "tricked" into believing.

Verizon actually roams on Sprint here. Let that sink in for a minute. Their service is so bad, they won't sell you a phone.

My anecdotal evidence cancels out yours.

Besides, i said I was kidding. 

For the love of God, enough of the Verizon has the best signal BS. I carry my work provided Verizon phone alongside my personal AT&T phone and never noticed a difference in the signal.

I love all this anecdotal evidence where people think that because they had a specific experience it therefore must be true for everyone nation wide.

Verizon does cover many places. But their prices and customer service do suck. If you live in an area that has service from all major companies than the smart thing to do is pick the best one at the lowest price. In my area that's the case. So I got rid of high priced restrictive Verizon and now have T-Mobile and I love it.

Posted via Android Central App

Their signal is crap in Jersey City which is across the river from downtown Manhattan. No 4g lte speed. I'm payint top dollar for mediocre service.

Posted via Android Central App

The only way I'm upgrading to the N5 from my N4 which I love is if the camera wows! If its mediocre again I'll wait for the next Nexus. Having said that can't wait for Kit Kat on my N4

Posted via Android Central App

Millions on millions of people disagree with you all... obviously according to their ratings..and churn rate ... Does Verizon sucks for phone geeks? .....maybe so.... But then again u just wanna break ish and then ask them to replace it .... So I don't think they care... I'm on Verizon...but I dont say they suck... I just understand their business and goals ... So when my contact is up I may switch to AT&T because it's the only service that can possibly handle the business man side of me...need a solid signal everywhre and the phone geek side of me.... But I won't sit here and say Verizon sucks.... They're a great company .. that's like when peopled say Jordan, Kobe, or LeBron sucks because they play for the opposition.... They don't suck they're just not on your team

Posted via Android Central App

They suck for a much bigger reason -
They want to have a monopoly on Internet !
Now they are going after FCC for not allowing them to control data traffic. You can read about it everywhere. If they win, that very moment I'm dropping my grandpa unlimited plan and going with any provider who has different ideals.

Posted via Android Central App

Lmao no its not. Stop comparing Verizon to sports athletes. Jordan is awesome.....Verizon is a evil company. They suck....end of story.

Great point. Overall Verizon offers the best signal over any coverage, partly because they charge so much and can use that money to improve. Att on the other hand for a while just took the money and didn't do anything. It's not until recently that they started expanding their lte. But in the end it's whatever works for you. Luckily for me att, Verizon and T-Mobile have great coverage here. Att and T-Mobile have the fastest data here where I live. Verizon is 3rd and Sprint is horribly slow.

Posted via Android Central App

Yep, Black 32GB! Pretty excited! Confirmation email say shipping by Nov 8th which is great cause I am out of town for first part of next week.

Did you order 16GB or 32GB? I ordered my 32GB only 10 minutes after it appeared and I still haven't gotten a shipping confirmation yet. :(

Although it says shipping by Nov. 5

Same here, I ordered a white 32 gb in the first half hour or so and got an email 2 hours ago it shipped from Kentucky. Play Store status on my account has not been updated.

I finally got a shipping confirmation at 3:00AM this morning although UPS' site hasn't updated to say when I'll be receiving it.

Ordered a black 32gb right after it launched. Google sent me a tracking number a few hours later but UPS didn't pick it up until today. Scheduled for delivery Monday.

That's the same as my friends order. He's getting his Monday. I plan on getting mine at best buy or T-Mobile if the price is same as Google Play.

Posted via Android Central App

I've only had my n4 for several months so I'll wait a bit on the n5. I'm more interested to see how 4.4 performs on my n4 and 2012 n7 right now.

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk

The only way I'm upgrading to the N5 from my N4 which I love is if the camera wows! If its mediocre again I'll wait for the next Nexus. Having said that can't wait for Kit Kat on my N4

Posted via Android Central App

Obviously it's a subjective thing, but I've found the N5 camera to be mediocre. It seems to me to be some way below the best camera phones on the market (top end Nokia's and latest IPhone). To my eyes, it seems that the camera is one of the areas that have been scaled back in order to make sure the core specs are top line, at a ridiculously low off-contract price.

The thing about cameras is, no matter how much you spend they all process information in their own way. Some cameras will automatically bump up the saturation while others will automatically lower it. When I take a photo with my ILC I will still have to process it to make it show up digitally as close to how I remember it and the emotions I felt while taking the photo.

I've taken some photos with my GNexus and edited in Snapseed that look absolutely wonderful. Photography is a skillset that not everyone has, and even fewer people know how to edit an image. I suspect the auto-awesome and new photos app on kitkat are going to help a lot of people take better pictures with their phones (if they care to).

No phone camera is ever going to wow.. But the xda thread seems pretty positive about its quality.

Posted via Android Central App

Same situation with n4, I'm waiting until the n6 or whatever they call the one after that

Posted via Android central app on my rooted LG Google Nexus 4

I'll probably sell my N4 and buy the N5 at some point because it finally has everything I want in a smartphone that I want. 1080p, LTE, good camera. The camera is REALLY important to me though. I'll wait and see how 4.4 performs on my N4 and if I'm content with it I'll just roll with it till N5 (2014)

Posted via Android Central App

Awaiting for T-Mobile to offer it through their website or retail stores and I will get the Black 32gb model then. The wife and I are holding on to our N4's until then.

T-Mobile has always offered the Nexus at a much higher price than through Google Play but if you need a payment plan or insurance then going through them makes sense.

Posted via Android Central App

Actually if you get it from the play store you can still get insurance on it through T-Mobile. Did that with my nexus 4

Posted via Android Central App

Actually if you get it from the play store you can still get insurance on it through T-Mobile. Did that with my nexus 4

Posted via Android Central App

I went into T-mobile today to get a micro sim for my Nexus 5. As of right now, they said they cannot insure the phone, but said i might be able to when the phone is available through them. scary thought that they might not insure it. If not, i might go through square trade...but i want to see what T-mobile says first

I ordered the black 32gb, but I have to wait til November 15th. The shipping went from November 8th to the 15th in just 2 minutes!!

I ordered the 32GB one in black as well, got the confirmation email at 3pm EST and as of tonight it's still saying it'll ship by Nov 8... I usually don't like paying extra for storage, even if it's just $50 (still mildly steep for a 16GB upgrade IMO), but I prefer having more than 7-8GB of music (typically carry around double that) and I figured the 32GB one might be in less demand... Might've been wrong on the second count!

If only I could get reception on any other carrier than Verizon I'd have ordered one for sure, but that's what happens when you live in middle-of-nowhere Nebraska :'(

Would if I could but Google said no as your country is not allowed to buy hardware from the Play Store.

Posted via Android Central App

If I didn't get a G2 when it came out I would have. I'm very happy with the G2 though.

Posted via Android Central App

Only thing the G2 is missing is Kit Kat, but with a better camera and larger battery I can wait for Kit Kat. I love my G2!

Posted via Android Central App

Alex knows his stuff and has me excited whatever happened to individuality, Im again not taking anything away from the Nexus 5 and with stock android 4.4 Kitkat i can get with the buzz. I personally dont follow the hype i cant see anything other than the new operating system that sky rockets the Nexus 5 to prime spot.

Their are many great devices recently been launched, The G2, Note 3, Apple 5s, Sony Z1, Nokia 1020 ect that are all great devices in their own right.

I personally have opted for the Note 3 as it best seves my design tastes and requirements and is a great device, is it above the Nexus 5 i cant make that assesement as i dont obviously have the nexus 5.

However even if i did that would be based on personal opinion and that doesnt change when a real tech geek does the same its still his opinion.

A great device im sure google and for the price v specs wow on that aspect yes its a winner.

Posted via Android Central App

Thanks for the info, its fun reading comments from all the people trying to justify their purchase of phones other than the N5 at double the price. Sorry but we arent going to pretend a note 3 with touchwiz that wont get kitkat for 9 months is as good as the n5

So mad at myself...had one in the cart 5 minutes after it was released, and then removed when I got it, it isn't shipping till the 22nd :( So mad at myself for not ordering immediately

I am in the SAME boat. I was about to pull the trigger and then thought I was being stupid since I just got the Note 3, so I slept on it, got it the next day and now it's not shipping until the 22nd. I really hope that they update it and ship it earlier.

Order the 32gb black, about 45 minutes after the release & my order still shows pending. Getting worried that it might be one of the "few weeks til delivery".

Same here I ordered mine within the first 10 mins and it only says pending hopefully it was ship and I get with by Monday or Tuesday (fingers cross)

Me too, and my buddy who ordered 10 minutes after me just got a shipping confirmation and I'm still "pending" with a "leaves warehouse by 11/8". Go figure. (Mines a black 32gb as well.)

Posted via Android Central App

Not yet but I will when I get paid on Wednesday. Hopefully I can grab one up. Any word when Best Buy or RadioShack will carry the Nexus 5?

Doesn't Radio Shack only sell Verizon and Sprint.

I'm pretty sure best buy only ever sold the tmobile variant.

Last I had checked Google was the only way to get the Nexus 4 no contract.

Ummmm no. Nexus 7 is priced the same as the Play Store. So Nexus 5 should be the same.... Hopefully.

I stand corrected. I just checked out Best buy and it will indeed be a whopping $800 without contract! WTF! Play Store it is.

How about the I got one of each for both 16 and 32gb... cause I got one of each 32gb! This will be my first Nexus phone. I have a nexus 7, I'm flippin crazy excited to get them!

32GB Black - says it will ship by Nov 5th. I got lucky & was on break at work when it went live! Ordered from the N4 at work.

Posted via Android Central App

I just started to comment that I was hoping the same would happen for me, and it did! Just got my email. Thanks for the luck!

Long time blackberry user, Waited for the nexus 5 before making the switch. But still cant decide.

Nexus 5 or Moto x??

MotoX pros, Size is appealing, same as my Z10. And I like those on screen notifications. Touchless is cool too. I have faith the android update process will continue to improve and the MotoX will get Kit Kat asap.

Nexus. Well they say once you go 5" you dont go back. So size can be a pro or a con. I cant decide ahead of useing it personally, unfortunately I cant afford both. I think this is the main deciding factor of mine.

Soon as roger gets both phones in store Ill go hold them and go by feel I think. Since the common advice is they are both good...

no microsd = no buy for me.. plus, i'm very happy w/my Xperia Z1. :) every phone should be waterproof, esp ones that have sealed batteries and no microsd slots.

Waterproof phones cost a lot more, and have tradeoffs for the water proofing. For instance, the Sony Xperia Z1 has a pretty lousy mic and speaker on it, because they are openings that Sony has tried to waterproof. I don't need/want a waterproofed phone, and would rather have an option if I don't.

Posted from the awesome new Nexus 7

I think jerry is waiting for the Nexus 10, they need to hurry up and announce it so I can sell my 7

Posted via Android Central App

Ordered the 32gb black but says it wont ship until the 8th. All because I had to be TAing lab when everything went down.

Ordered around 3 Eastern...32GB Black...Pending is my status, delivery by November 8th. Doesn't seem to me Google has any rhyme or reason to the process...anyway can't wait to get my FIRST Nexus device!

Ordered a 32gb black @ 2:24 est/11:24 pst still pending in my play store status. Kind of worried, I think it might be one of the delayed one's. It said it was shipping by Nov 5. Now every Gmail notification I get I run to my phone, only to be disappointed :-( come on N5! SHIP GOD DAMMIT!

2 mins after posting this I get the shipped email from Google. You guys reading my posts..... ;-) can't wait!

Posted via Android Central App

I ordered my Black, 16GB, at 12:13pm Mountain. However, as of today, no shipping email from Google. Pretty bummed. I thought I might since I have seen some examples near my time of purchase.

Though I have buyer's N4 is working fine and is in excellent shape.

Why I just dropped $400 with the Xbox One coming out.....ugh....

Can anyone explain why their is so much mass ejaculation over the Nexus 5 other than the new stock 4.4 kitkat, what exactly and be specific sets it above any other recently launched device, just curious lol

Posted via Android Central App

Probably because they have smartphones with dull cartoon contrast color amoled displays, insufficient internal memory, crappie cameras, and dysfunctional UI's.

£339 is a great price point and i can throw little in the way of an argument, That said the cheapest Note 3 here in the UK is £450 so lets assume the Nexus 5 has an Sd card slot and the avarage price for a 64gb Sd card is £50, So that would take the Nexus 5 to £389 and the Note 3 to the more expensive £500. With the same storage. Yeh thats a £111 saving. There is a wait a minute here the Note 3 is 5.7" and removable battery, So if Google upped the Screen to the equivelent to The Note 3 do you think then that they would still have that same price point? let alone the extra 1gb of ram. Point is that it really isnt the bargain you first think if you look at the bigger picture lol

But thats me being pedantic of course. The Nexus is im sure a great device and one that i am most certainly considering myself, but next year around feb when i can pick it up for around the £250ish then what a good deal that will be :-)

Posted via Android Central App

The Note 3 has Bloatwiz and runs like a bloated dog compared to the N5. Bloatwiz has a bunch of useless features and slows down the phone, plus you wont get 4.4 probably until late spring, lol

Every Spec is better than the Note 3 hmmm lets do a spec comparison shall we. And we will Start with the Nexus 5.

5" Full ips Hd screen at 446ppi or there abouts.

Qualcom Snapdragon 800 cpu @2.3ghz

Andreno 330 Gpu

2gb Ram

16gb 32gb Storage non expandable

8mp Camera.

Android 4.4 Kitkat.


Note 3 specs

Qualcomm Snapdragon 800cpu @ 2.3ghz

Andreno 330 Gpu

3gb Ram

32gb & 64gb expandable

13mp Camera with 4k video capture

4.3 Jelly Bean.

So my question how can you make a comment like you did?

Answer- Because you just enjoy posting random pish on more than one forum no doupt also claiming to know it all as you may have owned more than one smartphone.

Their is no doupt that the Nexus 5 will be a great device but stop slagging the note by repeating the same old shit bloatwiz samoled blah blah blah, i have NO LAG what so ever and multi task, watch video gaming, email and have music on web ec ect no matter what i throw at it not even a stutter so where is your bloatwiz now? And Lag? I personally like millions of others enjoy having features eg S-Pen, eye scroll, Smart pause and many more, i may not use them all the time but nice to know they are there for if and when i do.

So stop talking pish.

Posted via Android Central App

^THIS ... the only thing persuasive to me about the N5 is the fact that it has KitKat.. and I really just want the hangouts update anyways so it's probably not even Kitkat just the hangouts part. My phone pretty much does everything this phone does already, with amazing specs.

Going to cool my jets. Not get caught up in the frenzy. Patiently awaiting the soon to be updated EVO LTE to 4.3/Sense 5 and looking forward to HTC's blockbuster follow up to their phenomenal HTC One utilizing the same multi band energy efficient Qualcomm Snapdragon A800 on the Sprint I have unlimited LTE Now network.

If I wasn't in this admirable position, I would, based on favorable camera review, be purchasing the Nexus 5 when a midnight metallic blue back cover color became available.

Patience, as well as previous good choices, has its rewards.

Purchased the Nexus 4 in January, I think I'll wait for next year's version, maybe even 2015's version. My phone is still running buttery smooth.

Sadly, this is true for me too. I still have 1 and 1/2 years to go. Not to mention I don't even have an android device. And my service would be just as good with T-Mobile or at&t (not sprint though)

Posted via Android Central App

1 16 GB white here. It seems ppl prefer black than white. anyway i think its cool and stylish than too common black

I ended up ordering it as soon as the pages lauched. Had to adjust the URL to get to the page for the white Nexus. Pretty excited. Device shipped from the city I'm in but it's still going to be monday before it shows up. =\ +1 for Saturday delivery being offered. Would have been sweet to have it to play with for the weekend.

I wish I could... :'(

My Galaxy S3 on omega v50 with perseus kernel is starting to lag when I do intensive multitasking... :(

No. I think I'm done with Android...

Seems to be the going trend that phones are getting bigger and bigger. The nexus 4 was pushing it but I still loved the phone. Nexus 5 is just too big. Can't do one handed operation.

Not a valid excuse. The N5 and the N4 are the same width. They gave the N5 a bigger screen but the bezel is smaller.

Ah man I ordered a white nexus 5 32 GB on release date on 3:00 CST and shipping email has arrived.

Posted via Android Central App

Ours just shipped about an hour ago!!!!! Can't wait!! White nexus 16gb. I've had my nexus 4 for almost a year. Ready for a new toy. Though still adore my nexus 10

Posted via Android Central App

no, i never buy a phone without SDXC Card slot, i have a 64G Card with 48G of music, ebook and video on it and buy only phones who can use this card, currently it' a Galaxy Note 3.

Who wants the AT&T S4 I just upgraded to (so I can sell) lol.
No. Seriously...... Who!?!?!

Posted via Android Central App

I had to go into a stupid meeting at work at 2pm EST and when it let out at 3:45 EST I ran to my computer and after several minutes of indecision about color I decided on 32gb white. Ordered at 3:56 PM EST and my confirmation email said shipping on 8/15.

I'm glad I chose white. Looks like it will be rare.

Posted via Android Central App

Decided to have note 3 but ordering one for daughter she's had galaxy nexus as I did and nexus 4 I might end up letting her have my note and I have the nexus !

Posted via Android Central App

ordered at 2.28pm EST, 32gb black version and i'm yet to receive any shipping info. Order status pending, leaves warehouse by Nov 5th. Fingers crossed

it was kinda spontaneous. I figured i would try it out, compare it with my n4. i have 15 days to return it. worst case scenario, i forget to return it and am stuck with a brand new awesome phone

ordered white 32gb and received 'shipped" email about an hour ago. Looks like it will be here on Tuesday. Super excited! I'm sure my nexus 4 will be sad tho..

Nope.... Super happy with my Moto X. I'm happy I didn't wait.

Posted via Android Central App

I ordered at around 11pm last night, my e-mail confirmation says shipping in 2-3 weeks. :(

Anyone else order late at night last night? What do your confirmation e-mails say?

Wtf, I ordered a 16gb black within the first 5 minutes of it being announced. Says it should leave the warehouse by Nov 5. I wonder why ones that said Nov 8 are already shipping...anyone else that got a 16 GB black that has received a shipping conformation?

I'm wondering the same thing. The only reason I can think of is Billing=shipping address were some sort of priority

It looks really cool but i'm a year into contract with an s3 which I still really like and can't quite justify dumping and I'd probably get nothing for selling it. and maybe look at tmobile at that stage too.

I want the Nexus 5 so bad but I'm still on an unlimited plan on Verizon and don't ever want to give that up. Will Verizon ever get the Nexus 5?

Probably not. The Moto X is the closest you'll get for now. The moto x should be getting kit Kat soon, so if you can swallow the unsubsidized price, get that or the droid maxx

Posted via Android Central App

I haven't yet gonna wait til the end of the year then giving this phone to my little phone. He get my hand me downs. Which are not bad.

Posted via Android Central App

Waiting on battery performance tests. I really need all day life and thankfully the Note 3 & G2 will be great backups. Everything else looks great

Posted via Android Central App

Ordered 32gb black @ 2:15 regular shipping on the 31st. Receive shipping notification at today 10:11pm.

I'm waiting on Kit Kat for my N4. I did order the N7 and a cool case though so I'm looking forward to it's arrival.

Posted via Android Central App

I want to buy but it's not available in my country. Play dun sell device in Malaysia and not in retail yet. nothing in the poll for me to tick.

Yes. But really want the new N10!

Oh and my black 32gb has shipped from HK already even though I was the second batch! (Australia)

Posted via Android Central App

I'll wait for kitkat on my n4 which is still going strong. I wouldn't notice the change from the n4 to the n5 anyway. Besides, I've already decides that the unlocked moto x with a wood back will be my next phone, and the n5 hasn't shown me anything to make me want it.

Still don't see it replacing my Moto X as a daily device. However I do look forward to giving it a shot.

Posted via Android Central App

Not yet will wait a month or so after i get my other things payed off when i get the N5 imma use my old N4 for Rooting and Boot-loader practice.

Am I the only one who doesn't like some of the visual changes in 4.4? For instance the white/grayish everything. I enjoy the blue, personally. Either way yes. I ordered one. Can't wait.

Posted via Android Central App

I only saw Google Android in 4.3 on the nexus 7 2013 I've only had it for a couple months but I'll miss the blue as well.

Posted via my SGS3 waiting on my black Nexus 5 32gb...

Ordered a 16 GB black in the first half hour, shipping by Nov. 8.

Received shipped notice earlier this evening...

i like HTC one alot better. plus nothing special about the nexus 5 just normal phone. wish HTC Has Made the Nexus im sure it would have been better than LG

I ordered the Nexus 5 yesterday but then found out that it doesn't work on Verizon. So I cancelled my order and bought the LG G2 instead. Bummed....

100 dollar early term fee for me to leave Verizon. I am tempted but sprint or t mobile dont work at all where I go bowling at but work great in south bend, indiana. I dont know yet got to run some milea in my semi truck to get some cash flow first.

Posted via Android Central App

I live in India but my father would be in New York next week so he would be getting 2 32 GB white & black...One for him & one for me. If available in the stores

Posted via Android Central App

Ordered. Set to ship on the 22nd. Still on the fence whether this phone is too big for me. If Moto releases Moto-maker to T-mo AND chops the price down before then, I may cancel my order.

SD slots are almost useless. I rather not have an sd card which i would never use in my life than having touchwiz lol

Lol memory card slot! If you hold it close to your face it looks like a big screen!

Posted via Android Central App

Nope, but probably will for my brother. Moto X should be more than good enough to keep me happy on VZW. :-)
Actually, I'm not sure if would jump so fast, even if I was w another carrier.

Posted via Android Central App

Ordered my black 32gb,got confirmation that it's shipping out tonight due for delivery next Tuesday

Posted via Android Central App

Besides, I am still infatuated with my Droid Maxx. It would take a hell of a lot for me to ditch this phone.

Posted via Android Central App

its damn tempting, i'll give you that. but its not a phablet, so i'll pass.

hurry up and make a phablet motorola. :( don't make my buy a note 3.

Just buy it from the U.K. Play Store, I don't see Amazon being any cheaper apart from delivery.

I don't have the money or I definitely would have. I guess sticking with Sprint won't be so bad after all.... now if I could juuust win a Nexus 5 from androidcentral. (cough cough)

I ordered my Nexus 5 and I've tracked it to 4 miles away at the delivery depot at 05:58 this morning. If lucky I may receive it today! One thing is I can't find information on is the notification light. I found it very useful on my Galaxy Nexus but don't know if it's on the Nexus 5 or 4 for that matter!

That would be no, I was waiting for the nexus 10 2. Guess I'll have to get a Samsung 10 incher 2014.

Posted via Android Central App

Great phone, however I already have the Note 3 which is superior in pretty much every way that matters to me.

Google needs to start equipping Nexus devices with better batteries, this is the main potential issue I see with the Nexus 5.

White 32gb ordered at 244 ext. Ship confirmation at 412 ext this morning... 2 day shipping.

Posted via Android Central App

There's nothing wrong with my Nexus 4, there's nothing wrong with my Nexs 4...LOL

That being said, I was going to wait for a price drop or sale on the Nexus 5, until Straight Talk started supporting LTE on AT&T's towers. Now the Nexus 5 is calling to me with that siren song.

Love pure android but I'm not running out the door.... plus I'm on Verizon. But this s4 has suited me just fine, maybe when my contact I'd up in January I'll jump ship from Verizon.

Posted via Android Central App

I don't know why, but Google seems to have shipped black models before the white ones (in Canada). I ordered mine at 2:03 and people that ordered the phone after me (in black)are already getting theirs shipped. If someone knows why please tell.

No, there's nothing wrong with my flip phone... stays charged all week; no ripoff data plan required; fits easily in any pocket; outstanding voice quality.

I ordered a Black 32 GB @ like 2:18 EST on announce day. And it still hasn't shipped. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to which are shipping except for maybe choosing 2 day shipping over ground. I went with ground, while I've seen several people who've chosen 2 day has had their's ship.

In all honesty I wasn't going to buy it. That is until I saw the devices page go live....and then my lovely Nexus 4 was up for sale. I sold it within 4 hours and placed my order for a White 32gb model. I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

Nope. Got the G2 instead for better battery life, larger screen and better camera. Already got rid of the bloat...awesome performance with zero lag...

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Sold my Galaxy S4 for the same price as the Nexus 5. Ordered a black 16 gb and it's shipped already. Can't wait!

And thank goodness it's available on Sprint.

It's arrived!! And it's a thing of beauty!! Just need to cut my sim to size and I'm up and running!!! Happy Days

I didnt get it because im waiting to see if sprint gets the 32gb on nov.8th so i can get it on contract...$400 is a more than a good price but its too rich for my blood at the moment.

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I think you are missing a "not yet" option. I fully intend to buy but I am waiting for the reviews and also yo hear back from others and make sure there are no show stopper bugs. But basically by next year I'll have this phone (even if it is too big).

Nope, not keen on vanilla Android (or the frequent updates it brings). But regardless of that the sealed embedded battery is an absolute deal breaker.

Of course I ordered it! I wanted to replace my Galaxy Nexus just as I had when I wanted to replace my Nexus One with the Galaxy Nexus. In two years, I'm sure I'll be buying the 7th generation Nexus, or Nexus 5 2015 as the case may be.

I think the general theme here is this

How disappointed are you that Verizon will never carry a Nexus device ever again

o Don't care about Nexus devices

o Mildly irritated but that's life

o Somewhat pissed but still on my contract getting more pissed.

o Pretty Pissed then I got my phone bill.

o Very Pissed off and my life also sucks

o About to get all Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at my local Verizon store.

Update. Its in my hands and I love it. There is a 140Mb system update on startup?!. Camera is so much better than N4 I've made a couple of shots side by side and the difference is huge.

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Will I lose the free extra storage from Dropbox that I got from my Samsung Galaxy phone if I upgrade to the Nexus?

Jerry, frankly... As an owner of a Nexus 4, are you gonna spend that money for alittle faster, a little lighter, a little brighter, and a little less fragile?
I do have to pay for my phones. And I won't pay!
Thanks to Google who helped me chossing. 2 hours after they went on sale, stock was dry.
And now 5-6 weeks of waiting.
No sir... I won't buy this phone...

No, but, the reason isn't because I don't want one. My 2 year old G Note1 is doing well, but I do plan on getting something, but I NEVER buy a brand new device with basically a dot zero software/firmware. God bless all you early adopters, but I'm waiting for a couple things. Let the "new" wear off, and maybe sometime around black Friday, the "deals" will be around. I'm between a few things...

Note 3
Nexus 5
HTC One Max
Sony Xperia Z2 ultra (or whatever its called)
Acer Liquid 2...anyone heard anything about it since September?

Large screen CHOICES! Nice to see

Buying from T-Mobile using their prorated plan once it becomes available. I know I'll pay more in the long run, but I haven't that kind of cash to blow on a new phone I want but don't NEED.

I purchased a Nexus 4 last year, but didn't see what the fuss was about. I ended up buying a Note 3 a few weeks ago, and couldn't be happier.

Got the Black 32GB,already got my UPS tracking number for a Tuesday delivery. Leaving Verizon and going to T-Mobile!! I can't wait!! :)My Gnex has been good to me for the last two years!

Honestly, having a Nexus 4, the only real attraction for me is the OIS in the camera. I love the screen size on the N4 (it's perfect for me), the camera is decent enough (and with all that 4.4 is bringing to the camera app, hopefully it gets better), and it's still speedy. Yes the new Snapdragon processor would make it faster, but personally I don't need that speed.

I finally got my tracking number...My order was placed at 2:02pm CDT, and I got the shipping notification this morning (Sunday) at 7:14 CST. Have faith, fellow impatient peeps!

I had a Chrome plugin monitoring the Google Play Devices page for changes. Once it notified me there were some, I hit the page, selected, ordered, and paid. The whole process took about two minutes, top. Shipping says I should have it Tuesday.

Just got my shipping email. My order was placed 14:48 Pacific on the 31st. Black 32 GB

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There is hope, my order was supposed to be shipped on the 8th and I just received my ordered shipped email!!!! B-)

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