It's Nexus day, and the Internet is ablaze with chatter about the merits and failure of a series of devices nobody has touched. If you haven't been paying attention, a quick recap.

  • The LG Nexus 4 -- the new Nexus phone, priced at $299 for the 8GB version and $349 for the 16GB version. It's pentaband unlocked GSM, with an HSPA+42 radio. 
  • The Nexus 7 refresh -- the 8GB version has been dropped. We'll see the 32GB version shortly for $249, and the 16GB version is a cool $199. The HSPA+ unlocked GSM version will chime in at 32GB and sell for $299
  • The Samsung Nexus 10 -- a 10-inch tablet built by Samsung with a ultra-high-resolution screen (2560x1600). The 16GB version is $399, and the 32GB version is $499.
  • None of the devices come with removable batteries, an SDcard slot, or with CDMA or LTE radios.

It's the last line that seemingly has everyone in a tizzy. There's reasons why Google is doing it this way -- namely the LTE frequencies aren't very standard and not everything is licensed in a friendly way -- and we never should have expected a micro SDcard slot in a new Nexus device. As far as the radios, We've also known since we first saw the phone at the FCC that there would be no LTE at launch. But when it becomes official, that's when it's time to consider all the options.

Hit the break and check the poll, or look to the right and see it in the sidebar. Let us know what your plans are, and if you're interested in one of today's new devices. Use the comments to express it all. We'll hash it all out next week.

Speaking of which, here's the results of last week's poll.

What has you excited for the October 29 event?

  • The next version of Android -- 39.46-percent
  • The Nexus 4 -- 28.84-percent
  • A 10-inch Nexus tablet -- 27.04-percent
  • Other -- 4.66-percent

It's a shame that the weather didn't cooperate and the even had to get canceled (we certainly don't blame them -- stay safe) because a lot of folks were looking forward to seeing all there is to see about Android 4.2.


Reader comments

This week's sidebar poll: Are you buying a new Nexus?


I'm definitely picking up at least one Nexus 7 and potentially a Nexus 10. I'm not allowed (by Google) to enjoy the splendor of the Nexus 4.

You're allowed to do whatever the f**k you want. It's you who aren't allowing allowing yourself to do it...

your correct but I choose to go with a carriers that embrace technology and not live on old school technology. if Google wants to use old technology with there new software fine. but I guarantee the phone sales will be pathetic.

its not so much that they dont want to support new tech (this is google for crying out loud!) but lte is something that is still very new and needs to be more standardized(it seems different carriers use different variations of lte). there would have to be a different version for each carrier in addition to the hspa+ version. and considering how messed up the situation between the lte gnexus's i dont blame google. beyond that having that kind of instability and inconsistency isnt what google is going for with its nexus line- nexus devices are supposed to showcase how google intends for things to be done.

there most likely will be a lte nexus 4 but not until the carriers and manufacturers get their stuff together and agree on a better more rigid standard.

I couldn't agree more. I applaud the STAND MADE BY GOOGLE. You don't allow any carrier to control your product. Verizon has gotten to big for their britches and Google told them they can keep it's crappy bloatware infested battery life draining network. I agree with that 100% plus Tmobile has always been Google's favorite since the inception of android. They have a great business relationship always have. Verizon SHOULD NEVER SEE ANOTHER NEXUS DEVICE EVER....

Google could care less what technology is used as long as it's open technology. Once AT&T and T-Mobile have their LTE networks set up throughout the country, I bet the Nexus will have LTE then. You still probably won't be able to use it on Sprint's or Verizon's closed CDMA networks though.

I will probably be buying two Nexus 4s, one for me and one for my wife. I am also really looking forward to shutting off verizon from the stream of cash that we have been giving them.

Verizon has been my mobile isp. That is all. I won't tolerate their ridiculous demand that I have no choice when it comes to software that I might want to run on my hardware (my personal property). If it is their way or the highway, I will gladly take the highway.

But then... who cares.... looky.... advertising... hype... flashing lights... I am feeling so compelled to be a competitive consumer... I must have additional speed that yields no benefit to a device that uses very little data in the first place...

If my phone connection isn't the fastest on the planet... well my self-esteem would never be able to recover from a tragedy like that ##sarcasm'd##.

My phone connection does not need triple the speed of my home cable internet... which I do use as a personal web server for cloud storage and whatever other low volume web-server usages that I need (oh and that public game server I run too).

I ain't gonna be hosting any web servers on my mobile phone!

I'm not sure why your not allowed but neither am I. I would get the nexus 4 if it was on sprint. It would be nice to get the nexus 10 but I really have no use for it and at $400 I dont really consider it to be an impulse buy.

Come on Google... show sprint some love with the nexus 4. What about the 90% of Americans that dont wanna switch to T-Mobile?

i have to admit i am a sprint customer i love sprint BUT CDMA technology needs to GO like right now, it is an old technology that its becoming stint everywhere.

Agreed. I don't know the technicalities of it, but from my experience, GSM has been far more reliable. There's times where 3G would drop entirely on my Verizon phones where as on AT&T, if it said 3G, I had 3G. Also, signal penetration seemed to be much better, as well.

Maybe the LG doesn't measure up if you don't like their build but i what world does the Nexus 10 not measure up?

Nexus 4 16GB for sure. For $349 with those specs, it's a fantastic buy (if you don't think so, then show me ANY other phone currently available that you can buy for $349 UNLOCKED, that has better specs). Since I have a 16GB Nexus 7 already, I might just get the 32GB with HSPA+ (I'm currently on T-Mobile anyway), but I'm not sure if I need the cellular modem. It depends on if I can use a Wi-Fi hotspot on the Nexus 4 without T-Mobile knowing (I have the new no throttling, no data cap, unlimited data plan but it doesn't come with Wi-Fi hotspot).

Most likely they wouldn't know about it since you can pretty much put whatever phone you want on T-Mobile and use it how you please without them knowing...

For US prepaid customers the Nexus 4 seems like a no brainer. It's petraband for easy MVNO hopping and by and far the best bang for your buck spec wise. But after being stuck with the said sorry disappointment that is the Droid 3 I'm going to wait and see how good the reviews are for it. On one had I am glad my D3 (with some hackery) allowed me to get away from throwing money away at Verizon but on the other hand, this phone has done nothing but disappoint me. Because of that I won't ever buy another phone on release day again.

It's not just prepaid. This is perfect for those Verizon customers that do not want to lose their unlimited data. I say for 299 or 349 this is an excellent deal. I have AT&T and I'm 90% of the time on WiFi. I really don't see why people complain. This is excellent on Google's part, it shows that they can sell phones for almost the same price as a subsidized phone, and hopefully it pushes carriers to not force their software on android.

Sorry, but the nexus 4 is not gonna work for verizon (or sprint) customers... The nexus 4 does not have CDMA radios.

It's only gonna work on HSPA networks (In the US that means: ATT and T-mobile plus all the pre-paid options that use ATT and T-mobile towers. In the rest of the world, that means pretty much every single network in the rest of the world).

i still dont get why everyone continues to complain about the lack of SD card slot on a Nexus device. It's like asking Apple to change their connectors on their iphones to micro usb.

microSD is really a poor option anyway because most apps don't know how to work with multiple storage partitions (like Google Music). I would much rather have preferred a 32GB internal storage option.

Because they charge $50 to add 8GB more space. That is ridiculous. Also, I might be fine with 8GB now but if I ever need more, I have the option of changing. Apps 1-2 years ago hardly took up any space but now tons of games require additional 200mb downloads afters installing the app for example. Plus, the Nexus 4 doesn't have the option of more than 16GB! That means I could maybe fit 3 720p movies for my daughter and nothing else. If I put some games on there, i'm probably looking at 2 movies max even IF I use the cloud for docs, pictures, and music.

OH NO! the horror!

Your daughter might have to watch cartoons in standard definition on a 4 inch screen? How would she ever explain that tragedy to her friends in pre-school?

I'd start the therapy for her in advance.

I understand that this is a cross between a blog and a news site, but with the editing that we have seen today it will always remain a blog.
"As far as the radios, We've "
"the weather didn't cooperate and the even had to get canceled"

Phil had an article this morning that was really poor. It has since been cleaned up.

Now, back on topic. I would buy the 10" if it had a SD slot. I knew it wouldn't, but I was still hoping. The lack of a SD slot is a deal killer.

Show us your big blog/news site that has this many readers, and maybe somebody could take your "critiques" (that's putting it kindly) seriously.

nothing i get with sd that i cant do with using a usb flash drive. Can store whatever extra stuff whenever im going on trips away from wifi.

I'm with you 100% on that. OTG & flash drive all the way, for the Nexus 4. I also use a flash drive (one 64GB & one 128GB) with my Nexus 7 as well. I don't care if I can remove the battery either, since I have a 10000 mAh battery pack as well. Nothing stopping me from getting this phone, except the 2 weeks I have to wait to order one.

I already have a Galaxy Nexus and don't really see much reason to upgrade to the Nexus 4. I am considering selling my Transformer Prime to get the Nexus 10 though.. Just wondering if it will be worth the trouble of finding a buyer.

I too will be getting a nexus 10 to replace my tf101, but won't be replacing the gnex. We'll see what next year brings. I was thinking last year I'd probably update phone one year, tablet the next. Seems like a good idea to me, especially when the products are top notch.

I have the ASUS Transformer TF101 and for some reason I have been at odds on what to add to my collection I don't really NEED anything but I love technology after seeing the offical specs my choice is going to be the Asus Transformer TF700.

EDIT-[This should show up as a reply to D4RkNIKON. Looked like it kicked it down as a reply to someone else so I wanted to be sure it was known who I was replying to.]

How about quad-core A15 based S4 Pro vs. dual-core A9 based OMAP, 42Mbps vs. 21 Mbps, 8MP camera vs. 5MP camera (and not a very good one either), HD IPS+ LCD vs. Pentile HD SAMOLED, Gorilla glass 2 with zero gap vs, gorilla glass 1, GPS/A-GPS with GLONASS vs. GPS/A-GPS (no GLONASS on GNEX), 2GB RAM vs. 1GB RAM, Bluetooth 4.0 vs. Bluetooth 3.0, etc. The list goes on.

Just saying that there are few reasons for some of us to upgrade. Also, it costs the same $349 for the 16GB Nexus 4 as the old 16GB GNEX cost just a few days ago.

Already satisfied owner of a 7 and a G Nexus.

Inconclusive 10in tablet experience keeps me away from the 10

Even though the 4 seems to be built like a rock and is dirt cheap i don't think it is worth an upgrade right now. My 1.2ghz dual will keep on riding smoothly for a while.

They don't measure up, because they don't have removable batteries and expandable storage. They can keep releasing new, deliberately defective products and I'll keep reiterating this same complaint.

(And the phone's missing a keyboard. A big-boy keyboard, not a software one that takes up half the screen when you're using emacs to configure someone's web server remotely. What, you don't do that sort of thing? Then don't tell me that swype works great once you get used to it. It doesn't. I assume it's great for texting your fellow high school girls, but it makes actual grown-up nerd work nearly impossible. Smartphones are computers, and I prefer to buy them from companies who embrace that rather than try to sell me an entertainment appliance that may also place phone calls.)

Welcome to Bluetooth, it's called a keyboard. You can get a nexus tablet for less than a windows tablet, or iPad, spend that money on a nice Bluetooth keyboard, use the multiple user access that 4.2 will give to separate work from play. Enjoy.

Welcome to reading comprehension. I was pretty specific about wanting the keyboard on the phone. I have a bluetooth keyboard... for my tablet. It doesn't fit in my pocket.

I think you are expecting just a wee tad too much from your pocket sized computer.

For example: A swiss army knife is awesome, versatile tool that fits in a pocket. But, A professional mechanic needs a shop full of tools to do his job. Criticizing the swiss-army knife for not replacing every tool in the shop is crazy talk.

Is it realistic to expect that professional nerds are going to be able do their jobs entirely while standing in line at the supermarket?

Realistically, I think the lack of screen real-estate is going to an even bigger issue that prohibits the mobile phone form-factor from being used by professional nerds who are constantly mobile. I guess I can see using the phone as a ssh-vnc connection to a real workstation (if the phone had a good keyboard)... because the workstation is still going to needed for the RAM, CPU, and storage. But, how are you going to fit all your emacs buffers from your big screens onto a 4.5 inch phone screen?

A wee tad too much? My Palm Pre was able to do it without a hitch, even if the rest of the phone sucked in so many ways. There's no expectation of some miraculous functionality that doesn't currently exist. What I expect is for phone manufacturers to continue selling phones that aren't crippled.

Maybe the furthest you ever get from your office is standing in line at a supermarket. A more typical case for me has been needing to patch some code or install a new certificate someone forgot about while I'm 50 miles from my laptop or a wifi connection, much less an office. A physical keyboard makes that a hell of a lot easier. It's a freedom I currently have, and don't want to lose as software updates push requirements past what my Epic 4G can handle.

C-x 1 and C-x C-b make emacs pretty easy to deal with on a small screen (coupled with the version of Connectbot I have that maps my phone's retarded "smiley" button to Ctrl). It's been very rare that I've had to resort to VNC for anything -- the only case I can think of was some Java-based client software that wasn't available for Android at the time -- but the possibility exists.

Our choices for phones with physical keyboards are decreasing, and I'm not looking forward to a world where Angry Birds is considered to be a more mission-critical app than ssh or emacs.

What samagon said. Or get a Motorola Photon Q (if Sprint is tolerable in your area) or Droid 4 (if it isn't). There are some solid Android-based phones with physical keyboards out there. No, they're not Nexi, but you're hardly a normal smartphone user, are you?

If I have to replace my Epic in the next year, it'll be with the Q, as I'm a Sprint customer already. But as with the Nexus 4, the battery's not replaceable, artificially reducing the phone's lifetime.

Grown-up nerd work and you're using a phone to configure servers? Uh, hello laptop/netbook with keyboard. Mine goes with me everywhere and I have 0 issues because it's what you should use for work. I have never, ever, used a smartphone to configure anything whether on site or remotely. If a smartphone was a computer, it would be called a smart computer, not a smart phone.

That said, if you must use a phone with a keyboard you have plenty of options (Galaxy S Relay 4G has a decent 5 row keyboard). As far as storage and battery, OTG is your friend as is an external battery pack. That will take care of the expandable storage and battery issue.

I don't understand how things sticking out of your phone is more desirable than things being placed inside your phone.

Seriously, you carry your laptop bag with you to bars, beaches, wedding receptions, etc. just so you can avoid smartphones with real keyboards? If so, congratulations, you're nerdier than I am.

I'm definitely picking up a 16gb Nexus 4, although not right away. I'm going to wait for my contract to expire in March, because that way if I change my mind and go to a CDMA carrier I wont be buying a phone for only a few months.

I might pick up a Nexus 10, I'm still on the fence. $400 looks like an amazing price for what you get, but I've had some pretty terrible experiences with Android tablets (purely hardware related, not software) and am kinda reluctant to give one another chance until there's been enough time for a reputation to be built.

So in the poll, I voted for the Nexus 4, but held off on checking the Nexus 10 box.

OMG! Please don't go to a closed CDMA network! We need more people to leave them and send a message that we want open networks.

While I am an owner of a decent android device, (evo 3d), android for me has run it's course.

you missed an option in your poll, the answer is no, I'm headed to wp8. was a dedicated user of mogul and it's following devices and was sorely disappointed they weren't followed up well.

Now I can get back to my roots.

I'd buy all of them if I wasn't a poor college student. Plus I'm stuck on verizon for another year, no I'm stuck waiting for the next Nexus, whatever it may be.

If they had the Nexus 4 for Verizon I would be all over it. It seems a bit ridiculous not to have your phone released on the most popular cell carrier. But I don't see why people have any interests in tablets. Ultrabook/laptop & desktops> tablets.

Verizon may have the most customers, but they are very far from popular. And there are many benefits to tablets, they just aren't for everyone. Portability, ease of use, battery life, and a wide variety/large quantity of apps are just a few reasons. Also, ultrabook=laptop. That always bothers me.

I'm all over the new 10 to upgrade my aging galaxy tab 10.1... you can't beat that screen and with the new architecture dual core and upgraded video cores it's going to be the saweetest tab on the block hands down. Rock in' new android with 'butter' and this h/w is outright the bomb!
I think I'm going to pick up the nexus 4 also and put that baby on a prepaid t-mob unlimited no contract account and laugh under my breath at all the iPhone5 users on Verizon/att getting taken to the cleaners!

Nexus 4 + Nexus 10 = daBOMB!!!

I have the Galaxy Nexus, and it already does what I need it to do. The new features of the Nexus 4 don't warrant an upgrade to me at this time.

The 7-inch tablets never seem to fit my use cases. For portability, I have my phone. It fits in a pocket or a hip case. The 10-inch provides a nice screen size to easily show full screen web pages and easy reading for ebooks. The 7 inch seems to combine the worst features of both. The cramped screen size, and too big to fit in a pocket to carry it when just out and about.

I'm looking at the Nexus 10 as an upgrade from my Galaxy tab 10.1. My worry is the effect of the high resolution screen on the performance. Sure, it has newer and faster processors. But will the increased pixel density hamper the performance when playing back videos? Supposedly, Apple's Retina display is dense enough that a human eye can't tell the difference. Will being required to drive even more pixels be more load on the processors for no appreciable gain? So, the high pixel density ends up just being a drag on the system?

I agree, it's one of thing Steve jobs was right about, I have a smartphone, I don't need a portable tablet. I wish they didn't waste money (my money) making me get a camera on the back i won't use.

He was right for your use-case maybe, but I disagree completely.

The 10" tablet form factor makes no sense to me. If I'm going to carry something extra around in a case with me, it's going to be an ultrabook/air because it's simply more versatile.

The Nexus7 fits easily in my back pocket and is FAR better as an RSS reader (Feedly or Pulse) than either my phone or a 10" tab. 10" tabs are just too heavy to hold for an extended reading session.

The only way you could make the Nexus7 form factor better for my use-case would be to make it lighter and give it front facing stereo speakers.

Unfortunately no. For the phone, coverage is my issue. Poor at&t coverage and no tmobile coverge. Verizon is it for me. For the tablet, I've recently purchased the Note 10.1 and love it. Hopefully by MWC2013 we'll see a new Note 10.1 with the Nexus 10 screen.

Ive had enough. No more. Every time I buy a new device it gets one ... maybe... upgrade and then its no good anymore. Nexus orr not, im not buying another device until these that i have go bad. Theyre coming out too fast. People cant keep up, manufacturers cant keep up. Its just no fun anymore.

No LTE, no go. Happy with my rooted, CM10 based gNex LTE, grandfathered unlimited data....I am good for now, thanks anyway.

They could have made the nexus devices more appealing by providing more internal storage. Also, would it have killed them to have put in a while 3300mAh battery?
These are otherwise unmatched devices.
I'll probably be skipping them all. Waiting for the next version of the Galaxy Note 10.1 and the Note 3. I expect those devices will absolutely blow everything else out there out of the water.

You're probably right....until they release the newer, newer version of the next Galaxy 10.1 and G note'm just saying there will always be something better/newer.., you'll be waiting for ever.

i bought the s3 (international) at launch on credit so although id love the N4, its just not gonna happen :(
also, and i understand the whole lack of sd slot thing, my 16gb s3 would have been full a long time ago without expandable memory.
i get that google want us to stream media and i have unlimited data but its not always reliable and thinking of my brothers and sisters in the US, data is just too expensive when it doesnt have to be.
give us free/non-profit unlimited, reliable data Google and then remove expandable memory!

Already own a Nexus 7 and I REALLY want to pick up a Nexus4, but with no CDMA/LTE option it would mean giving up my grandfathered unlimited data with Verizon, whose coverage in my area absolutely destroys AT&T and T-mo.

I just don't know if that's something I'm prepared to do.

I'm thinking about maybe picking up the Nexus 4. Right now I have the skyrocket from att and was wondering if there was an app or program I could use to test my internet speeds? I don't have LTE in my area, but I do plan to move soon, so any help would be awesome. :D

I've been playing back and forth with T-Mobile for a few years now. I activate a prepaid SIM for one month every 6 months or so, to check in. They still don't have the coverage(voice and data) that I need in my area, so have to stick with a Sprint GNex for now. It(and Sprint) treats me very well , though. Maybe someday, we shall meet again, TMo.

P.S. Sprint did not announce GNex til January this year, so there may be more yet up the Nexus 4's sleeve. I think we will see at least a Sprint LTE version, maybe not Verizon though.

I want to know how T-mobile's coverage and 4G speeds match up to Verizon's! I live in California and everyone, well maybe not everyone, talks badly on T-mobile! I have a Gnex right now and I am considering the Nexus 4, but would like some feed back on T-mobile's network and speeds.

You made no provision for Christmas (or birthdays, or any other holiday that involves the giving and receiving of gifts. I'm gonna see if I can squeeze a Nexus 7 Wifi (storage TBD) out of my family and friends (or at least most of the money for one).

Then again, I might choose a 7-inch Amazon Kindle Fire HD instead because of the content and just hack CM 10 onto it for a nearly pure Android experience.

No I will wait maybe next year. I might buy a used galaxy nexus or nexus s if I find the right price on one. I still have a backup htc mytouch 4g to use. I like to experience different devices. Right now I am between a lumia 710 and a htc dash 3g. I am still a blackberry fan but I hate having to change my data plan by calling tmobile. With the dash I get to keep the same plan and get to use keyboard phone without touch.

I am waiting to see where the Xperia S ASOP heads, as that's my current phone. It has a superior display, camera to the Nexus4.

if this gets ASOP support, then I will stick to that, unlock the bootloader and install that. I am not prepared to wait for Sony until March 2013 for a Jellybean update.

When I answered the poll, it was just a Nexus 4. Then I realised that I'm trading holidays for extra pay. So I'm going to splash out on the Nexus 10 - my HP Touchpad is on it's last legs.

No, I'm not buying a new Nexus, they don't measure up for me. Already have a 16GB Nexus 7 which I prefer its size/form over a larger tablet and the storage is more than enough. And while I'm really enjoying the vanilla Jelly Bean experience on it and am interested in the same on a new phone, the Nexus 4 is dead in the water for me due to the non-user replaceable battery, not to mention I'd be crazy to give up my grandfathered unlimited data on Verizon which is also hands down the best cell service where I live. So, instead I'm seriously considering the Note 2 to replace my Thunderbolt or I may just sit tight and see what else is coming in the next few months.

Edit: forgot one thing; I'm NOT giving up LTE and its speeds. To me, that would be like going back to a slower home Internet connection after having very fast broadband speeds or going back to a non-HD video source on your HDTV. It's just plain going backwards and a waste of technology. Not gonna happen!

No. 1st Nexus was Nexus s4G a great phone.Current Device is Galaxy Nexus, a awesome Phone in my opinion n only thing to make it better is having the Lte. No need for Nexus 4, n why no removable battery? I am a power user n usually have extended batteries in each phone. Nexus 4 sounds Nice but I'll stick with my Galaxy Nexus until my update comes in 2 years. Perhaps I may not even upgrade.

I'm still in love with my Samsung Galaxy Nexus (GSM version) on T-Mobile's prepaid, and already have the Nexus 7. I'm enjoying the Nexus lineup already, and will continue to do so as time and technology move on. However, I would definitely love to see the Nexus Q return, and hope to purchase one, someday (my budget is tight, right now.) Google, please bring back the Nexus Q!!! (I'm always looking forward to Nexus news!) Keep it coming! Thanks.

I am definitely interested in the nexus 4. The biggest factor for me is the quality of the camera. I will not settle with another mediocre camera.

If you have T-mobile and are fine with it, then get the Nexus. For everyone else, there is a HUGE trade off. Giving up a great network such as Verizon or the ability to have LTE is unbelievable. We dissed Apple like crazy for not putting LTE in the iphone and here we are 2 years later and Apple has LTE and Google has dropped it. What the crap? I remember tearing Apple apart for being an AT&T only device, and now Google has limited carrier options to tmobile or AT&T without LTE. What the heck is Google doing? Then I remember further dissing the iphone for having a non-removable battery and no microsd storage while demanding huge price increases for extra storage. Now I have to pay $50 for 8GB more on a Nexus??? The Nexus has adopted everything we hated about the iPhone's hardware and network limitations.
Has everyone forgotten this?

I'd love to get a Nexus 10, but I'm not buying a tablet without a SD slot. It would have to be at least 64GB before I would even think about it.

Still holding out hope for a Sony Xperia Nexus.Though I feel the 8GB version is a DOA waste I'll reserve judgment on the 16GB Nexus 4 pending actual reviews.Unlocked class 42 HSPA+ GSM models really cushion the lack of LTE.Now if these were CDMA models with only EVDO then that would be a different story.

Sold my Transformer Prime, still perfectly happy with my Xoom LTE for a 10" tablet. I will keep my eye on the new Nexus 10 but ultimately probably pass. It sounds pretty good though, obviously the specs destroy the Xoom but this thing still meets my needs.

I may use the funds towards a Nexus 7. The one thing about the 10" tablets if you're gaming is they are kind of big and awkward to hold.

I'm on the fence on a Nexus 4. I have a 32gb Sprint version and currently take advantage of that space. I'm not sure if I want to pay a cancel fee but my data speeds are so poor now it's really crazy I have to pay them for premium data when I can't even stream a low quality netflix or youtube video. Of course t-mobile might not be much better, in fact at my work I know it’s no better, which isn't good.

I'm really excited about the Nexus line and hopefully this is just the beginning.


I have a Galaxy Nexus, moved over to Android from BlackBerry to get a "Google" phone... and it's not really a Google phone from what I can tell. I certainly don't get the newest updates, I had to unlock and root my phone to get software that was six months old. I don't see the purpose of getting another "Google" phone if that's the experience.

I'm holding off on the tablets until manufacturers make it possible for me to *use* it the way I intend. Why no SD cards in these things? I want to use my tablet to replace my laptop. I use a GoPro camera system frequently when I'm "mobile", and I need a way to view the videos, clear the card, save the videos, etc. Tablets should be able to handle this, but I can't insert the card, don't have a file viewer, and haven't been able to play back the videos.

Time to pick up a used laptop, and forget ever getting a tablet to be mobile with... they want to them to be large cell phones without calling capability apparently, and not functional devices to replace laptops.

Nexus 4 sounds nice, but they decreased the amount to storage by 1/2 (32GB in current GNex to 16GB in Nexus 4), made the battery non-removable and left off LTE, so obviously I'd have no interest in the Nexus 4. (Maybe they would want to buy back my GNex in order to study it, since evidently they've forgotten how to implement those features I mentioned above? :-) )

Nexus 10 sounds pretty good, but I'll hold off for now. Still a bit pricey for me (32GB for $450 would've been more reasonable).

Bought an N7 16GB about 6 weeks ago. It was a bit of a difficult choice, as I have a large audio and video library, and even the 16GB was not enough to hold all my music, let alone a decent selection of video. I previously had the Archos 7 Internet, which while having its own challenges, with a 250GB hard drive, storage space was not one of them.

I travel a lot, and even in my daily out and about I don't have ubiquitous internet access, so depending on the cloud is not a truly workable option, even if using a mobile hotspot.

Of course, now with the 32GB version, which could at least hold all my music, but has no other advantages, I'm a bit torn. I could recoup most of the cost for the 16GB as it is in MINT condition, but there is still the kludge of an OTG cable to access any appreciable portion of my video library away from home.

I'll stick with my unlocked Gnex for now. It's only 3 months old. And wait and see what the new year brings.

Is there any downside to getting nexus4/10 from US/UK and using as it is in India. I mean, will there be any network compatibility issues or product warranty/support problem?

Although money is definitely a factor, I believe a prospective buyer should also carefully consider the lack of external SD and the non-removable battery. Furthermore, personally I find both the 8GB and 16GB ridiculously sized for a 2012/2013 phone. As far as the LTE goes, although I have been using it since its launch, I would definitely be willing to give it up in favor of higher specs - however, in the case of Nexus 4 too many important technical aspects have been compromised. To me, Nexus 4 is a no go, despite its tempting price.

I will be considering the nexus 4 if google brings it to verizon. Given the luck they've had with Big Red I highly doubt it. Long fully lusting.

I don't see the Nexus 4 as much of an improvement over the Galaxy Nexus to make the switch. My Galaxy Nexus practically flies running Jelly Bean 4.1.2, and I know Google will continue to update it for the foreseeable future, just like they have with the GSM Nexus S. What I am now interested in is the 32GB Nexus 7. I have an Asus Transformer tf101, and while the expandable storage is great, it struggles to play video files in 720, which is really what I want it for. It was a great deal on Swappa, but it has been a lackluster performer for me. I had the 16GB Nexus 7 for about a weekend before a regrettable turn of events took it away from me, and it was amazing. And $250 for a quad-core device is a fantastic price-point. I kind of lean toward the 7 inch form factor as well. Lugging a 10 inch tablet while sitting through jury selection in downtown was a bit uncomfortable.

Dont get me wrong i love android and google,will be picking up a nexus 10 for sure.As for the nexus 4 where should i start?LTE i dont care about and really the speeds i get with hspa is enough for me.but the fact that google felt like sd card storage was not necessary is leaving me scratching my head ,what am i to do with my 16 and 32 gig cards which have files and music and such and lets be honest how far can 12 or 13 gigs storage go?cuz you wont get the whole 16 and no removable battery,seriously im on the move all the time using my phone for email and apps to use for work,i currently have an s3 with 3 batteries that really come in handy,so that coupled with no external storage really is a bummer i still have my old nexus and still love it but this new nexus to me personally as a power user is dissapointing to say the least.well guess ill settle for the note2

p.s. google if i wanted a phone with no removable battery and no sd card storage i would have bought and iphone.

I wish these manufacturers, including Google, would continue providing microsd. Does anyone have a clue as to why both HTC and now google have stripped their devices of this flexibility?

I, for one, will only buy phones and tablets with external memory support.