We’re giving away two new Nexus 5 devices, here’s how you can win one

Want to win a new Nexus 5? Here's how!

The Nexus 5 is top-of-mind today, and for good reason. It couples top-level hardware with stock Android 4.4 KitKat at a very reasonable price. And now that it’s official and ready for orders, we know you want one. NOW.

Android Central is here to help you out. We’re giving away TWO Nexus 5 devices. For the details, just click this link.

For those that want to stay and read the rules, there are a few:

  • You need to have a legit email address registered at Android Central. If you don't, we can't contact you should you win.
  • Enter ONCE. It's easy for us to tell if you're posting more than once in the contest.
  • If you've won a device from us in the past 12 months, you can't win. We want to share the love a little bit. 
  • The contest will stay open until 11:59PM EST on Tuesday, November 5th. At that point we'll shut it down and randomly pick two winners.

Enter to win one of two Nexus 5 devices


There are 1041 comments

I want a nexus 5. My nexus 3 ain't getting any Android 4.4 update. Sad enough. :(

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My nexus 3 won't get android 4.4 updates. :(

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an amazing giveaway!

wilsonmoton says:

Just once I would like to win something!

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luisvic2 says:

Can you please give it to me?

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Radioman72 says:

Praying the camera is decent

Posted via Android Central App

IfNotNowWhen says:

Does Does the nexus 5 speak Russian and Chinese? I'm going to those two countries next year and would like to be a Nexus 5 KitKat ambassador! I'll blog from Russia and China with my New Nexus 5 and show it to everyone I meet!

tyoyous says:

Given the innards on this thing, snapdragon 800 and all, it really baffles me how the starting price is $350. or is google taking some kinda hit on the price? beats me. anyhoo, my HTC one x is getting long in the tooth and prolly isnt getting kit kat so a nexus phone wont be a bad replacement at all. Holla at all ya'll from Nigeria

pearljam5000 says:

Die hard Android Central and Android fan ,and never won anything in my life,is there a better winner than me?no ^_^

RickS29 says:

i'm dying to get rid of my iphone 5. This will be the best replacement. Hopefully i will win one !!

nexusguru says:

This is the phone I've been waiting for, Can't go wrong with nexus 5.

haydenbe says:

ONCE! I hope i win. Never won any of your contests before. But hopefully i will someday

I'd love to win one. I never win anything! [sadface]

bkosh84 says:

Would love to win this for myself and move my wife from an iPhone4 to my HTC One!

david ward5 says:

Would love a new n5. Hope I can win.

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Slaytor Z says:

Thanks guys!

Verso says:

Nexus 5 is awesome! Pick me up!

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Happy Diwali everyone.

I wish I win this, I want to gift this phone to my wife if i win this! This is the most anticipated device of this year, and it'll be really lucky 2 person who will win this! God please bless me with some luck.

Pick me..!! I want it!!

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Pick me!!

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Sheri Alcorn says:

Pick me!

Pick me!! Pleeeeeeease!!

Well, it turns out that I have posted three comments there.. Those are caused by the app's bugs.. It said "connection error, please try again".. Then I tried and tried to post.. Which I still can't see my comments on the app..

Perfect time to have a break and some kitkat :)

I'd like mine in white, please.

GadgetDeputy says:

Battle Of The Titans – Nexus 5 Versus HTC One

- http://goo.gl/8mpQpw

Which is the smartphone for you? The newly announced Nexus 5 or the ever reliable HTC One?

I want it please...

Hey I want a Nexus 5 that would be so cool k thanks

KPStratton says:

Annoyingly just smashed the screen on my S3, please let me win!!

Richard Gath says:

Got a new baby due anytime. Need better camera than Nexus 4.

Frank John says:

It's my turn to win. Anxious to have the latest Android device in my possession.

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cryscross123 says:

Gimme Nexus 5 pleeeeeeassse????hehe

I'm in!!

der_flo says:

gimme gimme gimme :D

I want it so bad

Posted via Android Central App

I want it so bad

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Incitatus says:

Stuff the Box!


sometimes when im alone at home i like to bury myself in my garden and pretend im a carrot- after i win this i will take my nexus 5 with me to keep me company as a potato

RichieB07 says:

Here's hoping this is my lucky chance! I definitely don't have the money to buy this phone, so winning it is my shot at it!

I really hope I win, I need an upgrade from my Exhibit

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udazavlanje says:

I've tried w both my phone and N7 and it simply won't open the page. It starts loading and then just goes blank.
This is like third day. Am I missing something or the page is messed up?

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Dave D2 says:

I'm in. Good luck to everyone!!

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Tembe says:

Hello android central crew! I'm from Finland and we don't have polar bears in here. And we definitely don't have a play store devices section here. I paid 599 euros for my nexus4 last December. sigh.. My sister has a Lumia 800 now. That phone just isn't something she deserves. So, if I win nexus5 from this contest I'll give this overpriced nexus4 to her. I hope Christmas comes early for my sister!!

Thank You :)

Aussiep1e says:

Never won anything before. Would be great!!

I would love to win a nexus 5!!!

ifellasleep says:

I would appreciate winning this

finn pohler says:

good luck everyone!!

Ganymedus says:

Slightly leaning from iOS to Android the last few weeks, so this might be a nice change to switch!

Hope I am one of the 2

please..u guys rok!!

Phil Pearson says:

I want my KitKat and eat it. I would love to win a Nexus 5.

kayowas says:

Nexus 5? Wow

bendracup says:

Hope I win!

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I love nexus :-)

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Hopeless One says:

Pick meeee :)

Posted from rooted SGS3 running CM 10.2 using Android Central App

eraser050 says:

would be nice if i won the nexus 5 :) good luck y'all!

beardymatt says:

In the UK the Nexus 4 was not pushed as it should have been by Google. I managed to get one (short supply) and am thrilled with it. I also have a sg3 but prefer the Nexus it just feels better its got all the magic as the sg3 except the screen quality, but I love it.. The Nexus 5 on the other hand has a much improved screen and more under the hood. If I could I would jump at the chance of owning one.

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edwards653 says:

The links FUBAR but I hope I get one!

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Nick156 says:

Would be so pleased to win this!!!!

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nickf126 says:

I love AC, and the new Nexus.

knowbodhi says:

Would Love to win the Nexus 5...PLEASE pick me!

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hello. i will be grateful if i can win this. pls android central, select me for this.

jg_magsombol says:

I have never won anything yet. Well, except for my husband.

I want a Nexus 5 for free fre freeeee. PLOX!

FH Shishir says:

Nexus five is a dream for a poor boy like me!!! :(

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j_t_fusion says:

always wanted to give android a try so please pick me

adrxano says:

i need to win it cause it wont go on sale here in South Africa!!!!

domibobi says:

My wife just like my Nexus 4, I was without a phone. Nexus 5 could change that :-)

goreyreygo says:

AC rocks

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Hifytech says:

Am heading to Texas,
driving my Lexus,
got no time to exhaust,
so am taking shortcuts, navigating with that Nexus

Hifytech says:

Am heading to Texas,
driving my Lexus,
got no time to exhaust,
so am taking shortcuts, navigating with that Nexus

Hifytech says:

Am heading to Texas,
driving my Lexus,
got no time to exhaust,
so am taking shortcuts, navigating with that NEXUS.

jaycplus says:

Pick me! Pick me!

please give me one

alisalmang says:

This phone is easily the best value in the market today! Great to have :-)

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Manitoboy says:

I will finally going to win something in AC and it is going to be my Nexus 5 !!

dking14 says:

Take a Break ... Take a KITKAT

attila_93 says:

I dont want to stuck with wp 7.8 ANYMORE , guys . give one of that awesome nexuses to me, we want to see google nexus 5 before christmas :D

Sagar8186 says:

Like to try Nexus 5!!!!

EJoubert says:

Well, I just found out that the first time I submitted a comment I did it wrong so here's to my second try!

ricrocomo says:

I want it, I need it!!!!

boochrisboo says:

pLEASE oh PLease!

I love this phone!!! Give me one pliz!!!! :)

karamkabbas says:

My body is ready !!!

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Bukic says:

Awesome smartphone, hope to win!

Wee!! Nexus 5!

Alan Blair says:

Would love one!

luis2100 says:

High expectations :)

ChiefShawnT says:

I definitely could use it!

Posted via Android Central App on my LG Optimus G Pro

RamV says:

I would love to win one!

Posted via Android Central App

RamV says:

I would love to win one!

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jerkyxiii says:

I hope I win. :)

kraski says:

I would really like this one!

Elias Sommer says:

Haven't won here anything. I would be awesome to win my favourite phone.

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Xassassin says:


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jazbojenkins says:

Oh please, oh please be me!

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Genisis says:

Would love to win. Both parents phones phone were stolen while on vacation. This would be a great Christmas present

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TC4 says:

My wife is going to be one happy lady if I win one of these. And I like making my wife happy. :-)

Anis Borcak says:

I have some lame nokia phone from 1990s... I dont only want this one, I need it :(

abualjooj says:

yes please...thanks

Joy1980 says:

I would love a Nexus 5

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DeGumis says:

If I will not win I will by when it will be accessible in Poland

Daniel Pogue says:

Amazing contest would be amazing to win

Radioman72 says:

Decisions decisions

Posted via Android Central App

Love to win one, right know don't have a phone previous broke, and I was waiting for this phone (Nexus 5) so I haven't got a new one because of it, I've been without my own phone last 13 days. Been using my Nexus 7 as my phone until hopefully I win this contest or buy one

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ThomasoGT says:

Would be nice to win one

Zandar#AC says:

Pick me! Pick me!

BakedApples says:

Rub a dub dub, give me a nexus 5.

Anonyname58 says:

I would like to have a chance to win for my dad as a Christmas Present. :) Anonyname58

nohoch says:

I guess Ill enter, read through alot, love the site : ) Just found you guys and the app is very clean and well designed... Never win but worth a shot.

Eric D. says:

My Galaxy Nexus is getting pretty old...

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Weed Lion says:

hope this my chance to get a new phone to replace my galaxy mini ^_^

mzanette says:

Never won anything, let's see one of these bad boys get a good home in Canada.

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maynardwv says:

I still have to plug my phone in to charge it. I beg of you, please help me escape this hell.

Posted via Android Central App

Nique0201 says:

It would be really clutch to win this.... I tried my heardes to come up with the funds necessary... But being sidelined so long with my surgery it just didn't happen!!!! Please please please pick me. I'd be forever grateful.

Ho12nyGuy says:

Only 1015 comments so far, I like my chances. Hope I win.

kkaens says:

Oh my girlfriend would love this

aditya911 says:

I haven't had any of the nexus till date, so give me number 5!!

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Dakota Hipp says:

Please pick me!!! I just broke my Samsung galaxy s2 :/ please this is my dream phone! Good luck everybody

I'd love to win this phone - please pick me. Pretty please?

va20171 says:

Another chance! I want a Nexus 5.

I am not going to beg or anything, I would just love to have this phone thought, thanks so much for the offer!

Shaikh Afsar says:

Yes i want it....

Navin Stuart says:

I am trying to get a android phone for last three years but I couldn't get any android phone.My dream will be accomplished by Android Central.I am praying to get an Android Phone.

saania says:

will turn 18 this year!!
a teen who is eagerly waiting for a phone
32 gb space , camera of 8mp ,front of 1.3mp
nd a phone which is now d talk of the town!!
what more could a growing up girl teen ask for!
desperately want to win this draw!!

:( i lost my nokia lumia last month and i am feeling so bad now i have 8$ micromax chinese phone its sucks me please please give me that rocking phone i want it and this time i never lost it god promise please :)

saania says:

desperately need a phone,.......
will turn 18 this year
this would be my best gift ever!
nexus 5.............
android OS, v4.4 (KitKat) , memory of 16 or 32 gb (whooping much)
nd d most important : a cam of 8mp nd d front offers 1.3 mp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more dan what an iphone 5 offers!
what more could a teen girl ask for on her eighteenth birthdae( i have no phone yet :( )

i would extremely be elated to win this contest! :)

i broked my dad phone last week and he didnt angry on me he said its ok but i want to give this as a gift please i want it for my dad i love him alot :)

Parshu Ram says:

I here admit that this device is out of the world, I'm a big huge fan of the nexus series. The day I heard from my friend about the release of nexus 5, here in India, I literally I had goose bumps. Presently I'm using galaxy y. This phone has extremely limited entertainment and features. I know my dad would never buy me a Google nexus 5. And of course this device is quite sleek and thin, great for one hand operation. And especially I like the black one. I'm hoping it here. Let's see what my luck says :)
Thank you for giving this opportunity.

Eric Jalagat says:

i never tried a touchscreen phone. i hope i could get one,... PLEASE ANDROID CENTRAL??? GIVE ME THE OPPORTUNITY! ^_^ THANKS :D

Warren King says:

i hoep i win this phone i never win nothing

Warren King says:

all u do to enter this contest is sign up for it

ab0143 says:

Lost my phone !!
really in need of one

if i win this will be my first android phone

8220798432 says:



Nexus 5's 8 MP OIS camera incorporates advanced technology to shoot vivid imagery with a wide range of colour and light intake. And while you're holding the camera, Optical Image Stabilization will steady the shot even with shaky hands, so your photos and videos will come out sharp and clear.

Life is remarkable. Take home the best of it with help from imaging features like HDR+, combining multiple exposures for one perfect shot with vivid daytime and sharp night time images-or Photo Sphere, which creates unmatched, immersive 360 degree views so you can capture and share the full story.

Google+ makes photos Auto Awesome-automatically creating animations, panoramas, photo collages, and more from the photos you're already taking.

Now, you can print your favourite shots on the spot-or even your documents, emails, and more with any printer, anywhere in the world.


The 5.0"" (actual 4.95"") Full HD IPS Display lets you see details in vivid, lifelike colour-making it a great canvas for your best shots. Plus, advanced In-Cell Display technology uses fewer layers, allowing for sharper visuals with less glare and two times faster touch response.

Fast 4G LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity combine with cutting-edge power from the quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor and newly envisioned Android 4.4 KitKat, so you can race through games, zip around the web, and switch between apps at the flick of a finger. And, do it all throughout the day with a high voltage 2,300 mAh battery.

Precision-built from strong materials, Nexus 5's minimalistic design provides unique contrast with a sophisticated high gloss front and matte soft touch rear finish.


Say ""OK, Google"" to start a voice search, send texts, get directions, or play music. Then, swipe to check Google Now cards and find the latest information personalized for you.

Redesigned Google Maps makes navigating your world effortless. Detect and avoid a traffic jam, explore an unfamiliar town, or uncover a new local favourite-find the top places to eat, shop, play, and more.

Google Hangouts brings conversations to life with photos, emoji, and free group video calls.
Easily share with friends and family on Google+ or other social media.

See suggestions of the contacts you're most likely to call with the Smarter dialer, or just type or say a name to search your contacts. And with caller ID by Google, an incoming number is instantly matched to a person or business, even if they're not in your address book.
etc etc etc etc
this is my dream phone....
but I can never win this...
..bcoz I am an unlucky person !

super deal!

RohithG says:

let the world know

Migil Chacko says:

i asked god and he answered me that i am definetly going to win so send me a black piece

Pui Kams says:

Currently i'm using Nokia X2-01 n KarboonS5 titanuim which i bought frm my 1st pay of my life want to buy latest android phone bt cant effort it since its very costly in India specialy Nexus 5.Hope i gt a chance to win.

Pui Kams says:

I'm using Karboon S5 titanuim which heardly i bought for myself by my 1st job salary,Want to have a good better smartphone but can't effort it specially Nexus 5 since its very costly in india.So will be greatfull if i win this.Tc

kushan123 says:

Want to win a new Nexus 5? GOOD LUCK!

i would like to win this best mobiloe phone

i haven't won anything, but if there is nexus 5 then it would be a great begining.

Rupanshu says:

This is my dream fone :') !


Viz Rockz says:

Hola Amigos,,
Sing in for the Nexus...LOUDERR..!!

tonym2008 says:

I would love to own this device

aashique ali says:

i want to win plz dear