Nexus Contraptions

Sometimes, Google does something just because it's fun.  Nexus Contraptions, a browser-based game in the style of Apparatus is one of those things.  Move objects around so they get in the path of a "g" branded ball, and bounce it into the funnel.  Sounds easy, but it isn't.  Sounds fun, and it is!  You're timed, so if you're feeling competitive you have that, too. 

Fun aside, is this the first step to Google integrating web gaming?  If so, I like where it's going based on this one.  Now quit listening to me and go waste some time!

Nexus Contraptions via @googlenexus

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Doesn't work for me. Can't get the tool shelf to open. Tried all three browsers.

Klubhead says:

took me 22:04.. that last one was hard as hell

DavidJ726 says:

I've managed to get the ball "stuck" in a continuous bouncing mode between a "cue rack" and the wall (level 4 or 5). I'm tempted to see how long it will last, but after 3 minutes I'm sure it would be indefinitely!

evoldroid says:

where do I get this game from

cssplat says:

whenever I click on the link it says the video is restricted by the owner

rinnr1 says:

This game is horrible to play on a tablet will have to stick to desktop