Um, wow. After making a big deal about the new Google Phone Store and how it could potentially change everything, could the Nexus One just fall back into the typical way of smartphone life? As in, just be available in brick and mortar stores for whomever, wherever? Maybe. Wal-Mart just put a 'Coming Soon' page for the Nexus One and you can even be notified via e-mail when the item becomes available. The Nexus One page also lists specs and description, so it's more than just any old slip of the click.

But this could be a mistake because the Wal-Mart Nexus One page lists the 3G bands as AT&T Capable (850/1900) when we know its UMTS/HSDPA bands are strictly for T-Mobile. In fact, the page also lists the Nexus One as CDMA capable, which was coming eventually but not until Spring 2010. Or maybe the Nexus One at Wal-Mart could pack all those bands and have 3G on every carrier?

If this is all true, and we blindly hope that it is, we're sure the Nexus One will be able to push more units than the skimpy 20,000 it did in the first week. And if this is true, is this Google admitting a mistake with their original Nexus One philosophy? Or simply an extension of it since the carriers don't get involved?

Hit the jump to see the 3G bands listed for the Nexus One!

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Wal-Mart To Sell The Nexus One Soon ?


Wow... please be true. I signed up for the email notification. Been sitting on a Sprint upgrade for a while... got my fingers crossed.

i literally just sent a tip about this and by the time i sent this to yall, it was up. dang!

this would stick to the Google mobile plan for selling to consumers and then they choose their carrier once the CDMA version is released. you could by your hardware from a independent company like walmart who already has stores globally and then use any network of choice. And then their would be a company that would be the costomer service reps for the N1. Not to mention that if Google and Walmart are contributing to subsidizing the N1, we can expect a phone for a very small hit to our wallets.

Global powerhouse' Google and Walmart team up to bring a N1 to all.

I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't be just a little bit bummed for the N1 to now get both CDMA and AT&T 3G bands -- a mere 3 weeks after going live.

Don't really think it's going to happen tho. It's probably WalMart's stock smartphone listing

i think it is really smart. Talk about boosting numbers. Walmart can help advertise this as well as sell large numbers of phones for them. Plus it is a win-win for us the consumer as well. we can hold it in our hands and sorta play with it before we buy it. Walmart has an awesome return policy as well. I am super excited.

My guess - it won't be CDMA AND all UTMS bands in one phone, but it could/SHOULD be all UTMS bands for GSM 3G. Do we even know the current T-mobile model doesn't have the hardware for this?
I think Google knows EXACTLY what it's doing. Do their normal beta release on T-mobile, work out the kinks like the upcoming 3G/2G problem fix, AND ensure they have some support knowledge and staff built up (not very smooth by many accounts, but pretty much EXACTLY the same model they've released their cloud products). Then, in the same low overhead fashion, release to the low overhead king, Wallyworld, with an all GSM band phone. Now you can go look/handle something without such a restock hassle/fees. I tell you, Google is re-defining the model, and as I've written elsewhere, I like it for this reason: My gas and electric companies don't tell me what appliances to buy, and I don't want my bandwidth provider to tell me either what phone to buy OR WORSE, dictate which applications I use AND how/where I buy them.

ohhhh boi I signed up to be notified. If sprint get this, I will be so happy. I just hope they won't make us pay full price since we are not with t mobile cause I can't get it then,lol

Ill be pissed if they drastically lower the price after I feel like I've been their Guinea pig at full price!

Same here I will be pissed off if they offer a Nexus that runs on CDMA and GSM !!! And if they lower the price , Google will get a flood of complaints !!!

Nobody has a right to complain if they lower the price.. if you buy any technology, or anything else for that matter you should purchase it knowing eventually the price will drop.. and if demand isn't high it will happen sooner not later

Price drop + all networks in the US fully supported = a buncha pissed of early adopters (myself included)

Yes I do have the right when we're only talking about only a couple of weeks since it was released. 6 months I would agree.

didn't the apple drop the iphone price at first and a lot of early adopters complained too? Then they sent out a rebate. I hope they do lower the price because wal-mart's bulk purchasing power usually ends up in lower cost to consumers. This is good news.