Real Boxing.

Get ready to rumble boxing fans, because Real Boxing is now available for Android devices running NVIDIA's Tegra 3 chip. A smash hit on iOS, Real Boxing has been updated for Android, and optimized for Tegra devices with enhanced textures, increased poly count and animations, per pixel specular effects and true depth of field.

And it really kicks ass. It's powered by the Unreal Engine which means very realistic looking graphics, fluid gameplay and animations, and a fully 3D immersive experience. You fight in four different arenas, and you can see the differences in the way they are laid out and how they look. Your opponents each have a unique fighting style, and their movement is ultra-lifelike because the movement was captured from professional boxers using real-life motion capture. Extras like career mode and character customization using different combinations of hair, skin, tattoos and clothing, and a gym where you can train your abilities really take things over the top and put you in the game. Simple on screen gestures are used for controls, with punches and defensive moves performed with just one finger or thumb. 

We've been playing with the press demo for a while on the Nexus 7 and the Transformer Prime, and I think our Moderator Team Leader and part-time game tester Kevin O'Quinn pretty much nailed it:

O. M. G.

It really is something special on Tegra 3 devices, and proof positive that wonderful things can be done with optimized software. It brings back that same "wow" factor we all had when we first saw a Tegra-optimized game. It's really that good looking, and playing. And it's going to get better. NVIDIA tells us that work is being done that will further optimize the game and assets to take advantage of the Tegra 4 and Project Shield. I know what I'm trying the minute I get my hands on a Tegra 4 powered device.

Real Boxing costs $4.99, and you can download it at the Google Play link above, and hit the break to see a handful of screenshots and the release trailer. We'll be taking a closer look at this one in the next few days.

Real Boxing Real Boxing

Real Boxing Real Boxing

Real Boxing Real Boxing

Real Boxing Real Boxing.

Real Boxing. Real Boxing.

Real Boxing. Real Boxing.

Real Boxing. Real Boxing.

Real Boxing.

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cawithe says:

Looks interesting, but I can't find it in the Play Store, and there's no link in your article this time.

Y2Dre says:

Here's the link. It took a while for me to find it.

cawithe says:

Thanks for the help!!

MC_A_DOT says:

I typed in Real Boxing and it worked (capital letters).

Joe H. says:

The play store also says it compatible with my old Tegra 2 phone (Motorola Atrix), as well as the Tegra 3 devices.
I haven't tried it yet, but that's interesting

Not compatible on my N4 huh.

Suntan says:

So you didn't read any part of the article did you?


Grahaman27 says:

or the headline. its a tegra game... yuck

worknman says:


Erckul says:

looks great and plays well on my Asus tf300t.

N0sferatU524 says:

weird it says not compatible with my Nexus 7. Last I checked that's a Tegra device.

fifasarajevo says:

lol and the first screen they have up top is on a Nexus 7