Just in case the Samsung Galaxy Tab was not the tablet you've been waiting for, you may wish to check out Staples on black Friday. Stapes will be making the Viewsonic G Tablet available online and in some store locations although, the ad suggests ordering online for the fastest delivery.

Assuming that G Tablet logo in the ad is accurate, what you'll end up with is a NVIDIA Tegra 2, Android 2.2 powered tablet with 512MB of RAM, a 1024 x 600 resolution capacitive screen, USB / HDMI, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, 16GB of storage and finally a 1.3 megapixel camera. All of which you can call yours for the low, low price of only $399.98. Thanks Yozic! [BlackFriday]


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Viewsonic 10" G tablet hits Staples Black Friday ads for only $399


Any one heard any reviews of this? It looks pretty good for something if you want it compared to galaxy tab.

Here's your review:

Do not buy this piece of crap! It is so horribly broken. I purchased one at Sears two weeks ago. After viewing two websites, the browser crashed. No other app would run after this, until I shut it off. When I restarted, it had forgotten the password to the wifi router. I took it back on Thursday, and bought a Tab.

My phone is a hotspot. A lot of apps use gps for location based info. Weather, movies, google sky, google earth and maps. It would be nice.

Only thing I want with a "G" in the name right now is "G"ingerbread. Other that that, there's no way i'm getting an Android Tablet without Honeycomb pre-installed. See you in January.

I just went to Staples to get a "hands on" with it. It doesn't run stock Froyo. It has some ugly GUI all over it. Even the settings menu has a Gui on top of it. And the HDMI is "mini" ugh ....

Also sold at Sears for the same price regularly. And from the reviews I have seen this is not stock Android. They run a GUI overtop of Android called Tap n Touch. There is some dev activity on the tablet. So it might run stock android at some point with a little help!

I saw a video of someone running this with the GUI disabled. The widget that controls wifi and backlight was stretched out the whole length of the tablet. Actually, the GUI's pretty nice. Too bad the device itself is currently a piece of crap. See my above comment.

Great hardware running a butchered UI on top of Froyo. Good news is that CM 6.1 Beta 2 is running on it although a little buggy but way better than the stock OS from what I have been reading. You can find out more at tegratab.com

Hey, now we're getting somewhere - 10" screen. No 3G data ball and chain... I may have to find a working model somewhere and take it for a spin.

Exactly my thoughts.

A perfect couch computer, and large enough for easy web browsing.

Exactly my thoughts.

The price of 3G raises the total cost of the Galaxy-tab just too high.
One would hope that Camera is front facing. Add a bluetooth headset and the Skype app and you can call on it as well.

Yes, the camera is front facing. But, as I said above, it's presently a piece of crap. Hopefully, this is a driver issue, and it will be fixed. But I wouldn't spend my money on something that doesn't work right out of the box. Well, I did, but fortunately, they refunded the full amount.

Sears has it for $379.99 and the battery life seems to be pretty good. Www.viewsonic.com/gtablet is the location to find more info on this tablet.

That price was only good for one week. Their regular price is the same $399. I bought it the day after the sale ended. By the way, I just looked at my receipt, and it did say they could charge me a 15% restocking fee. Fortunately, they didn't try to. I would have been ticked if they tried, because the salesman told me it I'd get a full refund if I returned it.

Review right here..

Sears 379 (Thanksgiving morning, not black friday) with 2 micro sd cards Source bfads.net

Picked one up Friday, (sears has price guarantee on it so not missing my 20 bucks :D )

Touch and Tap UI is horridly slow, thankfully the ZPad is the same exact hardware and the rom for it runs great on it.

There is a market fix as well that gives you access to 90% of the market.

patch due Thanks giving week, May iron out other issues.

Current issues (need folio's build of flash 10.1 for it to run)

Awesome hardware specifications - dual core tegra 2
I like the Touch and tap keyboard (not the UI, just the keyboard)
It has quite a following at XDA already. :)

the main thing holding me back from getting this is the fact that it will probably never get updated to honeycomb. Other then that, the hardware specs, the price, and the fact that is doesn't have a data or contract requirement is very attractive.

price is right about time galaxy tab at 600.00 is way overpriced should be 400.00 and 250.00 on contract plus there is a galaxy tab 2 already coming why would anyone buy it in the first place

i want a tablet like now!!!
but i think i will wait for the archos 10.1.
no hdmi out & app market is the decision breaker

Considering how many junk tablets they've put out to date, you really want to support such a company? This is generation 8?

Looks nice, too bad about no GPS.
Oh man, the User Guide is HYSTERICAL!
It's like someone from Jupiter wrote it.
Oh foreign language, is there any world you can't ruin?

Seems par for the course with Chinese designed electronics. Fine hardware but crap software. When will they learn?

Do not purchase unless you want to root and tinker with this thing for hours just to make it run right. Bought one Friday night at Staples, took it back Saturday night. Too much trouble, constant FC on every app loaded on startup. Does not remember Wifi after it goes to sleep, big pain in the butt to keep typing in Wifi password every 10 minutes. Pass on this thing until all the bugs are fixed.