Moto X

Still no official date for in-store availability of the handset

Right on time with what Verizon promised previously, the Moto X has gone on sale from the carrier's online store for $199.99 with a two-year contract agreement. Remember that Moto Maker isn't in play here, so you're going to be choosing between black or white varieties for the moment and will only have the option of 16GB of storage. If you aren't available for an upgrade or interested in signing a contract you'll be paying a full $599.99 out of pocket for the device, as we could've guessed.

Same as before, we're not entirely sure when the latest Motorola device will be making its way to stores other than Verizon's previous statement of "in the coming weeks". Not only are in-store sales a huge part of the overall volume of phones sold, it means a lot for branding and device awareness.

If you've made up your mind on the Moto X for Verizon and buying in-store isn't a requirement, you can scoop one up now at the source link below with free shipping.

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Source: Verizon

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Moo Cow says:

I think this story is reminding me about the story AC published previously on why one should wait to buy the Moto X. If Verizon is going to take forever to release the phone, may as well wait a bit longer and get what you want.

mwara244 says:

Verizon is charging $20 more @ $599 than ATT @ $579? Verizon is charging $20+ to not use Moto maker.

The phone cost a little over $200 to make, if Moto sold the phone it would have been around $400 but the crappy carriers have to leech off another $200 to try and suck in subsidy contracts. If Moto had sold this on their own it would of been the most sold phone by the end of the year probably in the states

NoNexus says:

Guess what? Every phone costs about that much to make.

It is called profit, maybe you heard of it. Motorola needs some, the middlemen that get it to you need some, Verizon needs some.

Kinda keeps them in business.

I am amazed at all the GEDs we have here in finance and economics.

Kinglo says:

His point is that if Motorola sold this phone directly or cut thier own profits slighty to decrease the carrier price. The phone would have sold enough in volume to make up for the smaller profit margin.

If it were cheaper it would be a no-brainer phone to buy. As is you have to do a cost analysis of this phone versus the One or the S4 or even the Maxx. That thinking causes buyer hesitation, that hesitation causes people to either wait or not buy it at all.

I think this phone is still going to sell. I used one a AT&T a couple of days ago and it is a really nice phone. But Moto had the potential to put themselves into alot more pockets and gain marketshare.

briankurtz79 says:

@nonexus. You really don't believe that do You? When the ps3 came out Sony sold it for about $150 under COST! They can take a loss because they make money on all the software. Verizon is doing nothing to sell the moto x besides distribution costs. I think a $200 mark up is a little excessive when they are already raping Us on the monthly premium. Its not like you get a discount on your bill for buying the phone out right which is what subsidized prices are all about

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ithinkimjoe says:

VZW isn't selling the X in stores so they can push their DROID crap and say "look how many more DROIDS we sold over Xs." It has everything to do with selling the phones THEY want to sell, not necessarily the phones people want.

I spent some time the other day in the AT&T store playing with the X and came to the conclusion that my original choice to get the MAX instead was the correct one. Between the lesser storage and the smaller (but still adequate) battery on the X the fact is the phone feels a little too small in my hand.

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wsmather says:

I really would like to try the Moto-X, ...but I have a hard time justifying it because my Galaxy S3 just keeps doing everything so well! And with the 4800 mah battery that I use with it, the thing will just run for days. I can play music, watch movies, and never worry about running out of juice. It's rooted and I run CM 10.1 on it, so many great programs are available that make it one slick machine. My contract is up in September but I just can't pull the trigger on a new phone. Really, what compelling reason is there?

Darth Spock says:

Discounts FIFTYRMN and VERIZON30 help knock it down to $140.

two_wheels says:

Nice. Thanks!!!

asylvia says:

awesome! thanks, this totally worked. though verizon tried to send me through hoops and wanted me to upgrade to the share everything plan. i had to call to sort them out. what's with this new $30 upgrade fee???

NoNexus says:

thats not new and all the carriers have it in one form or another. I am guessing it is a year or so old

joelp228 says:

Saw this on reddit and gave it a try and it worked! Cant wait to receive my Moto X

Grimamor says:

Waiting for customization....on Verizon.... /sigh

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bxrider117 says:

I want to get the Moto X but I'm going to get the Maxx. I just have to have more battery life. I recall when the Nexus came to Verizon I thought it was a great phone and I would not get any other phone after that however the small battery wouldn't last a day. I feel like the same thing may happen with this phone. It may make it through some days but maybe not all.

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atm3791 says:

Just ordered mine! Really excited for this phone.

rebretz000 says:

I just want the Developer Edition. Unlocked and 32 GB.

jeditribe says:

Tried ordering Moto X on Verizon online for the full price. You choose the option for full price, but Verizon site asks to choose a plan even though I already have one do not want to change it (Unlimited data). Did a chat session with Verizon representative, replied have to choose a plan when buying this. WHAT?!? So, I'll wait it out.

tjubb says:

I noticed that too. They really want us off the unlimited data plans! I'm not giving mine up for anything! Looks like I'll wait for the Note 3 and get it from Best Buy.

RRollergod says:

I stopped into a store today, they had the phones in stock but weren't allowed to sell them till tomorrow (Friday the 30th). So They will be available in some stores tomorrow.