Many of us now-a-days are trying to replace lugging around those clunky laptops with a new shiny Android tablet, but one thing that holds many back is attempting to type for long periods of time on any given tablet. Sure there are many great keyboard replacement options available, but that still isn't ideal, which is why Verbatim has brought to us their 2nd Gen keyboard. This keyboard offers many great features, such as 

  • Now compatible with iPad, iPad 2, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom and other Android tablet devices with both Bluetooth connectivity and HID keyboard support
  • Ultra-compact design- Keyboard folds and stores in carry case for maximum portability
  • Media console- Includes enhanced volume and digital music controls
  • Now pairs with up to six devices at one time
  • Extras- A carrying case for the keyboard and iPhone stand are also included, providing even greater freedom and mobility
  • Enhanced Function Keys- New, easy-to-use function keys for cut, copy, paste and undo and more

The keyboard will be on sale at most major retailers, and carry a price tag of $79, but that is only a small price to pay if you are looking to be able to crank out some school papers, or write a nice long winded response to an email you receive.

Souce: Verbatim


Reader comments

Verbatim announces 2nd-generation portable keyboard for tablets


Price is high, but you could almost travel with this and your cell phone (or tablet) and leave the computer behind.

I'd have to feel the keypress on it to see if I could type on that. I've gotten pretty fast with Swiftkey on a 10 inch tablet which is just big enough to use like a regular keyboard with all fingers.

I'll take one. One thing I didn't like on the current gen is only pairing with one device. Something like this I'd want to pair with a smartphone as well as a tablet. And maybe even a Galaxy Player or Galaxy Note also. :)