File this under "Don't know ... Could be ... Who knows ... Take with a grain of salt ... Maybe ..." and any other number of qualifiers, but the Boy Genius Report says it's heard that there may be a second unlocked version of the Nexus One, and that it would sport support for AT&T's 3G (that's the 850 and 1900 MHz bands, if you're playing at home). That's it for now. Could just be rampant speculation, could be more. We'll find out something in three days.

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Whatever happened to the idea that this would be a CDMA Worldphone? I think Google would have been VERY smart if this phone was avialable to all 4 major US carriers. Look at the Touch Pro 2.

peetee says:

when google said, we will support droid for verizon and Nexus One for T-mo only.. Did they meant. We care for AT&T too?

Nexus One ATT details:

Expect Luke Wilson to advertise Goog Phone now! lol

But still, cool cool.

Matt says:

i sure would hope so. not that i'm a fan of AT&T at all .its just this could really change the American Mobile Service Standards, and the more providers that will be affected by the Nexus One the better!

Anonymous says:

Not surprising at all. With all the Passion/Dragon/Bravo stuff floating around I would consider it more surprising if there weren't multiple variations on that model on multiple networks. Just look at the Ion, Magic, myTouch, Hero, Eris, and the other similar devices of the last generation.

gquaglia says:

I hope so, because it looks as if that is the only way to get an Android phone on AT&T. AT&T seem to have little interest in it while they have Jobs' swanz in their mouths.

Anonymous says:

i hope so since it means it'll run on telus/bell up in canada. the only 3G option otherwise was going to be wind and they're not ready for primetime yet at all.

jfa1 says:

That would be great to have an AT 3G band nexus one and even smarter (pun intended) tyo have it for all 4 major us carriers AT especially needs it though as they have no android devices yet. I think the nexus one would be a beter device than the blackhlip/

MaxLaw843 says:

It is much smarter, in my opinion, for Google's Nexus One to be only on the GSM frequency, as it would make it much easier for it to be sold elsewhere, particularly in Europe where there is no such thing as CDMA.

jackk says:

If this thing does have att 3g, count me in!

KU Kitch says:

my question is, why not at least stuff all the GSM frequencies in there? I'm sure they can do that, so if it's coming to at&t as well, why put out 2 models?

UncleMike says:

I may be missing something since I've never owned a GSM phone and am not a world traveler, but what's the point of having an unlocked GSM phone if the 3G frequencies it supports limit it to use on a single carrier?

It would be trivial for Google to release an AT&T compatible version, I'd say the odds of it happening are quite good...

inops says:

850MHz count me in!!! I have the $600USD waiting to be spent on this if it happens

corydunbar says:

Google should just produce one world phone version locked for t-mobile and unlocked for all other carriers GSM and CDMA like the BB Storm for verizon. If google is trying to sell a phone independent of carrier plans then why not release a phone that is universally compatible. Which you could then buy from google for $530 (google profits) then go to your quality carrier AT&T/Verizon and say i would like to get a smartphone plan and use a phone that i already own (carriers profit). All of the corporations win as usual and consumers are then screwed into paying loads of money with a service contact as usual. it makes everyone happy and we get what we want.

Google should probably lower Unlocked price to $499 so its got that under $500 appeal

anyone agree?

deebrown says:

Where is Sprint in all this Nexus goodness?????