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Pre-loaded with educational apps and resistant bumps and drops

Toys R Us announced today that it will be selling a follow-up in its kid-focused lineup of tablets, the Tabeo e2, with improved specs and features. The 8-inch tablet has a capacitive multi-touch display with 1024x768 resolution, dual-core 1GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage (expandable by SDcard).

But the internal specs aren't the important part of a device like this, it's the software. Based on an underlying platform of Android 4.2, the Tabeo e2 has a children's app store with thousands of free apps, and has dozens of pre-installed educational apps primarily for 6 to 11 year-olds. Naturally, there are also plenty of parental controls to keep things locked down.

The outside of the device is very kid-friendly as well, with an impact-resistant screen and tough plastic outer shell. That shell comes in blue, pink or clear color options and has a variety of color-matched accessories for kids wanting a complete look. The Tabeo e2 goes on sale in Toys R Us stores for just $149 starting in October, which seems like a good price for something that is more child-friendly than your average tablet and has decent specs to boot.

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Toys R Us announces the Tabeo e2 child-focused 8-inch Android tablet


Face it. Toys are a thing of the past.
I only see iPhones in kids' hands nowadays.

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"Face it. Toys are a thing of the past."

Only for lazy parents who just want to stick a video game in front of their kids and have them shut up. You can still find plenty of great physical, even wooden toys if you try, or you can make toys for your kids. It's been my experience that kids enjoy even simplistic home made toys just as much as fancy purchased ones.

I still bemoan the move away from the tyre and stick game. Sigh, actual toys, RIP the human race.

My parents said the same thing when I was sitting in front of an Atari...

My 3 year old granddaughter is fascinated by tablets and smartphones. Why wouldn't she be? After all, every adult around her at least has a smartphone. There are a lot of good, simple games (with and without educational content) that she loves, but I have to be right there with her to make sure nothing happens to my device. I'm looking at the Nabi Jr. for her for Christmas. After all, it's not like she hasn't got a metric ton of other toys already!

Fast forward six months - 'My 4 year old had the Nexus 7. No issues at first, and it survived the first five drops, the orange juice spill and the breakfast incident, and we even managed to persuade his classmate that he didn't mean to swap it for a rubber dinosaur, but sadly constantly being drawn on in pen really affected the display, and now it has an irremovable magic marker moustache across most of the screen, which makes it very difficult to use'


Nabi2 still beats every kids tablet hands down(equal specs to OG nexus 7) plus hdmi sd card. My 3 year old has beat on it since last christmas and it still runs great. No root required to sideload apps so it has the amazon appstore on it.

I agree my soon to be 8 year old boy has yet to be bored and has put his Nabi2 through much abuse. It is still kicking! I tell everyone I know looking at leap pad ultras tabeos etc to check out the Nabi2 first. Latest OTA update gives even more parental control options & more education apps. A 2 year old can use it and an 11year old will not be bored because it is in essence comparable to a Nexus or Kindle Fire...use Nabi App Store or Amazon App Store or you can side load apps or other android stores...we don't leave home without it!

They better be careful with this design as Apple could sue due to its close resemblance to the iPhone 5C

Does netflix work on these kiddie tablets? My little one loves watching netflix in addition to the kid games I have on my tablet. Would love to get her her own before she breaks mine

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If you think that this does nothing but take away from kids, you are parenting wrong.

My son at 2 was sitting on my lap playing educational games.

He also made varsity as a sophmore on a few teams.

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