Honeycomb tablet available for ordering next week, ships in mid-July

Toshiba Thrive

We just got finished sitting in on a Toshiba press conference, and a big part of the focus was on the 10.1 inch Toshiba Thrive Android tablet.  We've seen many of the details, and recently learned about a July release, but Phil Osako from Toshiba answered all the questions we could throw at him.  The basic specs are the same as we saw at CES 2011 -- Tegra 2, a 5 MP camera around back and a 2 MP shooter up front, 1280x800 10.1 inch Display with Toshiba's "resolution plus" software, and shipping with Android 3.1.  We also learned that Toshiba has built in SRS and their own proprietary system to provide excellent sound from the Thrive.  All this checks in at .6 inches thick, and 1.6 pounds.

With the full size SD card and USB ports, they bundle their own file manager software that will assist new users when they move their media from one device to another.  Other bundled software includes: Quick Office, Need for Speed, Toshiba's media player, Log me in, and Printer Share for sending documents to a wifi printer.

The Thrive will be available for ordering June 13, shipping in early to mid-July.  You will find it an most major retail stores -- basically any place that sells Toshiba laptops will sell the Thrive.  The prices are what we have heard -- starting at $429 for the 8GB version.  Toshiba says they decided to go with the 8 GB starting point for two reasons -- to hit the low price point, and because they have found that most users don't need or use more than 8 GB.  With the full size SD card slot, memory is expandable and they think consumers will see the appeal of the entry level model.  And I think they are right.  Add in a few accessories, like two docking stations (the basic dock checks in at $39.99, and the deluxe version with spare USB and HDMI ports is $59.99), a user replaceable battery at $89.99 and a battery cover that comes in five different colors for $19.99, and Toshiba has set themselves up to win.  Hit the jump to see some of the official pictures of the latest Honeycomb tablet.

Toshiba Thrive

Battery covers

Android Central  Thrive Dock

Folio style case



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Toshiba talks about the Thrive -- the latest 10.1 inch Android tablet


I think they had me at user replaceable battery and standard SD slot. Which means greater then 32GB of storage. Assuming android can handle that, or the onboard controller can.

But the Transformer is calling me.....badly. Its a moot point anyways. Just dropped too much on a new tent for camping next week so =P

16 Gig Transformer is $399, right? SD card slot, but no user replaceable battery. If I weren't waiting for Kal-El and ICS, this just wouldn't compel me to by like the Transformer. Nice Tablet, but I'll wait. No rush.

That and I trust Toshiba a bit more. They aren't phone manufacturer. They don't seem to have this insane need to dick with the UI. Usually. Their laptops use to get pretty fraked up with crapware, but they have tamed that down in the last 6 years. Here's hoping for an extended 15 hour battery!

I think the inclusion of a full size SDHC slot is pretty smart, I dunno why more manufacturers aren't doing that, it just makes sense.

You can get 16GB SDHC cards for under $25 (Class 6), or a Class 4 32GB card for like $40. Heck I have a couple 8GB SDHC cards laying around (probably from when I upgraded my camera's card to 16GB). Sure they're probably not quite as fast as internal storage, but people mostly use the extra storage for music/video, it doesn't need to be fast.

A budget model w/only 8GB of internal storage is a very smart move... I'd probably still buy the Transformer over this if I were in the market for a tablet, but Toshiba's recent build quality on their Tecra line could sway me towards them if it translates to their tablets... Wonder if they're using any of that honeycomb structure (no relation to the OS version, it's a technique they use to make plastics stronger).

I still don't see this gaining mass appeal over the transformer or galaxy 10.1. Why not 399 for the 8gb?That would have made it a great entry level priced tablet. I still don't get why these manufacturers are still playing around?? Either come hard with a great feature/price or don't waste your resources with niche products that will only sell a handful. No offense to anyone that has been waiting to get this but it just doesn't make good business sense to me especially since this was shown with the xoom forever ago

It's their way of playing it safe.

This market is very new and still dominated by the iPad. These companies probably don't care for risk if they can still retain their profit margins.

I'm with you though. This is much too late to the party. Either you go in strong with features or you try to penetrate through price.

Yes this thing has a few ports. But, 8GB and still more expensive than the TF? Not to mention that the dock can make up for that extra $150 by giving you more battery, keyboard functionality, SD capability and USB ports.

At least the 10.1 has the thinness and the lightness.

This just doesn't seem all that great to me.

So the Galaxy Tab is an iPAD killer...
The Xoom was first and now its just sad...
The Transformer is cool but with the main accessory that makes it "transform" you are dropping over 700 bucks...

This has a robust assortment of connection options, a clean Honeycomb install and a battery I can touch without voiding warranties! This is my next tablet.

Transformer: $399.99 Transformer Dock: $149.99 Total cost: $549.98 This is on par with almost every other popular tablet out there. (ipad, samsung start at 499,99, cheapest xoom is $599.99

$299 for 8 GB would've been a better idea. Pricing an 8GB Tablet next to the 16GB Transformer for more money doesn't make sense to me. Not even with full size SD Slot and replaceable battery. Transformer beats the 8GB Toshiba Tablet all day long for value.

I am seeing the Transformer priced at over $500. This is more tempting and if a USB keyboard, preferably wireless, will work on this, I may be tempted away from the transformer.

Then you are looking at the wrong places. You can definitely find TF's for regular price by now.

You can always just buy a bluetooth keyboard so I don't understand your problem. But, it'll cost you just as much for the bluetooth keyboard; PLUS, you'll need to buy a stand or else typing will not be a good experience. And of course, it won't include the extra ports, SD capability, trackpad, and extra battery.

It's just a smarter move to buy the dock if you want to get work done.

I've seen 32 gig Transformers all over the place for $500+ and that is probably what gcims is referring to.

Specs seem nice, but that looks like an awful lot of bezel around the edge. That was one of the things I didn't like about the Transformer, the extra .25" on each side of bezel, I guess it was needed to give a fuller keyboard for dock, but I have short thumbs, so that's an extra half an inch that I can't reach towards the middle of the screen.
Thrive dimensions are 272 x 175 x 15 mm Transformers are 271 x 176 x 12.9 mm, while the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 are 256.6 x 172.9 x 8.6 mm

The other thing is the extra weight the Thrive weighs 91 grams more then the Transformer and 176 grams more then the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, I guess it comes down to if the extra features are worth the added weight, or if it's worth the extra cost for a smaller device. I am torn on which tablet to get, if the Samsung would have included the microSD card slot I would have bought one on day one.

larger Bezel = not touching the screen when you are holding it. You are going to have this on every tablet that is well thought out.

The only compelling tablet for me in the current bunch is the Transformer. This doesn't do it for me. Nevertheless, I'm still waiting for Kal El.

I know it isn't paper thin or as light as the Samsung, but the full size SD card, Grippy back and a user replaceable battery makes this a practical working tool.

Please can we have a quality image management APP for Honeycomb.

Not sure why some people are giving this Tablet a thumbs down. With all the ports, removeable battery, interchangeable back plates, Toshiba File manager, ability to support up to 128GB SDXC card, and their own screen enhancement that allows you to view in direct sunlight, which I have not seen on any other such tablet,this is heads above the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Xoom, Ipad, Transformer and others. I can live with the weight and thickness, due to all the pluses this Tablet has.

I bought the 32gb THRiVE because, of the full ports and full sdhc slot and the ability to replace battery. You can put a 128gb card in this tablet. No other tablet has this option which made total sense to me. You can hook up a full USB keyboard and Xbox 360 wired controller and play games. I hooked it up to my 32 inch flat screen through HDMI and it was joy. I would like to see a better keyboard docking solution like the Asus with extented battery life but, we'll have to wait and see if that happens. Overall I'm THRiVE'ing :-) and happy with it.

32gb THRiVE AT100 3.2.1
ArmorSuit Screen protector