PowerA was showing off their new Moga Pro controller at PAX East 2013 and we played a few rounds of Dead Trigger with it. The controller was first announced at CES as a bigger, console-grade accessory for Android gamers. Like usual, the device pairs up over Bluetooth and uses the Pivot application to showcase Moba-optimized apps.

There's also the extendable bracing arm for your device, but tucked underneath is a new switch for enabling HID mode. That makes the Moga Pro a fine choice for games that make use of the standard format. The internal battery should offer upwards of 15 hours of gameplay. 

After playing a bit of Dead Trigger on the Moga Pro, I was really impressed with how it felt. The bigger handles are much more comfortable, thanks in no small part to the matte finish and rubber grips. The joysticks were very snappy and responsive, plus the overall button layout will be immediately familiar to anybody that has put time into Xbox 360 games.

You'll be able to pick up the Moga Pro controller all over the place on April 15 for $49.95. Any takers?

If you're interested in the more pocketable original Moga controller, we're giving away two in the forums!


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Thumbs-on with Moga Pro Android gaming controller


More expensive, I just use an OTG cable I bought for 2$ on eBay and I already have a PS3 Controller. I use the sixaxis root app and control games that way. I guess you can use this on your Nexus 4, I am going to try it on that phone now that I know there is an OTG fix for that as well

I just got the Moga Pocket about a month ago (dang) but I'm thinking of getting this, too, at $50. I don't have an Xbox or a PS3, and the games on Android like Modern Combat 4 are dirt cheap in cost but definitely not in value, so the Moga Pocket has been really handy, but I've never really used it away from home, so this seems much better.

Nexus 7: first, will this connect? I know there are/were issues getting a Wii-mote to work due to changes in the bluetooth stack. Second, and this is no small feat, does the phone holder accept something gigantic like the N7?