Nexus 4

OK, folks. This has gotten ridiculous, and it needs to stop. Now.

The picture you see above is the Nexus 4. I can tell because it says "Nexus" on the back of it -- and because I took that picture back in November. To be precise, I took it on one of two windowsills that's painted with a white oil-base -- I don't remember which --  and chances are I took it more than once because I was particularly bad at using my new Nikon back then. (I'm only marginally better now.)

A badly updloaded and cropped pictureSo here's the thing: That picture started making the rounds today on some Australian site I've never heard of (and I'm fairly sure it's 100 percent bullshit) under the headline "Redesigned LG Nexus 4 Ditches Sexy Back [PICS]." Or perhaps you've seen it with the headline "New batch of LG Nexus 4 Loses its Glittery Back? [PICS]" That's right, folks. It's an SEO scam. Two headlines, two URLs, two bylines. (At least.) The story featured one picture. A single picture. Not "[PICS]." And damned if that one picture didn't look familiar. Here's a screen shot on the left. I'm not linking to it for obvious reasons.

Welcome to the Internet, boys and girls. You just met an SEO scammer.

Sure enough, that's a badly pixelated version of the same picture you see above, with our watermark cropped out. It's the same phone that's sitting in front of me right now. The same phone you see in the main picture of our Nexus 4 review, which I intentionally took to showcase the Crystal Reflective Process LG uses in the back of the Nexus 4, as well as the Optimus G.

The pictures are of the same damn phone. I know. I'm holding it now. It was fudged by someone looking to make a buck. Shocking, I know, to see such a practice on the Internet.

Unfortunately it's not so shocking to see the story picked up by other Android blogs. But rest assured, that picture does not represent a new Nexus 4, and it shines just fine in the right light.

The same can't be said for the folks who fell for this.


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Those 'glitterless' Nexus 4 stories are bullshit


Lol wasn't there someone in the forums just the other day who swore that he recently got a "glitterless" Nexus though?

I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you quit commenting now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.

/Disclosure, this is a quote. I won't be killing anybody. It's a shame I have to put that at the end of this.

It's really messed up when someone takes your work and modifies it a little so they can call it their own.

(Picture Patent Infringement)

You just got Instagramed. Take others works, apply filters, and now its changed for your purpose. Also terrible journalistic skills to not source others writings and pictures, basic 101 of journalism and composition

Time to start watermarking your pics you upload to androidcentral.

Yup, they have a decent size article of bull. I won't ever go to Phandroid again. This shows they don't do their research at all.

Not every site and I'm not talking tech. But many sites with good Editor in Chiefs won't take a risk to post a story they are not %100 sure of, or they will wait till they have some sort of evidence.

Indeed. They've sort of updated their article now. The editor is trying to do damage control, since his readers found out that the linked sources were reporting BS. The editor still won't admit to any wrongdoing. He claims that he was merely reporting that some XDA users were making the claims, so he set up a poll asking if anyone actually had the glitterless back.

Maybe next time he'll do the responsible thing when reporting and use the word "Rumor" in the headline. By the way, he has since changed the headline from the sensationalist FUD that it originally was.

I was just reading an article on Phandroid where they said Virgin Mobile USA is an independent MVNO and NOT owned by Sprint, and Boost Mobile is only PARTIALLY owned by Sprint. I don't think I will be visiting them anymore.

Sad that this article was written for so many reasons. Let's all just wake up tomorrow like this whole thing never happened.

the funny thing is, even though the 'bling' isn't really obvious in this pic, you can still make it out if you look closely. Not only did they lie, they chose a pic to corroborate their lie that proves they lied.

Nice move, guys!! Next time if you're going to lie, at least make sure it's beleiveable lol

yep, just below the "NEXUS" where you see the dark line/shadow in the reflection the old glitter is most noticeable.

In any case I'll take a Nexus 4 with or without glitter...

Google have been telling me for the last 7 weeks "Please check back soon", I'm guessing their definition of soon must be around 8 weeks :-(

You must not have ever owned a RIM/BB device and heard them say "soon". 8 weeks would be a blessing for some :-)

AUTOOMOBILE.COM what rookies... I believe the site is American owned not Australian according to the registry of the website/the cars they drive isn't sold by dealers here it has to me imported / converted and no one is willing to pay 80,000 extra for that (hefty tax)

I believe you're right. Apologies to our Aussie pals. :)

I think I saw something in a writer bio -- before I realized the writer bios are most likely bullshit, too. 

This is the first time hearing of it. I don't think they would ever change the glittery back. Now that we're on this topic, do Google employees have a different design on the back?

And to be honest if I could just even get one I wouldn't care less about if it had a glitter back or not its the last thing I care about on the phone.

I just wish Google and Motorola would pull their collective finger out and make some more dam phones glitter back or not

The internet is full of idiots that believe anything they read on the internet, be it glitterless Nexus4's or Microsoft's viral anti-PS3 hate bile.

Phil knows how to write this stuff, thanks for the laughs. If Martonik wrote this the title would have been something like "Glitterless Nexus 4? The internet is full of them with more soon to come?"

I'm sure this will make a great story for the kids someday. "Remember that time when those Australians took my stuff?"

Phil take a baby aspirin. Your tickers gonna blow. Lol. Just kidding. BTW. I just went to hand road and voted on the poll saying my Nexus was shipped without glitter on the back. Lol

Phil, maybe that scammer was just using the instagram TOS to claim all rights to your photos without having to pay or notify you of their intentions. That is the way the interwebs work now.

Good spot Phil, and damn the other site for posing as any sort of news outlet. But keep it classy and leave the curses off the front page.


Some of us do open this sight at work on with the kids around. Did not expect to see this on the front of AC

I aint one for censorship but come on now there are young teenagers that come to this website regularly and to have the word "bullshit" in the headlines?!?! I understand your trying to make a strong statement but come on man... Thank you for your post and I come back daily looking for more and more :)

Agreed. Phil, you're the editor-in-chief. Time to grow up. You really showed that Australian website who's boss by saying their stories are BS. I'm sure your daughter is proud of that fact.

And really, if you're not surprised by the fact that images you posted on your website were "stolen", why the need for the rant?

If the worse thing a teenager sees on the Internet is the word "BULLSHIT" they're using it wrong.

I love how every time there's a curse word all you self righteous types put your bible down to add your two cents.
It's not like the post reads "Alright Mother Fuckers stop stealing my shit or Jerry will stuff a Nexus 10 in your cunt hole!"

And I find it hilarious how you generalize whether a person is religious or christian based on post where he asked if the cursing was necessary.

Do you enjoy talking out of your ass?

Where did he ever mention he read the "bible" or proclaim he was self-righteous you prick?

I'm not religious but I'm guessing you are atheist. Now I know why most of America would rather have a homosexual president before an atheist one. Because morons like you just have to generalize and make things up to try and make a point.

Android Central is perhaps the largest android blog/forum site in the world. More and more kids are tech-savvy, do they really need to read the word bullshit in the article? Just because they've heard worse, that makes it alright?

So please, stop the hyperbole, stop the great leaps of generalization, and stop being a prick.

Guess I should have said quran instead of bible huh, you pretentious douchebag.
I'll stop being a prick, but you first.

Nah, you'd still be a dumb prick who is demeaning and bringing in someone's religion for no reason.

I don't know if you have the mental fortitude to understand what I am trying to convey to you, but my point was, at no time in that person's post, did he ever mention his religion, his beliefs. He simply stated it was unprofessional for a blog that is also visited by children and teenagers to use uncensored or colorful language as a main headline.

You took a great leap telling him to put down his bible and that you don't like his "types".

So do you not see why I called you a prick? The fact you said that I'd have preferred you say Quran instead of bible means you still didn't get it through your head.

Are you not capable of coming up with a response where you don't insult someone's gender, religion, sexual orientation?

But nice comeback calling me a douchebag. You are totally cool "bro".

Okay, forget he said "bible" and replace it with "Political Correctness handbook" or "Over-sensitivity guidebook". I'm sorry you feel the need to be anonymous "teenagers" internet parent.

all you cuss Nazi's need to shut the fuck up.... And while i am at it how the fuck did this turn in to a religious mater?

You people are STUPID...

Hey! My post wasnt bullshit lol. It was only glitterless temporarily but when i took my cover off yesterday it was somewhat glittery but not as much as i have seen in videos and i cant really scam u guys so its okay!

Why is this a big deal? It just sounds like you're mad someone used your pic. Welcome to the Internet.

The website that posted this is the biggest piece of crap - it keeps showing up on Google News, but all they do is "report" on stuff people have said on the AC forums, or on XDA. If only there was a way to flag it in Google News and let them know it takes away from the experience.

I wonder if the latest news, that only 400,000 nexus 4 handsets have been sold since launching in November, is bullshit also?? seems a pretty low number given the popularity

Then what I'm getting from all this is ...

Everything is Phil's fault. :)

I'm sure Phil will never publish a just O.K. photo anymore, and will make sure is perfect from now on... :)

I did see a post a guy removed the back used paint thinner to remove the paint from the glass and painted it jet flat back on the inside so it just looks like black shiny glass I had though about doing the same thing with my Optimums G

I looked for it but can not find it again

This is why I imbed a watermark in teh CENTER of my images, and also imbed EXIF copyright data in them. Sure, someone can strip them out, but then I've established they willfully removed copyright information from my image to make it there own.

Gizmodo's unprofessional use of language is what led me to stop reading their blog entirely. I'm not terribly offended by the title, it's just not professional, whether it accurately describes the situation or not. My hope is for the writers to see this and accept some constructive criticism. Though for something like this, I assume it's been discussed at some point in the past, and if they're still doing it, they've probably already made up their mind. But I'd thought I'd post this anyways, feedback is feedback.