State of the Mobile Nations Survey

The tablet wars are heating up! Apple is getting set to announce the iPad 3 next month. BlackBerry is going to release a major PlayBook OS update any day. The Kindle Fire is hot as is the Transformer Prime in a sea of Android tablets. And Windows 8 tablets are getting ready to enter the battle.

With so much going on we wanted to take a moment and find out where you weigh in on the tablet wars. We have five quick questions (and one bonus) that will take you less than a minute. Hit the link below.

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State of the Mobile Nations Survey - What's Your Next Tablet?


I have to say I am going to wait and see what the OS2 update brings to my PlayBook before deciding whether or not to trade it in for a Samsung Galaxy Tab. For better or worse though I won't get an iPad. If I do, I think I also need a iphone and Macbook and frankly I don't want either and couldn't afford them if I did. Hopefully the PB will come good anyway.

Android, it has the variety. I dont like the ipad style. I dont have to get it. Dozens of shapes and sizes

I can tell you in an instant which one I WILL NOT be getting - anything made by the rotten fruit. I will either stick with Android or consider a Windows 8 tablet or, better yet, get one that dual boots to both!

Amen to this. Dual-booting Win8 and whatever version of Android eventually becomes the tablet standard will be fantastic.

The first one that is SIM unlocked with full phone functionality, without having to buy it overseas or flash it with Euro firmware/radio and HOPE that The Death Star or Carly doesn't have the IMEI on a blocklist.

Android tabs have the Google services going for them, but I still don't feel they are quite there yet. At this point, I just feel like they are just larger versions of my phone.

I think what I want is something along the lines of a Chromebook but in tablet form. Maybe even like the Transformer Prime with dock but with more....something. Kind of like what (I think) I read earlier with the dual boot rumors in Jelly Bean. I want to be able to replace my laptop but not feel limited to a phone OS. Neither Android or iOS give me this feeling and so I haven't jumped into the market with both feet.

Win8 on Intel for productivity and compatibility. Hopefully it dual boots Android and has a wacom pen with high res screen and great battery life. Oh and thin and light. That's all I ask from a tablet and when I buy another. :D

Sticking with webOS and CM9 on TouchPad for now. My tablet needs are to a minimum, i.e. netflix and word processing. Would be VERY interested in the next "Nexus-style" tablet that launches, hopefully something along the lines of Galaxy Tab 8.9 with stock Android. I could be waiting a while...

With the new metro UI from Windows I think we will not be able to tell phone from PC in the very near future.
So to me it is about specs. If I am going to fork out a large bit of cash it has to able to last a while. Right now that would be the Transformer Prime with the dock.

I'm digging my wife's iPad 2, and I don't want to wait forever for MY device to get updated to the latest OS. Going to get the iPad 3, sorry. =(

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A tablet that can dual boot Win8 and Android, a keyboard dock (think transformer prime) good build quality (Nook Tablet type feel) SuperAMOLED screen, quad-core, wacom pen support are all I ask for... And NFC.

Windows 8 for me. At $5-600, I'd be looking for a laptop replacement. Give me something like the Asus Slate 121, w/ Win8, and a more pressure sensitive pen, at a price I can afford, and I will happily replace my laptop and Wacom Intuous.


Especially since Android and webOS are both linux desktops (using desktop in the sense of KDE/Gnome, etc).

Sticking with the TouchPad with webOS & CM9 loaded. Though I am very curious to see if/when someone is going to get Win8 loaded on it. Then I may switch to webOS / Win8.

iPad 3 most likely. I have the iPad 2 and I love it. I also have a TouchPad with CM9 and I really hate the stock keyboard. That's a big deal to me because carrying around a keyboard with my tablet kind of defeats the purpose of a tablet IMO. I've tried a bunch in the market and they all have some kind of issue that makes them worse than the stock keyboard for me. If and when a better keyboard comes along, I may change my mind. Until then, I'll keep using Android for my phone and iOS for my tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 with 2560x1600 HD SAMOLED Plus display, 2 GHz Quad Core Exynos processor, ICS, 8 mp camera, grippy back, ultra-thin and light. I'd guess June (wi-fi only).

I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 right now, and the Transformer Prime is on it's way to my abode. After that, I have my sights set firmly on a Windows 8 tablet (preferrably a 11.6'' or 13.3'' tablet-ultrabook convertible).

However, things will get interesting if Jelly Bean and Windows 8 are officially sanctioned by both Google and Microsoft to be dual-booted. Both will have nothing to lose. Microsoft even stands to gain a lot of ground in the tablet market if it goes down this route.

As of now, Microsoft is officially against dual-booting Android OS on Windows 8 and WoA, and Google isn't very much supportive either. Hope they both come to their senses and see that this will ultimately lead to dual-domination and the oblivion of Apple's iPads!!

I currently use and love my WebOS Touch Pad tablet (work) & my Asus Transformer for work and play. (one of my cloud based applications is browser based and only works on the Touchpad. I will probably buy the 10" Samsung tab just to support them. I love my Transformer but want a lighter tab. Btw I too use both Linux and window computers. The Survey should have offered multiple selections.

Since I have no money, my next tablet will be my current iPad 1. If I did have money, it'd be whatever the iPad 3 turns out to be. I love 4:3 aspect ratio for the ol slate.

iPad 3 all the way for the keyboard, smooth as silk UI, the easy to use OS and of course the 170,00 apps built for it. I've been using GarageBand on my current iPad and that alone is good enough reason to get one. To me, and this is just me, the others aren't even worth considering. They lack a consumer focus and the strength of the iOS ecosystem and Apple's customer service.

Windows 8 will be a dud! Microsoft hasn't learned from their past mistakes. They still think Windows on a tablet is a good idea! When will they learn?

I alrwady have an Android tablet (Xoom 4G) bit my next tablet will likely be the Playbook to satisfy my need for new Tech until something amazing launches on Android the second half of the year.

I use my Nook Color CM 7.1 daily at the coffee shop.

I have an HP TouchPad that I will load CM 9 onto soon.

But my next tablet will be an iPad 3. The brokerage (GFT) that I trade through has an iPad app, with no eta for an Android app.