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If for some reason you've got an aversion to ordering online, you'll soon be able to pick up the Google Nexus 7 tablet -- be sure to read our full Nexus 7 review -- in another brick-and-mortar store. Staples today announced that it'll carry both versions of the Nexus 7 (that'd be the 8- and 16-gigabyte versions) later this month, for the same price as Google Play -- $199 and $249 respectively. 

Google Play is still showing a 2- to 3-week shipping time for the Nexus 7, which had preview versions distributed to attendees of the Google I/O developer conference earlier this month in San Francisco. The Nexus 7 is one of the first devices -- and is the first tablet -- to run the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean version of the Android OS.

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Staples to sell the Nexus 7 this month


Word! I love the coverage of this device so far. Everyone seems to love it. Tell me something? Is this going to have a UI like a regular tablet, will I be able to have multiple screens with whatever icons/apps/widgets I want? or is this going to be locked to only accessing Play stuff, akin to the Kindle Fire? I'm hearing differing things..

you can do with this anything that you could with a normal android tab/phone. You are not locked into only accessing content from the play store. Feel free to load the amazon store etc...

I just wish the Amazon store had a password required to buy apps. They only have the 1 click buy it now option last I checked. We have a 6 year old that I want to lock down app purchases, but there are apps I want from the Amazon store.

There are apps that you can download that put passwords on opening whatever apps you choose. So a password has to be entered before you can use the app.

settings-> enable parental controls.

this will allow you to set a PIN, which, must be used for app purchases

Does that work for the Amazon store? I thought that only worked for the purchases through Play. I've only run Android on the Nook Tablet so haven't had a phone or real Android tablet yet to try it out on. But from the Nook Tablet running Android from the SD card I could not find a way to block Amazon app purchases.

download "App protector" and add amazon app store / whatever apps u want protected to the "protection list".

I don't think the aversion is to ordering online, but a preference to handle it in person first. Reviews are nice, but first hand experience can't be beat.

Well I have to pay shipping and tax. I'd pop down to the local Staples and save the shipping. Now if it comes with the 25.00 Google Play Store credit all the better.

According to the staples site, shipping is free. In addition, they are showing that it comes with the $25 Play store credit.

I think that buying the 16Gb is a pretty good deal with free shipping, compared to the $13.99 that Google is charging for shipping, so I decided to go with Staples...

Nice. I will have $60 in ink recycling rewards this month. I have a Motorola Xoom 32gb so im still not sure if I will buy the Nexus 7. The Xoom should be getting Jelly Bean this month from what im reading.

The real question is, How long before the OG Transformer gets the update?

I mean the Nexus 7 is made by ASUS, right?