Sprint Nexus One

Yeah, that's pretty impossible to read. Fortunately we're trained in the art of squint-eyed-reading, so we'll translate. The gist of it is that Android 2.1 indeed is coming to the Sprint Moment and Hero, and it should be relatively soon. Important parts in bold.

What you need to know:

  • With all the anticipation of Nexus One joining the Sprint Android family of great devices, customers with the HTC HeroTM and the Samsung MomentTM with GoogleTM may wonder about the Android 2.1 platform that supports Nexus One.

What you need to do:

  • We know that technology has enabled greater productivity and spontaneity in our lives,and because of this we have become very dependent on staying connected. Customers don't only expect more from their wireless phones -- they demand it.

  • Let your customers know we are actively working on having the Android 2.1 platform available to our Hero and Moment customers over the coming weeks.

  • Look for more information coming in April about Android 2.1 platform for Hero and Moment.

And don't forget:

  • The HTC HeroTM and the Samsung MomentTM with GoogleTM are superior devices.

  • Sprint is the only national U.S. carrier to offer HTC Hero, and it picked up top honors as the Best Mobile Handset at the 2010 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

  • About.com readers have nominated HTC Hero as their favorite smartphone for the 2010 Reader's Choice Awards.

That's it. More when we get it. Thanks, anon, for the tip!


Reader comments

Sprint uses announcement of Nexus One to pimp Android 2.1 on Moment, Hero


Sprint Announcement - However our customer service will not be able to support anyone having issues because we are just shitty.

Even though they are better than AT&T and Verizon.., I guess that makes verizon and AT&T cow (or bull) shit? Yup it does. Ps: if you are mental enough not to know this, cow and bull shit smell worse.

Sprint is NOT the only US Carrier to carry the HTC Hero. Cellular South also carries it. I wonder if Cellular South will have 2.1 available soon.

Actually Cellular South has had a press release saying that the 2.1 upgrade is going to be soon. I would expect it to be not long after the Sprint upgrade.


ok, and your point is... this guy said that their customer service sucked, and I stated my experience with customer service. regardless of their reasonings behind the choice of giving me good customer service, they still GAVE me good customer service...

Well, they have the most customers in the US and if you like many people are dumb enough to believe they are going bankrupt you are wrong... Sprint has had more customers than any other network coming in because of the bad economy. They have best prices, great coverage, awesome service.

@basecall, when is the last time you talked to sprints customer service?

I have read that it used to suck, but Ive had them for quite a while and have no complaints. even when I ran up my bill calling mexico quite a bit and got 206 bucks in international charges which is noones fault but my own, when I called them about getting something added to my plan so it would be cheaper later on, they almost cut my international charges in half, and I didnt even have to fight for it or anything. theyve always fixed my problems right away and are always nice about it...

Crap, they mentioned April as when they will have more 2.1 (Hero) info available internally. I still have March 23rd - 26th in my head as the OTA 2.1 update day.

The statement said NATIONAL US carrier.

Yeah in one section they use the unit of weeks and then they say to just look for information in April about 2.1 coming after that point in time, which makes me think that it will be May when it is actually available.

i'm glad to see more sprint news coming up.makes me more pumped about 2.1 but hey.knowing me i'd just end up getting the N1.and Sprint Customer Service use to suck butt.but now its starting to get pretty good.i've heard that they are doing new customer service training.

"And don't forget:


The HTC HeroTM and the Samsung MomentTM with GoogleTM are superior devices. "

This is in reference to what, the Nexus One? Or some other brand of phone? LOL

Expand your mind...

There are plenty of other phones on the market running many different platforms. They aren't just talking specifically about Android phones, but phone 'devices' in general. When you look at it like that, yes, the Hero and Moment are superior (as are many other Android phones).

Even if you were to only compare Android devices, I think the Hero is third behind the N1 and Droid (excluding the other Hero-type phones; Mytouch, Eris etc.)

At this stage, does Sprint have any credibility? I brought my phone in October and was assured that android V1.6 would be days away - that I now know means "never" in Sprint speak - so what does a few weeks mean in Sprint Speak ...my guess is it means we just need to wait until Dan Hesse masters time travel. This will allow him to deliver, in person, from the future all these wonderful things he has promised us. Of course, the longer he waits to become a time traveler, the easier it will be for him - there will be fewer customers for him to track down.

That was never said officially. So if a Sprint rep said that to you, they were just being stupid. Do your research before you buy a phone, or anything else for that matter. At the time 1.6 was just beginning to roll out. Also, let's not forget that no one else, not even Droid is upgraded to 2.1 yet.

Exactly as I said, the Sprint salesperson lacked credibility as does the vaguely worded promise about the announcement about news of an update in April attributed to a Sprint source

"Android 2.1 indeed is coming to the Sprint Moment and Hero, and it should be relatively soon."

I really don't see where you infer that. All the announcement says is to watch for more information in April.

Sure, but the information in the article doesn't say anything about when 2.1 will actually be released. Maybe the new information will be that it's been delayed to 2011.

Hopefully when they drop the update on us it will be relatively bug free. I love my moment and can't wait for 2.1! By the way, I've never had an issue with customer service lol.

2 Major points

1.) If you have not used Sprint during 2007-2010 please don't bash. Please. There Network is MUCH better than it used to be (better than AT&T for me.)AND There Customer Service is MUCH better.

I will put it this way. I DO NOT miss Verizon AT ALL for either Network or CS.

2.) WE (Readers of websites like this one) are the 20% of the population who care WAY TOO MUCH about phones and release dates ETC. The other 80% don't care nearly as much. We are privy to LEAKED internal data and then complain about the PUBLIC information that is generally released when it doesn't line up.

In this particular case there is a business principal called UNDER promise, then OVER deliver. They know they might have it ready before the end of this month BUT JUST IN CASE something goes wrong, they SAY April. It is also called CYOB (Covering Your Own But). And if it IS ready then, TADA they got it out early.


I guess it depends on where you live for coverage i get great coverage and i never had a problem with Verizon either but sprint is cheaper and i always hear at&t coverages sucks my brother has a Iphone and he can't make calls from his house even though he lives right in the middle of town. I have the family everything plan and i get a 22% discount from my work so that makes it even better. I have had two new phones this year a palm pre and i just got the hero a few days ago i never have to talk to cs because i do everything online i activated both of my phones online and can add services. also my palm pre has had at least 4 over the air updates and they all downloaded with no problems.

i have the hero best phone i have had in years.I never had a problem with it. As for as sprint custumer service is concerned I never had a problem with them and if you think i am just saying this i am not,sense i have been with them for little over ten years now.

I love sprint and I love my hero.In the end besides the software glitch rite now,sprint is the hero is superior device. It has seven screens and up to 16 widgets on each. I say you should be all settled with almost 118 widgets to go thru at a time. So to all those that believes everything u see or read you all are pathetic. People rumor to bring good or bad towards a company and in this case I have never seen any official comment coming from their CEO. All I heard was early first or second quarter.People hope for quicker results when nothing in this world comes right when you want it.You have to wait for it no matter how long or how short. You fail to realize sprint for what it is. We are one of the largest trademark in the U.S and we still are trying to become number 1, no other company,not even the bigger ones can say they worked sprint after they became settled with being number one or number two. They planned high goals for themselves and it doesn't surprise me that will not stop until their customers die knowing they chose the right phone service. I applaud sprint and when this update does come not only will we probably become the first with the update we have the best phones coming to the GOOD SIDE.lol. The upcoming nexus and HTC supersonic. Sprint is the blind prodigy, of course its at a loss to where its. going,but it will not stop to reach where it wants to be. Thank u sprint I can't wait for the newer updates, better phones, and great service, for simply EVERYTHING.

I currently have the HTC Hero with Sprint and I have had no problems at all with the phone. Before I got the HTC Hero I was running with a BlackBerry Curve 8330m with Sprint and still had no problems with the phone at all.

The phone itself did reset a lot but that is because it didn't have enough memory to carry all the apps that I had placed onto it at that time.

It's why I did the upgrade and that I am one of those Android fans as well.

I hope that the update to 2.1 is released in March as we have all heard, but if not, I don't mind waiting until April. Either way, I just want the update to the phone and if it never comes I don't mind upgrading to the Nexus or maybe even the HTC Supersonic or whatever it is that they are calling it right now.

the news in april will go a little like "sorry... but here's our NEW android phone..it's gonig to have 2.1 and flash 10.1 by august.. WE PROMISE!"