Sprint today is detailing new data plans for tablets and its mobile broadband (ie non-smartphone) devices, with several options for each. Here's the breakdown; all pricing includes 3G and 4G data:

  • $19.99 for 1GB of data
  • $34.99 for 3GB of data
  • $49.99 for 6GB of data
  • $79.99 for 12GB of data

The 1 GB and 3 GB only apply to tablets and not Sprint's other mobile broadband devices. Sprint carries three Android tablets -- the HTC EVO View 4G, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Motorola Xoom. Sprint's smartphones retain their unlimited data plans.

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Sprint launches new data plans for tablets and mobile broadband


I guess they (Sprint) has to do whatever they believe is best for the company. I'm just happy this doesn't affect smartphones at all.

I'm sure in due time Sprint will do away with their unlimited everything plans. They have the Iphone now and look what AT&T & Verizon did when they got the Iphone. They did away with unlimited data plans and now only have tiered plans for new customers. Don't be surprised when Sprint follows suit.

Nothing really, however the iPhone has the potential to attract more people to Sprint looking to get this phone plus unlimited data. This in turn can potentially cause severe data congestion in an already strained network which may prompt Sprint to put limits on data comsumption as a way to 1) decrease current data loads on their towers, and 2) increase revenue from old and new customers alike.

In the long run, the potential for extra revenue may be enough to entice Sprint to choose this strategy, it may potentially provide additional resources to update their network. For myself, if (when?) Sprint opts to do away with unlimited data for smatphones, the price advantage I have with Sprint will dimish to the point that Verizon may become an attractive option. If I am forced to pay more for less data, I'd rather pay for the fastest data access I have available in my market and that is Verizon. I suspect a number of users will find it easier to jump ship making this a loosing move for Sprint in the long run.

Just my 2 cents on this.

I don't know why everyone is talking about the iPhone somehow pushing companies to introduce tired plans..... Android uses just as much data. Also AT&T had the iPhone since its launch and only went tiered last year. I think it is more like price fixing. AT&T did it and didn't lose much on the way of customers so one by one the carriers will switch to the more profitable scheme. This its how we got $0.20 per text charges from the $0.05 they started at when there was no increase in carrier cost..... One company did it people accepted it so like dominos the carriers picked the new cost charging"standard".

I don't understand what you guys are talking about. $20.00 for 1GB is a nice option. I don't even meet 500MB on my phone.

The problem is you are signing a 2 year contract so keep in mind that data usage will be going up. With video streaming, photo streaming, music streaming, increasing online activity and other coming attractions, you bet your usage will increase unbelievably in 2 years. Most people will be streaming music and video regularly. Don't sign a 2 year contract based on current usage...PLEASE. Make sure you're ok paying the $50 because by next year you will.

This, this is what the short sighted consumer and tech blogs fail to realize. Remember when 1MB was a lot? Remember when 56k was fast?
People decrying unlimited data will be sorry they didn't fight for it in 2 years time.

I have wifi like the majority of people so my data usage wouldn't be that high. I think the majority of the time my phone is connected to wifi.

Not everyone has wifi that they can use for everything. They may have wifi that is behind a firewall that won't allow them to access anything like pandora's servers, or other media streaming sites, so they are forced to use the carrier data connection. I know when I worked at a gas station, I had my phone streaming pandora all day and I could go through a 150-200Mb a day on that alone.

500MB may be enough for you now, but this is setting up for the future. I think what most people know is the mobile device market is moving toward VoIP and GoogleVoice-type apps where the amount of data is king and carrier-based minutes/texts will be almost obsolete. They will get their future revenue streams mostly from data, and not from minutes/texts as it historically has.

People who are told "for x amount of money you can enjoy this service we offer," then pay the x and actually use the service the company offers? That's the shortsighted fault of the company, not mine.

Well, only the HTC Evo View is 3G/4G out of the three Android tablets. Come on. Please come out with
3G/4G versions of all the tablets you offer Sprint! Attractive 1GB tablet data price but only good for HTC View...

I'm still rocking the original Galaxy Tab on Sprint. Presumably these changes won't affect current subscriptions? I may end up switching to the 3 gig when my contract comes up, though maybe not. I'll have WiFi at home soon (and my computer), which will save me a ton of data usage on my tablet.

Either way, it's not a dramatic price difference up or down. And provided they have compelling tablet options at that time, I'll be staying with a tablet and on Sprint.

These are great plans compared to the competition. Plus adjusting the plans on tablets and mobile broadband will help keep unlimited data on the phones. All I know is that they better improve the 3g data speeds soon. 4g is not that big of a deal especially when they have stopped expanding their current 4g in favor of lte.

Yep the 3G speed is so slow and the only time I use 4G is when tethering since the signal is so inconsistent.

"Sprint's smartphones retain their unlimited data plans."

....for now.

Anyone who thinks Sprint won't eventually be switching to tiered data like every carrier before it, is crazy.

You're a fool if you really think Sprint will retain its unlimited everything plans forever. Just another Sprint fanboy.

I AM on VZW...good guess!!! Did you guess that I am grandfathered into $29 unlimited data & already in a LTE market too??

I will bookmark this page & PM it to you in 2012 when Sprint announces the end of unlimited data & tiered plans for smartphones.

Just wait...

the broadband card I have now is $60 for 5 GB and it barely uses 3 GB...my mom isn't a huge user and that's her main way to access the Internet. so guess I'll call sprint to save $10 and also take the extra 1 GB.

I don't know why people are so happy with sprint unlimited data plan, ay least I never enjoy the real speed here in new york or boston when I went over there last month. I did my upgrade to the SGS2 Epic 4G Touch and not even because of that I just didn't enjoy the speed, my cousin who have TMobile My Touch 4G have 20 time better speed than me. So I don't see the point of having unlimited data when that data is so slow!

All I know is the second they stop with unlimited data on smartphones is the second I leave. Their 4G connection is horrible inside buildings so I don't use it. And their 3G is usually about 800 Kbps on a good day. Now, that is more than enough for web browsing and I can watch youtube without stuttering/buffering so really the speed isn't everything unless you are downloading huge files and things like that on your phone, which I don't. Heck, most of the time I am on wifi which I am guessing is the case with a lot of people other than their commute to and from work. But the point is that their speed is slow enough that unlimited data sort of makes up for that downfall. You could argue their prices are also attractive and outweigh the negatives but without unlimited data you kind of get what you pay for...

I'm still upset because Sprint is still coming out with new WiMax phones, It doesn't seem like they're adding any new WiMax towers. It wouldn't so bad if they let the customers know its unlikely they will have WiMax service in their area, & they are not adding additional WiMax towers. I left Sprint because their service was getting a lot worse in my area.

Sprint may offer more consumer-friendly 4G data plans than AT&T or Verizon -- but there's a performance tradeoff. RootMetrics found "a significant disparity between cities where Sprint had WiMAX available and those where WiMAX was either not present or access to it proved sporadic. For instance, Sprint delivered a market-best average download speed of 4.6 Mbps in WiMAX-enabled Kansas City, while recording a noticeably slow 0.5 Mbps in non-WiMAX Buffalo."

If you like to post or live-stream audio or video from your phone to the Internet, you probably care about upload speeds -- which means you might want to avoid Sprint, unless it offers a WiMAX network in your city.

"Sprint's average upload speeds were consistently slow. Sprint was the only carrier to never record an average upload speed above 1.0 Mbps in any of the markets we tested," said the report.

Sprint also markets cell phone service through several discount carriers that focus on no-contract mobile plans, such as Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile -- and some of these brands are starting to market 4G phones and service.

This was reported on a local TV station.

I have been with Sprint for 11 years ..service has gotten really bad in the southern suburbs of Detroit..
I say do away with unlimited data if it speeds up the network.
As it sits... i am looking at AT&T or Verizon....
Have had alot of call and data Jessie's lately.

"I have been with Sprint for 11 years ..service has gotten really bad in the southern suburbs of Detroit..
I say do away with unlimited data if it speeds up the network.
As it sits... i am looking at AT&T or Verizon...."

Agree 100%. My 3G speeds have been consistently hovering around 200Kbps (ie 0.2 Mbps) for several months now, with an occasional tower that still pumps out 0.6 - 1 Mbps. This was confirmed just this past weekend, when I drove all over the state (MD) to attend various family functions. Speeds in several different places (and corporate/affiliate markets) were right around taht 200 Kbps mark. At my home, I get great speeds of 800-1000 Kbps, but obviously my device automatically hops onto my home wifi network when I'm there. When I need speed, ie on the road, recently I've been let down time and time again.

I'm definitely going to AT&T in the very near future, but once Sprint's Network Vision plan is rolled out, I may be back. We'll see how the prices look when that brand-new LTE Advanced network is up and running.

I Sprint. Doesn't fix the data speeds soon... there will be no sprint.

I had someone. Tell me they heard of a Sprint store on the west coast that has taken in
30 iPhones on return due to slow speeds.. don't know how true that is..

Just upgraded to HTC EVO 4G from a Palm Pre - and just started paying the premium data charge. It is disheartening to hear that this is coming down the pipeline. All to make a buck. Sprint is going to lose big time if they don't start investing and keep bringing 4G to more cities and towns. Keeping up with the Jones will be the death of Sprint and we will be stuck with crap from AT&T and Verizon.