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With the announcement of Sprint Nexus S 4G came the question of tethering on the device. Will Sprint leave it and if so, how much if anything will they charge for it? As it is a pure Google experience phone tethering is baked right into the firmware and Sprint has no intentions on removing it. Not really a surprise there. They do, however, plan on charging you for its use:

Q: How much is the Mobile Hotspot capability?
A: Mobile Hotspot capability for Nexus S 4G is a $29.99 optional add-on. It allows the customer to use Nexus S as a Mobile Hotspot device capable of sending out a Wi-Fi signal to up to six Wi-Fi capable devices. This follows the new discounting rules launching in July and is not NVP discountable (e.g. SOCs $29.99 and below are not discountable; SOCs $30 and up are discountable).

The fact they are charging for something that is included directly in the firmware always raises some eyebrows and quite often leads to folks looking for workarounds to access stuff for free and really, you already are paying for the data. Carriers’ charging for this feature is often looked at like they are charging you twice for something you already have.

AT&T has noticed the trend in users using workarounds and has started to go after iPhone users who tether without a plan so this always raises the question -- should you have to pay for tethering service if it is something that is built in? Sound off in the comments or head on into the forums to discuss tethering on the Nexus S 4G [Android Central Forums]


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Sprint hotspot will still cost extra on the Nexus S 4G [from the forums]


Heck no we shouldn't have to pay for it! That's why I'll be relying on the homebrew community to whip up something for the soon to be announced EVO 3D. I'll be new to Android then, and I'll show my support just like I have with webOS and the folks at PreCentral for their hard work (read: donations :-)).

Also, I barely use 1GB with what I feel is "heavy tethering" at the moment, but I realize now I just use it to load up web pages or check email more efficiently on my laptop. If I don't use much data even with tethering, I will not feel guilty in the slightest.

Playing devils advocate only here...but technically you pay for unlimited data on your phone only. Tethering means another device is using their bandwidth hence why they charge.

I do however agree that it's complete garbage they charge us for tethering since we pay them for data and should be able to use it how we see fit.

When my ISP gives me my unlimited internet connection they don't charge me extra for each computer I have connected through that internet connection, they don't charge me extra for each device using that connection, they don't charge me extra for each application using that connection. They tell me: here's your bandwidth allotment: 768kbps up, 1.5Mbps down. Do whatever you want with it. That's all.

When phone company gives me my unlimited internet connection, they don't mention any bandwidth allotment, transfer cap, although there is one. They don't let me connect more than 1 device unless I pay more. Some apps don't work at all and they require me to be on a different network instead. Stop calling it unlimited if it's not unlimited. I rather have a limited data transfer cap, or bandwidth cap and be able to use it for whatever I want to use it, rather than have no visible limits but crippled features.

Here's what I'd like to see: limited plans with 1GB/mo, 2GB/mo, 4GB/mo and 8GB/mo. No bandwidth cap, but simply put a transfer cap. Otherwise, "unlimited" is a fail term, people who really want to abuse the system will un-cripple their devices so they can get around the retarded system of trying to limit the "unlimited" by limiting what you can use it for. Right now the phone companies limit you by limiting what you can use it for.

Here's my car analogy:
A. Car rental with unlimited miles, but you can only drive it between work, home and grocery store. You can't drive to your friend's birthday party, you can't drive to your favorite beach destination, you can't take it for leisurely drive on cool summer nights. If you want to do all those activities, you have to pay extra. There's a GPS in the car to make sure you're not driving it to those places, it turns the engine off if it senses you drive to anywhere other than home/work/grocery. You can disable this GPS limit if you root your car (as some people do) and put thousands of miles per day on the rooted car. Others are already doing it and you're paying for it.

B. Car rental with 150 miles per day. You can drive it anywhere you like, if you exceed the 150 miles you get charged extra 10 cents per mile.

Which car would you rather have? Does it makes sense at all to have the rental car A?

What part of contract that you signed do you not understand? It clearly constrains "unlimited data" to the phone, not to external devices.

I wonder if they do it because of pressures from established ISPs? Why should I continue to pay for internet at the house if I can just use my cell? I guess I can understand it, but doesn't mean I like it.

I doubt it. My guess is that the reasoning is twofold. First, the carriers want you to help pay for the use of their network that can significantly increase if there are additional devices connected to it. For instance, if the device can support up to 8 devices, then that's 8-times the number of devices that the network has to support through a single account. And second, they charge an additional amount to help limit the number of devices that are connected (much like a deterrant that allows the carrier to keep their network "fast").

I suspect that your explanation is pretty close to the mark. I figure that the carriers base their cost and delivery structure based on the knowledge that many users are going to fall below what they believe is average demand. Adding tethering to this model will push that average demand higher straining their system. In order to discourage this they are charging essentially a surcharge to drive average useage back to the pretethering level. Thedanger is that the same reasoning can be used to restrict any service that pushes plan useage above the predicted norm.

Frankly I believe if the carriers do charge for tethering that charge should include them providing additional throughput without any risk of throttling. Otherwise people are be charged for throughput that they have already paid for.

I use free tethering. But, is the fact that it is built in really a good excuse? Should we get free phone calls because it comes with a cellular radio, a mic, and an earpiece? For that matter, I guess data should be free because it is 3G enabled. My point is, whether you pirate a service, or an app...just do it. Don't make silly excuses.

I see this as more akin to providers charging an extra fee for using a Bluetooth headset. You're already paying for the functionality that is provided to the phone, only that you're using an external device in conjunction with the phone to make better use of the provided service.

In my book, there's absolutely nothing immoral about using free tethering tools... and there's simply no piracy involved.

Here's the problem with your reasoning....

Sprint is supposed to be giving you UNLIMITED DATA. If it's UNLIMITED, how can they justify charging more for UNLIMITED?

It's not like someone is only paying for Voice and getting data for free.

Because Sprint is giving you Unlimited data as it applies to the data usage for the functionalityvof your mobile device, not your laptop or computer. Sprint figured (correctly) that people who tether are more likely to use a significant amount of more data than you would normally use. This ties their network up longer. So you have to pay to tether.

I'm connected to WIFI at home and at work. I use about 300-600MB of mobile data a month. (data used by my tethering included!)

I have a lot of friends who use 2-3GB a month on their phone only! I use next to nothing so I don't feel bad about tethering now and then without a plan.

The phone feature is BUILT INTO THE DEVICE.


The texting feature is built into the firmware. Why should I pay for texts.

Tethering is built into the device, why should I pay for it.

It's a feature! What different does it make if its built into the firmware, or if its a sprint app. Either way, you pay for what you use.

You're already paying for UNLIMITED data. It's not like they will give you free data if you tell them you won't tether. In fact, just having the phone won't give you squat, until it's activated on the network.

Tethering should absolutely not be charged for. It's using the data you already pay for. It's just lame, they're always trying to nickle and dime you.

No, your monthly data fee is for your phone to access data.

If you want to use the data on another device, that costs extra. Real simple really.

No, not that easy. You pay for data access for your phone on the network. You pay for multiple devices on a family plan because they can all be using the network at the same time. 2 devices means 2x the bandwidth. Tethering 8 devices through ONE phone doesn't really matter because they are accessing your phone, NOT the network, so you can't physically use more than the bandwidth to your phone. They're simply charging for useful functionality not because it's a burden, but because it's a profit generator.

ROOT your phone :) I feel like they are taking advantage of the consumer....$$$ is all they see, and thats the bottom line!!!

If you think you should be able to tether for free, would you be willing to open your cable router at home up and let your neighbors hog your bandwidth to no end. Cmon people, these things always come up and everyone seems to forget that Sprint and every other carrier out there is a business...Businesses are in business to make money. If they don't, they go out of business. My question is, why does everyone expect to get everything for free? You're using their network. If you want unlimited use of a network set up your own towers and let anyone and everyone use them as much they want and see how well it works.

Fire away....!

This ^
While you are paying for unlimited data on your phone, what that uses can not be compared to what 6 other computers would use. The GBs build up fast and that is a strain on their servers. It would be nice if you could tether one computer for free or have the whole service for a slightly dropped price, but maybe that will come with time.

^ Not This

If capacity is an issue, use data caps. Downloading a movie over netflix on your phone will use more bandwidth and data than 8 laptops checking their mail. It's all about data usage, not the number of devices. Tethering should be free, pay for data.

I agree.

This is why I would actually rather have a tiered plan, but then give me unlimited tethering up to that amount. I have a phone and a Xoom, and I hate paying double. I would rather pay one price for a fixed amount of monthly data (i.e. $40.00 for 5GB).

I am on Wi-Fi at home and the office, so by switching to that I cut my phone usage from 2GB/mo. to about 400MB/mo. on my phone.

1st, data on our phones aren't free. So unlike your cable modem example, we're already paying for unlimited data.

As to your cable modem example, I wouldn't give them access for free. So if they were paying me for unlimited, I wouldn't care how they used it. Good or bad, depending on how much bandwidth they end up taking, it's something I'd agreed to in exchange for CASH!

While I do not like the idea of being charged for tethering, I understand the reason. The contract I signed for unlimited data with Sprint is for that device, not any number of six additional devices.

Just because we can do something, does not make it ethical. That being said, I really feel like $29.99 is gouging customers to the extreme.

I completely agree with you... 29.99 is extremely overpriced... all that price will do is anger people and drive them to rooting and getting free access...

Whether you think something should or should not be charged for doesn't matter. It is the carrier's choice. If you can do it, just do it. Don't make silly excuses.

It's just a matter of time before some sues these guys...It's like comcast telling me to pay for all 3 devices connected to my wireless router at home.

This is even worst because I'm paying for unlimited (capped at 5GB) a month. I should be able to use that 5GB however I want but that's not the case here. They want to charge me twice to use the same capped data already paid for.


Well, it's not really a matter of what's baked into the firmware or not, it's what you agreed to when you signed up for the service. If you read the contract that you signed (you did read it, didn't you? Hmm?), it will say that you agree not to tether a device to your phone unless you pay an extra charge.

What if Sprint decided to just quit providing you with data service. Would that be OK? No, because it's in the contract that they need to provide it.

Now you're asking if YOU should be allowed to break the contract that you agreed to enter into. The answer is no, you are not allowed to do that. Many people do it, most don't get caught, but you need to keep up your end of the bargain, just as Sprint does.

Two words: Data Caps. Why should they care where or how you use your 250MB, 3GB, or 5GB of data when its capped?! They are charging us 2x for something we already bought. It's ridiculous and just the carriers being money hungry.

If I get to me 5GB data cap, that's on me. I should either pay more for more data after that, or go without.

BOTH The Question AND Answer In The Post Are "Text Book"

The Question: They're Asking About A Service That Sprint Offers And If It's "Compatible" On The Device.

The Answer: It's Just Answering What The "Service" Cost On Sprint.

In Layman's Term: I Believe That The "Tethering Option" On The Nexus S 4G Won't Be Blocked Because It Is A "Google Phone"

Absoloutely not. Standard ISP's don't dictate how many and what devices access their data network, they just provide you with the data network, which you are free to split up amongst your devices how you see fit.

This should be the same thing. I'm paying for a service, access to their data networks, it should be up to me in how i use it (capped or unlimited). Charging for tethering is roughtly the same as them saying "You have a cellphone with X minutes. Only you may use these minutes. If you want to lend it to anyone else to use temporarily, you need to pay extra"

The only reason they are able to get away with this, is because it's one of those "it's always been that way" for their particular industry, just like unlimited, always connected, all you can consume data connections has been the standard among broadband ISP's

How is this news? Sprint's been charging for Mobile Hotspot since they implemented it last year on the Evo. Why would this have changed with the launch of another 4G device?

I'm quite aware of that, however, if they offer me data usage, unlimited, capped, or in whatever package, i should be able to use the bandwidth i've paid for to whatever effect i want. If i'm paying for 2 GB of data usage a month, if i use it on my phone or my laptop should be my choice.

(also: you can click reply under someone's message to get it to pop up below it like this, FYI)

Playing the devil's advocate, Sprint is in business to make profits. The Simply Everything Plan doesn't include tethering or hot spotting. Tethering and hot spotting uses more data than the phone uses by itself, so they have to charge for that to stay profitable. And it's likely that Sprint will go after users who tether and hot spot, just like AT&T. They'll probably start monitoring data usage soon.

I will try this PDANet. Just downloaded it. If that allows me to tether my laptop with my EVO with USB cable, that's more than good enough for me. Keep battery charged, tether laptop. Don't need Nexus S. Does the Nexus S even support PDANet?

The carriers can only support so much usage at their current prices. So its either charge more to everyone or only to the specific people who want to use the service, I see no problem with this. If you really need this ability, suck it up and pay for it or root.

The problem I do have with it is that $30 a month is absurd, especially with their current 4g coverage (hint, it sucks) that could actually make it really useful. $5-10 a month, I would consider that and I rarely even use the tether ability. Better yet, come up with a multi-device plan, I'd pay $30 a month to have tether on my phone, another wifi hotspot device and a tablet data plan.

IMO, if you're on an unlimited plan, you should pay a little extra...like $5 for the convenience of really abusing the amount of data you consume. Let's face it: I would love to have my Evo serve as my home modem/router, but that's not really fair to Sprint and my fellow customers, is it? If your plan has a cap, it should be free.

Also, the issue I have is with their "4G" naming. True 4G is far faster than what they label as 4G. Also, most of the world has better/faster connections than us for less money.

I would NEVER steal an app from the market... Do you know how long it takes for some Devs to create some of the amazing apps out there??? that being said... 29.99 IS ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!!! this will lead some people to ROOT, ROOT, ROOT... Sprint is a large corp and I feel like they are sticking it to the consumer anyway they can... it's bull$%^#!!! and that is why I wouldn't feel bad for rooting and taking it for free. NOW, that being said, if they only charged like 5 or 10 bucks a month, I would consider paying for it.

I think this decision is wrong for one reason. You pay for an amount of data over the 4G network. Where those data go, when they reached the phone, is nobody matter. You can store the data you received, or you can stream it over an hifi dockstation, or you can copy and share it all over the world. This is not of any concern of the company provider. When the data reach the phone, the service is just plain fulfilled.
If you link your phone with any device with wich share your content, it's your and only your matter of interest. The data connection is a service and once the data is in your pocket, the service is no more. If you choose to transfer those data from your phone to a notebook, i.e.., using a cable or a bluetooth connection or over wifi that shouldn't interest anyone.
The same you can say when transmitting data. Whenever you insert them from a keyboard or a netbook linked via usb or bluetooth or via wifi, is the same thing.
What really does matter is the amount of bandwidth you consume in the process, but this is clearly written in the contract with the provider. Do you have a 3Gb per month? Max download 320Kbps? Well, until you remain within this constraint what difference is there between a tethering or non-tethering phone?

Well it fair and unfair at the same time,... imagine you live in a strong 4G area there's only so much you can do on your phone so they unlimit it!.. now if your unlimited and i set up my hot spot and have 6 laptops connected trying to download a big@$$ movie like titanic on all 6 laptops imagine how im going to be stifling that tower that we are both on! Ontop of that sprint charges $30 , i believe AT&T's lowest was $45?? plus they do have to pay for all that data being used, thats why sprint even added the $10 premium data to 3g phones, but they are still waaaay cheaper than at&t or verizon!

Sad to say.... BUT verizon is the most reliable network there is. Sprint is spotty and kinda blows. and now that LTE is up and running, just a matter of time before verizon rules the world, kinda like comcast :)

Well i can say this I've never had problems with my service or my 4G and i fly all up and down the east coast, so sprint is reliable for me =] and much cheaper >=D!

I have to agree with the idea that I am paying for "unlimited data" that is caped at 5GB and I should be able to use that 5GB as I see fit. All this BS about "oh but that is more devices on the network blah, blah, blah" still the same amount of data. Now if they un-cap my data I would gladly pay the extra 30$ a month. Until then I will tether with apps that do not require me to pay for the service twice.

I also have to agree that they have all gotten to a point that they do not care about what we want. They know smartphones are not going anywhere and we are going to have them, so why not just charge for everything knowing that we will pay for it. It is sad, but that is how it is now.


you need to understand its not really about the cumulative amount of data. if one phone downloads a 2gb file by itself fine..if two phones both download the same 2gb file over the same connection it uses twice the bandwidth and that's where the trouble starts. Sprint doesn't want 48 devices in a coffee bar downloading massive amount of data using only 6 connections..(6 phone's at 8 devices tethered apiece). the network can't handle that kind of abuse. charging for tethering deters this.

False. If your phone can DL at 8MB/sec and you have 8 devices tethered, it doesn't mean each device will have 8MB DL speeds. They will all share the 8MB/sec and wind up getting 1MB/sec to each of the 8 devices. You're not increasing the bandwidth because more devices are tethered.

^ This ^

No matter how many devices you connect, as with your home ISP and your router, your bandwidth is still capped at whatever your available speed is, and spread amongst all connected devices.

i believe he meant total amount of bandwidth as to why it is capped at 5GB, not all at once. im not sure if thats what he was trying to say. lol

correction u pay unlimited data for your phone, not for hotspot/ other devices i.e. laptop,... using hotspot can easily get expensive thats why cable companies charge upwards of $45-$55+ for internet.

I rooted my phone and installed wireless tethering but only use it for my own laptop which I could do without rooting if I wanted to use a USB cable. I have never used it as a hotspot for more than one computer. I can understand carriers only wanting you alone to use your data which is why I am guessing USB tethering is just fine, at least I think it is since you can get an app that does it without rooting your phone. They just don't want you setting upa hotpot for everyone else to use.

wow you guys complaining about tethering, i'm still on that paying for 4G for past year and still can't use it

While I'm not a fan of the practice, I give some slack to those that offer unlimited data. Sprint offered unlimted data on the premise that there is only so much you could use on your phone, by tethering, that amount of data goes way up.

There's no excuse when data is limited. Why would they care how you use 5GB of data, you paid for it. Hell, if you use it faster, they can make more money on overage fees.

That being said, $30 is too much. Considering most people pay for home internet and mobile, who wants to pay a third fee for the same thing.

How does it go way up because someone tethers? It's not like everyone that tethers will have a PC connected that runs bit torrent 24 x7. And if they did, they wouldn't be able to use the phone as a phone.

Most people that tether do the same things they do on the phone. They pull out their laptop or tablet, tether to browse the web, pull email and possible a few other things like stream video. All these things can be done on the phone, the difference is, you have a better experience on a PC because the screen is bigger.

To be honest, how many people even run around with a laptop and their phone these days? I know I almost never have my laptop with me because the phone already does everything I used the laptop for, on the go. In fact, I use to have a wireless card for my laptop, but since I've had a smartphone, I got rid of it because there was no longer a need to carry a bulky laptop to do the same thing my phone was doing. Now I must say, it did take a bit of time to get use to the smaller screen, but now it's no big deal.

This isn't about tethering your phone. You can do that all you want. Just install PDAnet or whatever and tether away, provided you use a USB cable which isn't very big of a deal.

This is about creating a hotpot for 4 of your friends, 3 neighbors and a few strangers to use which shouldn't be free IMO. You are paying for data for yourself not you and your friends.

What would be nice would be for the carriers to have a way to authorize a single device to be used wirelessly to your phone sort of like how you can authorize an iPod to a certain number of computers or whatever. That way you could tether without using a USB cable while at the same time you are not giving data away to people not on your plan. Sure you could deauthorize and authorize different devices but only one would be allowed the connection at a time.

"You are paying for data for yourself not you and your friends."

So if my friends or wife use my phone should I let Sprint know so they can charge me for it?

This is why I love verizon and sprint...they give you UNLIMITED data...

so to test that theory last month I used almost 200 GB...

yes I have proof...

and no phone calls, no angry e-mails...nothing at all...

I used what I'm paying for as I saw fit

I pay for the hotspot feature and its $30, even tho my Evo is rooted with HTC sense Rom, I also have the wireless tether app from the market and IT'S GARBAGE. With 4G on it tether for about 10 mins then stop working. On top of that my 4G signal goes away even tho I have 2 bars. It worked for a few weeks but the HTC Sprint hotspot works better and gives me more speed. I tried changing channels but still stops working after 10mins and I'm not the only one with this issue according to the reviews on the market for the app.

I understand why they charge for tethering on an Unlimited Data Plan. You pay for Unlimited data, but only for use on the phone, since you probably won't be using enough to cause problems. However, when a company like AT&T sells you a 2GB data plan and still wants to charge you $20 additional for the ability to tether, that is BS. If you pay for 2GB, then you should be able to use that 2GB either on the phone or through tethering. I know they now give you an additional 2GB with the tethering option, but that shouldn't be forced on you. Simply make tethering free and charge for different amounts of data (2GB, 4GB, 6GB, etc. plans). Just because I tether doesn't mean I'm going to go over 2GB, so why do I have to pay for another 2GB just to use that 2GB I already paid for with Tethering. If I do go over the 2GB and I don't have the proper plan, I pay overages. It's as simple as that.

I think that it makes some sense for the carriers to charge for this feature. Using tethering customers have the potential to use a lot more data than they would otherwise. This could put strain on the networks that they simply aren't prepared to handle. That being said, I think the ideal situation would be that every data plan would include a limited amount of tethering use, and beyond that the customer would have to pay.

The way I see it is sprint charged me for 8 months of 4g service when I have absolutely no chance of having it in my area for atleast another year or two. So a 1/2 of gig of data for my ipod or psp is ok in my book. And befor anyone says that I didn't have to get the evo just realize its the first phone sprint has ever had that people got excited about.

Same here for the Epic. Before the Evo/Epic it was basically either Blackberry, feature phone, or flip phone. They had a couple androids but they weren't at all compelling.

WTF Sprint you have an add that has your CEO saying what unlimatied means go and watch your own add and write down the difantion that your CEO said and do that.
What ate these people thinking can know the name if that drug you taking because that is some good stuff.

When downloading a movie on my phone it put
the same stress on the network if you download from the a computer. Phones these days are advertised to be small computers so why would I do anything different on the bigger computer?
It is a myth that using mobile hotspot is going to use mire bandwidth because data comes to the phone gets redistobutied and split by the number of devices on your phone.
It is also a myth that we are running out of bandwidth.
If someone is downloading like crazy they should be sent a notice that if they continue to download so much then they will kicked off the network and be wornd that AT&T has 2GB caps and they scan there usage and that means these people will pay threw their nose to due the sanething, I am sure that they will stop and if they all leave than Sprint looses 3% keeps the 97% of their cisterns happy gains more users because people will see that Sprint is a fair company how is thus not the better alternative? Can someone explain.

Well, actually the load of data driven by a phone is way smaller than that of a computer, becaue the whole web is optimized for mobile browsing. If you reach a website in wap mode, you only see text and a couple of images, if you reach the same site with a full browser, then you will be flooded by ads, banner, flash bs and tons of eyecandy, mostly useless, graphics and sounds. THIS has a greater impact on bandwidth.
When linking a notebook to a wifi hotspot you will download a greater amount of data then using a phone.
From this pov, if you have UNLIMITED DATA, in your plan, then using the phone as a wifi hotspot would surely drive more data off the line and use too much of your provider's bandwidth.
I think that, when on an unlimited data plan, an extra charge should be applied when the load reaches some trreshold. When on a LIMITED DATA plan, instead, there's no need to apply restrictions: you have that much GB, so use them as you want. Draining bandwidth with a tethered wifi is only up to you.

They need a free plan with only 1 device connectivity and 1-2g Max. Anything else should have a fee. Shame on you guys excessively abusing the hack and slowing down my legit experience.

For the love of God people, stop complaining about Sprint. They're in business to make money and they'll nickel -and-dime you to do it. You have an Android phone, root it, tether for free and be done with it. You have control over your phone so do it.

You're missing the point of the post. By complaining and voicing our concerns, this raises public awareness and keeps carriers honest by letting them know we call shenanigans on their policies.

Think about it. Without this sort of attention, Samsung/the carriers would never have updated the Samsung Galaxy phones to Froyo, Motorola would never have announced they were working on an update for the Atrix & etc. This sort of discourse is not only healthy, but imho required to keep both the carriers and the customers open and honest about their expectations and responsibilities.

I'm not missing the point as I've heard this tired argument since the Evo came out. Discourse all you want if it makes you feel better but you're being naive to think that the carrier cares. They'll do what's convenient and profitable for them despite what you think, it's just business. Sprint just decided to charge an extra $10 for ALL smartphones, not just the fast ones. First their poorly-trained retailers expressed that the extra $10 fee was for 4G, most people that were on "unlimited" data plans were quickly educated on exactly what "unlimited" meant and we learned about data caps. I participated in many forum discussions and even signed a class-action law suit that someone had going around. Did that make Sprint notice? No. Instead, they increased their rates. So... complaining about Sprint is fruitless. Take matters into your own hands, root your phone and be done. They don't care, and they're even smug and rude about it too!

Every phone that Sprint carry that it is capable of hot spot is been charged $29.99 (if you want that feature active which it is still less than having an Overdrive or aircard) for the function not just the Nexus I paid for it on the EVO and do on the Epic and everyone I know that it is using it on the Shift, Optimus and Intecept is paying the same. If you do not want to pay this then do as others have advised, root or find apps to do it with, the thing is that for now and till it changes it this is the way it is.