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We don't usually put too much stock in what one of those carrier customer service robots (aka "live chat representatives" or some dude on the other side of the planet) tells us, but what the heck. We're feeling optimistic this week. Jon tipped us that he was told to expect the Nexus One to be available for Sprint "around the latter part of April. Whether that actually ends up being the case? Place your bets now. Thanks, Jon!

 Sprint Nexus One


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Sprint customer service robot (erm, chat person) says Nexus One in late April


Please take note Verizon...this is how it is done. This is one of the main reasons, why I will not switch to VZW and stay with Sprint. I'm just going to buy the first available "unlocked" CDMA version available.

what are you talking about verizonwireless has chat live feature and there getting the nexus one with a plan feature in the spring how is t his even an issue? besides sprint has been loosing customers faster than there gaining them Rememeber Sprint Roams on Verizons network for free. think before you bitch

Yeah, gotta be careful with loosing customers. Better keep a stronger grip! There defiantly loosing them way to fast. Also, speeling and grammer aren't important.


Really though, if this is true, I can't wait. I have no idea how I'm going to make it to the end of April. I want my Nexus One now. :(

The only thing I b%tching about is that fact that Verizon itself has released absolutely nothing or even acknowledges that they will even get the Nexus One. Sprint has released a press statement, and even though the CS rep could be full of crap, they acknowledged it and gave a time line. I'm not leaving Sprint because they are cheaper and they at least gave us a little bit of acknowledgement about upcoming phones, nothing to do with their live chat, loosing customers or who's network is better.

I'm torn between going EVO or N1. I have a Hero now, and came from the Moment, and I like a lot of things about both Sense and Vanilla. I'm leaning more towards the EVO now that I know officials on it, but I want to make sure I have all the functionality of Vanilla, with the Sense features thrown on top.

I suppose I could throw a 2.1 Sense ROM on the N1 when it's officially released (relatively) bug-free, but I'd rather have a phone optimized for Sense if that's how I choose to roll. :/

I'm just so torn!!! I was always told good things come to those who wait, which gives me more reservation about hopping on the N1 as soon as it's available, instead of holding out for the EVO (whenever that is).

Based on the current scarcity of information, I'm inclined to go for the N1 initially, then eBay it for the Evo when 4G is activated in my area. Los Angeles, which I live, was added to the 4G roadmap for 2010 at the last minute, so I'm thinking it will be the fall until we actually get 4G. I'd like to stay off-contract unless 4G service requires new provisioning.

As far as Sense, I'm the opposite. I'd much rather have a stock Android experience than deal with the overhead of Sense, which gives me another reason to wait. I expect that by the time 4G is up and running in LA, Cyanogen will have a clean ROM available for the Evo.

I've been looking to switch to Android from my Pre. Was waiting for the Nexus One, I decided to pick a hero up off of ebay for now. Because of that it's more likely I'll end up holding off until the EVO.

I've been looking to switch to Android from my Pre. Was waiting for the Nexus One, I decided to pick a hero up off of ebay for now. Because of that it's more likely I'll end up holding off until the EVO.

Gawd, I hope April is true. I just sold me Hero cuz I couldn't stand HTC's Sense UI, plus the Hero was so slow. I'm hoping the N1 will be an improvement over the Hero. I should've never left the iPhone.

Am I right in assuming that you'd have to order the N1 with an individual plan, rather than as an extension of the family plan? I'm due for an upgrade in June, and it makes no sense to open an additional line.

If that's the case, then I'll lean toward the EVO, even though I would kind of prefer the N1 (the EVO looks quite a bit bigger).

You might want to censor the name of the customer service representative... Just to protect her job if she wasn't supposed to say anything, ya know?

I am totally taking the N1 over the Evo.Currently have the Hero with the sense disabled. Seems to slow down the phone. Evo is just to big for me.

All the displays at the Sprint store say "good until April 17", etc...so I imagine that is when they are going to do a re-pricing of their products. I know the Sprint-Nexus-One won't be through the "sprint stores", but it still seems like a sensible coordinated time to release new products, like the Nexus One. So that is my guess...April 17+/-. One month after announcement.