Nexus 4 bumpers

I have, on occasion, been accused of being somewhat of a pack rat. Seeing as how it's springtime, perhaps a little cleaning is in order. So each day this week we're going to give away something that I've got laying around. Today, we'll start with four Nexus 4 bumpers

To win, just drop a comment here on this post. We'll shut it down at midnight Eastern tonight and announce the winners later this week. Good luck!


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Spring cleaning: Win one of four Nexus 4 bumpers


I hate when folks do that, but in this case, it doesn't really matter to post something with no content value.


Just drop a comment, eh? Any ol' comment? Well consider this a comment and my official entry. If I could throw money at the screen to get this right this moment I'd post the obligatory Fry pic.

Whooo hoo! Hope I win one! Was just about to consider getting one to protect the back cover from scratches!

Pick me please please please!!! Ive been wanting this one for a long time!! :)....I <3 you Android Central!!!

This will make a FINE mother's day gift for my wife.. I'll even tell her it was from AC! :)

P.N, we need an official release of AC app asap! thanks for your effort. #teamnexus4!

Does it prevent the Nexus 4 (new nubbins edition) from sliding off the charging Orb?

well being that i just got my nexus 4 i might as well give this a try, chances are i will not win crap cause i never do =(

20 or so hours later for me... I've just dropped my phone (first time ever for this one) last night and the screen is trashed! I'm going to replace it, and a bumper sure would help not trashing the new one!

Just got my nexus 4 brando screenprotectors and while they're nice, I'm still worried about the glass breaking if I ever drop it. So yeah count me in for a bumper :-)!

Would love a bumper for my new Nexus Phil! Those "nipples" are about as useless as mine :-)

Am buying the phone after next Tuesday (Google I/O). Winning this will be the icing on the cake!

I just bought a case for my Nexus 4 this morning haha. Wouldn't mind cancelling my order though.

I could use a new one seeing as the last one I had broke. Miss it, love it, need it!

That Bumper would come in handy for my Nexus 4, I still love this phone , Thank you Android Central for great content and funny podcasts throughout the years,

Now if the rumors about the N4 coming to Verizon at Google I/O next week come true I might need this!

I bought a bumper back in November. It started cracking around the charge port in March. And then it finally broke off. Can't return it, can't sell it, can't use it. :-/

Is this giveaway international? If it is, then I'm in! If it's not, sorry for disturbing you guys.

Damn, and I just ordered one of the Shenit bumpers from Amazon 2 hours ago!
Anyhoo... if it's free, it's fo' me.

This is awfully convenient, since I have a brand-new Nexus 4 wrapped up with a bow for my mother for Mother's Day. She's extremely cautious about her phone and other gadgets so something like this would be a perfect addition to the gift. I'd love to receive one of those bumper cases you're giving away! Thanks for doing this.

My comment is that I wish Jerry would get back on Twitter. Also, I want a Nexus 4 bummer. The end.

Excited! Yes please a bump this Android Freak! Gotta love the month of May, the perfect weather with some Google IO slapped right in the middle.

Geting a Nexus 4 if they come out with a 32GB version at Google I/O. This would be a great addition.

i never win anything but since this doesn't take much effort. i'll try my luck. i wonder how many of the commentees dont have a nexus 4.... hmmm

I'll put it to good use, got an ugly tpu case covering up the pretty back since my poetic bumper disintegrated.

A bumper may have helped keep my screen from getting the small crack in the bottom. Still works, but I would love the bumper to deter future issues.

A bumper for a great phone. I'm in! Even better when the N4 goes LTE later this year (Hope Hope).

Since it's out of stock all the time in the german play store, now i know where they all have been. ;-)

I'd certainly like a bumper. My N4 work phone needs a new protector ever since the last one disappeared.

I would love to get one for my wifie. I got her the Nexus 4 earlier for her B-DAY/V-DAY and she has been without a case for several months now.

@Phil Nickinson

Thanks for the exciting post.

love to see so many people comments. By the way, hope Nexus 4 users will win n enjoy the Nexus 4 bumpers case with fun.

Thanks in Advance

Solange Du über 16 bist sollte es keine Probleme geben. Ansonsten wäre die elterliche Zustimmung empfehlenswert.

I've thus far managed to avoid major cracks, but I am scared. This would be lovely.

Still using the soft case from my Nexus One, its pretty beat up so this could be the upgrade im looking for....

lovely case for my new nexus 4 !! I really need one and I' m now thinking about a mod for this case..
I just hope about having it! :)

I lost my job last month. I can't justify the cost and shipping of the official bumper.

Please bear me in mind for this.

Have a heart.

I been looking for bumper but this will be perfect for my nexus 4..

Looking forward to having it


I'd really love one, and I'll tell you why. I bought the Poetic bumper and it makes the Nexus 4 look so boring! The phone is beautiful with the little chrome trim.

So, if you pick me, I'll have a protected beautiful phone...and that would be awesome!



Since I'm getting my nexus 4 next week might as well try and win a bumper for it.

I've been lucky a couple times with dropping my phone on the floor with no scratches or cracks. I would love a new bumper to help prevent that in the future.

With my comment this far down I don't think I'll be one of the lucky to get a bumper, but it'd be nice to finally put some protection on my Nex 4!

Please enter me! It would be much use if for the bumper if i win!
Also much thanks for giving it away free!

I have to Poetic Borderline bumper, but from the beginning wanted the official bumper. I just couldn't justify the cost of it.

Can someone explain why these Bumpers are not available for sale in Germany? Thanks.

Love my N4 and the bumper. But my bumper got one of those annoying cracks by the
USB port. Sure would like a new one without superglue!

This would be great. My Nexus 4 should be delivered on Thursday. This would make a great addition.

I would love one of these... I have been living in (perhaps irrational?) fear of smashing my Nexus 4 ever since I decided to roll with it naked.

P.S. the phone is naked, not me.

Count me In. Spring Cleaning for you guys and hopefully spring accumulating for me.

I just bought a nexus 4 and was thinking about getting one of these... How convenient of you guys for throwing out this contest.

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