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Phil's not the only one with too much stuff laying around the office. I'm remodeling, so that means some of this stuff has to go. During the next week or so I'll be sprinkling a few things here and there that are looking for a good home, and I'll start today with an Archos GamePad. It's a 7-inch Jelly Bean tablet with a pretty nifty set of gaming controls built right into the body.

To win, just drop a comment on this post. I'll shut it down late tonight, and we'll announce the winners once my office is cleaned out. Good luck!


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Spring cleaning: Win an Archos GamePad



YES! Ill take one! PLease pick me!!!!!!!! This would be an awsome Gaming device since my Xbox was robbed! :)

This would be a great gift for my daughter's birthday. She's turning into a tech nerd like me, I'm so proud! :)

If cleaning your office takes the same amount of time as me cleaning my cubicle this prize may never be awarded.

I doubt I'll ever know anyone personally to have one of these. So winning one would be a win-win situation! (That's right, I used "win" 3 times in that sentence)

some gaming goodness for my road trips and flights. im in. not to shabby for some Spring Cleaning.

I'll throw my hat in the ring... not quite the Archos I'd go for if I was buying one, but can't beat a giveaway. :)

I loved my Archos 7IT this would be a cool little device to have to keep the kid quiet on trips...

Great idea! Will your Pixel be a casualty of the remodel too? I would be happy to withdraw my Archos entry for a Pixel entry...or two!

Wouldn't mind getting my hands on one of these babies!! Will be lovely to check out the AC app :D

This would be great for a little boy I know that's turning 7 next month. I know he would like to upgrade from his nabi tablet. Thanks for the opportunity.

Android Central had me racing home again for another great giveaway! Good Luck to all :)

Studying for my finals will be much easier with the Archos GamePad, I've always wanted one but unfortunately I'm out of money. I probably won't win but at least I tried.

I would enjoy having a gaming pad for the long rides I have to take.....Thanks!

Was trying to convince myself to buy this. Really been wanting to try it out!

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That looks pretty sweet, wonder if I will finally get lucky on a competiton lol

I was planning to buy moga gaming system for my android suite of nexus 4, nexus 7 and samsung galaxy note. This will save some bucks!!!

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Until I found this article my life was a pointless meandering day by day. So many times i would say to myself.....(as I was in the middle of a "meander") "Oh how I wish I had an Archos GamePad!! That way I would have purpose in this life!!

Please Android Central, I emplore you.....will you allow this hopeless man meander through life another day? Give me purpose, give me hope, give me give me give!!!

#gamepad #meandernomore

Damn any time I clean up my desk all I found is dust and lint and if im lucky a bong hit CA have card.

SHOT STORY OF A GUY WHO WANTS TO WIN THIS DEVICE-I was just heading to store to buy one but unfortunately i came to knew about Giveaway and i participated but i didn't knew that i'm gonna win or not

I think it would be good for my son im afraid he gonna drop my s3 or take the protecter off.

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I'm a firefighter in need of a good way to kill time, 24 hour shifts will go by a lot quicker with one of those bad boys. Help me out PLEASE!

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Does it have to connect to the internet every 24hrs? can it play used games?....hmmmm...oh wait this isn't an Xbox One...Yes please I'll take it. :P

Yeah I'll really like to have that so I can do minecraft videos GTA and more for YouTube I'll really want it

Looks pretty sweet!! Count me in, I'd love to win this!! Thanks AC for another great contest!!

I'd be interesting in playing with this tablet and pushing it's limits on what it can run, or play Minecraft.

I'll take one. Good tablet to save some memory off my nexus and actually use the games i've bought!!

If I won it I would give it to away. The device looks pretty cool through. Do allot of games support the controls?

This would truly come in handy while i'm recovering from knee surgery for the next 6+ weeks!

Awesome, my son's birthday is coming up and he'd love that!

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I think my favorite feature of this is the ability to remove and put back in the tablet in the controller.

It looks like a Playstation Vita but it is running android! Who wouldn't want this!? Put me down as a potential winner please. I'd have a blast with this!

OMG!!! I have wanted one of those since they were first announced. Thought that that is what Vita should have been. Too bad that my wife said no...

Zip, bang, boom, pow, vroom.........those are all the noises that will be coming out of that thing if i win

My daughter would love it specially since her old galaxy tab is beginning to fail not being able to play many games or do much homework on it.

Sign me up! I used to own one of their media players and really liked it. This looks like a fun tablet!

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