Sony Xperia Z2

Sony is rolling out an update to its latest Xperia Z2 phone and Xperia Z2 Tablet, bringing the build number to 17.1.1.A.0.402. Currently, no changelog is provided from Sony so we don't know what changes have been made, though reports are suggesting that a few areas are seeing some noticeable improvements. This is the first update for the devices since they launched and the version number has jumped a bit, so we are anticipating that there should be some big changes inside.

The update is starting to roll out in select regions at this time, hitting the unlocked versions of the Z2 and Z2 Tablet in Germany, Singapore, and Europe, but not the UK region just yet.

Sony Xperia Z2 Theme Chooser

In our testing of the update on our Xperia Z2, we noticed that touchscreen sensitivity has been improved. There is also a new interface for applying themes now as well. Additionally, scrolling lag in the fancy PlayStation-style live wallpaper also seems to have been eliminated, making for a smoother experience.

The update is being pushed out now to both the HSPA+ and LTE variants of the Xperia Z2 phone and also on the LTE and WiFi editions of the Xperia Z2 tablet. There should be other performance improvements as well under the hood that will take us more testing to uncover.

If you're a Z2 or Z2 tablet owner and find any changes or improvements, let us know either here in the comments or in the forums.

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First post-release update arrives for various Xperia Z2 models, Z2 Tablet


This is actually the 3rd or 4th update for the Xperia Z2 and Z2 Tablet... it's only the first one AC has noticed...

At this point I've given up hope for this phone to show up in the US and just hope the Z3 will show up in the US.

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The Z2 is available in Canada or you can buy it from a US seller based in Texas via eBay, among other options. I'm using my Z2 right now.

I am also using the Z2 and I love it! I bought mine on swappa a month or so ago. Very solid device!

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Most people don't want to go through all of that when I can give my carrier $200 or $35 mth for an available phone.. if Sony wanted me to have the phone they need to do better with getting it to me ...

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Same thing I was saying. But a simple ebay or Amazon search will fix all your problems. Got mine from EBay from Texas. No regrets here man, things awesome.

Do want that Z2 but a Z1 will suffice for now :)

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