Picture-in-picture display and fast zooming in your contact list come in Skype 4.5

Microsoft's Skype application has undergone another big change, and version 4.5 is headed to Google Play. Like the last major update, this focuses on tablet design. Included are the bug and crash fixes and support for devices you would expect, but there are also two new features for tablet users.

The first is a picture-in-picture window for video and voice calls. You can now move out of the Skype app but still interact with a floating window of the active call. This is a tablet-only feature, though you will need to allow permission for it on phone installs as well.

The second feature is pinch-zooming and tapping your contact list to quickly navigate based on the letter of the contacts name. This should allow faster searching through your list if you've a long one, and should help when calling someone who isn't in your favorites.

Microsoft says the update will be rolling out today, so keep an eye out for it.

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Skype updated with more tablet-only features


Could be because you are rooted that it's having those problems. Never got why people who root their stuff complain when something does not work.

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It must be just a coincidence then that skype is the only app that has crashed repeatedly over several versions of android. All rooted.

Posted via sarcasm.

Yes, I'm guessing it will as it hasn't worked for more than a minute on my non-rooted Nexus 4. As soon as the video call connects, bam, reboots the phone. Yuck.


A tablet/phone version is horrible and actually never use it...

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That's cool. Skype(Microsoft) announces an update and BOOM there it is. I've yet to receive the supposed Gmail update from several days ago.

And I have downloaded Skype before, but I don't have it my phone or tablet anymore. Those numbers are fluff

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I downloaded, and then uninstalled.

Also, I doubt those numbers are completely accurate, as we know there are more Android devices in the wild than that, and 99% of them have gmail.